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  1. 1. Wear Your Net Saree Amazingly
  2. 2. Saree has undergone innumerable changes over time. This Indian ethnic apparel is available in multiple styles and fabrics. Net saree supposes to be one of the most appreciated form of saree. Here are a few suggestions to accentuate your look in a net saree.
  3. 3. Pleating the pallu is not recommendable when wearing a net saree. Leaving it loose offers a wondrous charm. The flowing pallu of a net saree looks absolutely mesmerizing. Dont Pleat the Pallu
  4. 4. Net saree allows the petticoat to peep through it vaguely and hence you need to select the fabric for it carefully. The best choice would be a satin petticoat. Make sure that the color of the petticoat is also appropriate. It should be matching the base color of the saree. Select the Fabric of Petticoat Carefully
  5. 5. You need to pair your net saree with a blouse that cover your bustline properly. The net fabric of the saree allows the flab of the body to reveal. So, get your blouse tailored in such a way that it conceals the flaws effectively. Pay Attention to the Blouse
  6. 6. Pleating a net saree is one of the most irritating things which come the wearers way. It tends to slip off again and again, which causes immense problem when walking. The best way to tackle the issue is to set the pleats with a nice pin. Pin Up the Pleats
  7. 7. You should not combine your net saree with too loud jewelry, accessories or sandals. Just keep it minimalist and simple. The grace of a net saree is at its best when worn with sweet and simple accessories. Avoid Too Loud Accessories or Footwear
  8. 8. Being a woman you cant get over your charm for accessories, but please at least keep it at the minimum when flaunting your favorite net saree. The grace offered by these sarees itself is overwhelming, so you dont really need to accessorize too much. Dont Over-Accessorize
  9. 9. Just like accessories and jewelry, your makeup also needs to be minimal here. Keep your flashy and loud makeup for some other days. No Flashy Makeup
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