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Polis & Latchi Scene Community Magazine November 2012


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    s POOLS Constraction - Planning Design - Maintenance Chemicals- Accessories s AIR CONDITIONING Systems for homes and large commercial and industrial projects.- Split type units -VRV systems - Chillers s CENTRAL HEATING Systems for homes and large commercial and industrial projects Under-floor Radiators - Maintenance s PLUMBING SYSTEM Installations for Shops Residences - High rise apartments - Complexes Hotels

    RENEWABLE ENERGIES:GEOTHERMAL SYSTEM Specialized Geothermal Drill of the latest technology .We have done the largest geothermal projects in Cyprus, which are currently operating with great suc-cess, saving large amounts of energySOLAR THERMALSolar systems are the new Innovation which utilizes solar energy for hot water, while they can support and help with extra heating for your needs. There is also the capacity to heat the pool with solar energy. At Z & X you can select your unit, from tailored solutions or you can select individual items.PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM Installation of your own photovoltaic system is a sound investment. Z and X Mechanical Installations can provide you with the best options for your needs. Our professional team at Z and X Mechanical can advise you on the most productive photovoltaic system for your needs.There are two main categories of photovoltaic systems available:

    ON-GRID - A system using photovoltaics in order to produce electricity and to be connected to the electricity board grid.OFF-GRID s AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM FOR POOL which produces electricity through photovoltaics, which are connected to a solar pump and con troller. This system runs on solar power and circulates the pool water, achieving a short payback period.

    For more information please contact us at 26945222 or

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