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    Official Publication of All Units of The Order

    HappyHolidaysTo All OurBrothers &Sisters!

    A gift of lovePast Grand Master Ron Hanson presented his gift of a hand-crafted gazebo to the Washington Odd Fellows Home in WallaWalla at a small dedication ceremony in November. His gift oflove was presented in memory of all the Past Presidents of theRebekah Assembly who have passed before us. Back row,from left, are Kelly Hughes, Grand Warden; C. Allan Reitan,PGM and Chairman; Duard Fyffe, DGM; Joe Picanco, PGM;John Brigham, Home Administrator; and Marcia Presley, PPRAand RA Secretary. In the center row, from left, are Edmond L.Reitan, Jr, PGM, PGSE, Chair PEF; Laurel Delony, PGM, GM;Ron Hanson, PGM; and Jennie Reed; PPRA. In the front row,from left, are Kathi Picanco, RA Vice President; and KarenHolyman, PPRA.

    We got to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas. . .members! Back row, from left, are Tristan Hughes (can-didate),Noble Grand Kelly Hughes, Laura Purcell (candi-date), and Treasurer Debra Hughes. Front row, from left,are Secretary Louann Hoffman, Santa Claus (candidate),and OG Joann Balmert.

    Skookumchuck willinitiate after 50 yearsGreetings Brothers and Sisters,

    With the holidays upon us, we at Skookumchuck #129in Bucoda wish you joy, peace and health this year.

    We have been very busy. The group that traditionallyhosted the Town Bazaar decided to not do one this yearso we took it on. What great fun. Santa came in for somepictures and he said that we had been very good thisyear.

    In October we had one new member attend OlympiasDegree Day. A big thank you to them for hosting theevent. However, we have 5, yes five, more candidates

    See Skookumchuck Degree Day on Back Page

  • 2 THE Washington ODDFELLOW DECEMBER, 2015

    CONGRATULATIONS NEW OFFICERSDear Brothers and Sisters,

    Here it is the first part of December and your electionsfor your 2016 officers should be completed. I congratu-

    late all elective and appointive officersfor stepping up and leading yourlodges to continue the good works ofour Order. INSTALLATIONS ON THE BOOKS

    FOR JANUARY, 2016 Saturday, January 2, Ballard-

    Alki #170 Sunday, January 3, Des Moines

    #305 Saturday, January 9, Golden

    Rule #207 Thursday January 14, Titusville

    #34 Saturday, January 16, Olympia

    #1, Silvia #38 & Skookumchuck #129 Sunday, January 17, South Tacoma #211 Sunday, January 31, Buckley #75If you need the Grand Lodge Officers to install your

    lodge, please let me knowPARADES

    Your challenge is to get into as many parades as possi-

    ble and/or organize one. If you organize a parade, makesure that the parade ends at your hall and invite everyonein for refreshments. Have information ready, brochuresand applications.

    CONTACT YOUR MEMBERSSecretaries, a word to you and me included con-

    tact your members before your meetings either by e-mailif available or by phone. We all have busy lives and tendto forget meeting nights, especially new members. Lodgemeetings are set for a specific day, not dates, and it canbe difficult to remember. So a friendly phone call or e-mail to your members may keep away the issue of nothaving a quorum. Sending out simple flyers or letters isalso a good way to remind your members of meetingnights and of upcoming events. Communication is agood thing.

    YEAR END REPORTSAlso, heres a reminder to

    get your year-end reports intothe Grand Lodge Secretaryoffice as soon as possible. Asyou know the year-endreports are a lot of work, so ifyou have questions pleasecall the Grand Lodge office.Dont wait!

    I am enclosing some pic-tures of our time at theNorthwest Odd Fellow andRebekah Association Meeting in Yakima, and theSovereign Grand Masters Testimonial weekend inTexas. Please enjoy.

    Merry Christmas to all and may your stockings befilled with Friendship, Love and Truth.

    In Friendship, Love and TruthAnd Fraternal Hugs,

    Laurel DelonyYour 2015-2016 Grand Master

    From the desk of your Grand Master


    All smiles in TexasPlaying a game of whos with who? during their visit to Texas wasthe Washington delegation to the Sovereign Grand MastersTestimonial Dinner. Seated, from left, are Laurel Delony, KathiPicanco and Jennie Reed. Standing, from left, are Dave Reed, DaveDelony and Joe Picanco. See additional photo on page 12.

    Gathered at the NorthwestOdd Fellows and RebekahAssociation Meeting inYakima in front, from left, areKathi Picanco, Joe Picanco,Cathy Garcia and BarbaraNelson. Directly behindBarbara is Laurel Delony.




  • DECEMBER, 2015 THE Washington ODDFELLOW 3


    Congratulations to all of the officers-elect for acceptingthe reins of leadership as you prepare for the Installation

    of Officers season.In this season of caring and sharing,

    please consider those less fortunate inthe world by supporting the projectsand programs of our Order, as we seekTo improve and elevate the characterof mankind.

    SCHOLARSHIP REMINDERThe L. J. Jones Scholarship nomina-

    tions deadline for lodges is December31, 2015. Send you nominations toJody Morris, 32101 NW Eagle CrestDrive, Ridgefield, WA 98642-9156.

    UN PILGRIMAGE DEPOSITSUnited Nations Education Pilgrimage for Youth Tour

    deposits ($800 each) must be sent to the Grand LodgeOffice no later than Friday, December 18, 2015 to reservea seat. Contact UNP Chairman Frank Wilson, PGM, athome, (360) 491-5913, or at work, (360) 352-8601, withyour lodges or districts intention to send a student dele-gate(s). He is the source of all details that will have to bemet. The name and address of the youth selected by yourlodge must also be mailed to UNP Chairman FrankWilson, PGM, 4701 23rd Ave. SE, Lacey, WA 98503-3209. This is vital in order for Frank to send the candi-dates the information packets that are necessary for themto follow.

    ON THE ADMINISTRATIVE SIDEPasswords for the year 2016 have been mailed to the

    Grand Lodge line officers, District Deputy Grand Masters

    and Lodge Secretaries for our new officers to pass on tomembers in good standing.

    Did you locate your lodge Annual Report forms?Remember to make sure all forms are properly signed andthe lodge seal is applied. They are due in the Grand Lodgeoffice on or before January 31, 2016.

    I want to thank those Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodgesthat have completed their Membership Rosters andreturned them to the Grand Lodge office.

    DO YOU NEED SUPPLIESDo you have a Past Grand Jewel for your retiring Nobel

    Grand? Do you have any veterans, members with 25 yearsor more of service, and jewels for presentation on thenight of installation or another special night? Order soonto avoid any delay in receiving needed items in time foryour special event. Combination Past Grand/Past ChiefJewels and Veterans Jewels are available through theGrand Lodge Office.

    You can find the SGL Store Catalog on the openingpage of the Washington Odd Fellows Website at:

    www.ioofwa.orgYou will also find the Grand Lodge Order PDF on the

    same page.I wish you each and everyone a very happy holiday

    season. Fraternally,Harry W. Bill Coulter,

    PGM, Grand Secretary

    From the desk of your Grand Secretary


    Member of I.O.O.F. InternationalPress Association

    Washington ODDFELLOWPublished every month except July and August at

    Buckley, Washington by the Grand Lodge of Washington.Subscriptions Available. $20.00 Per Year.

    Non-Profit Postage paid at Buckley, Washington.Deadline for Copy:

    In the Editors Office By the 15th of each month.Mail Copy To: P.O. Box 377, Buckley, WA 98321-0377


    Devoted to theInterest of


    Fax Copy To: (360) 829-1768E-Mail To: billo@tx3.com

    Web Site: www.ioofwa.orgPhone: (360) 829-1514

    POSTMASTER:Send all address changes to:Washington ODDFELLOW

    P.O. Box 377, Buckley, WA 98321-0377

    New friends at IARAPast Presidents of the Rebekah Assembly of Washington,Karen Hoylman, left, and Judy Diekman, right, enjoyed timewith their new friend, Gundron, from Sweden at the IARASessions in Fort Worth, Texas in August.

  • Our new officers for 2016 are: NG Bebe Jackson, VGDee Guizzetti, Sec. Carol Moline, and Treas. CarmenSnyder. We wish them a great year and fun fellowships.

    Our Mad Hatter Friendship event was a great suc-cess. It is always wonderful to visit with our Sisters fromother lodges. Many wore hats. Sister Elizabeth Morganof Olympia won the prize for the best hat! The prize wasa basket full of goodies.

    We served comfort food such as homemade stew, cornmuffins, rolls, ham and many salads, along with desserts.

    I think most would agree that Sisters Marlene Lenzand Deb Gulley did an outstanding job as members ofthe Entertainment Committee.

    A husband and wife duo by the name of CommunityBlend was just fantastic. They sang and played gospel,country, contemporary and patriotic music. They alsotook requests. Some of our Sisters even danced!

    Also, longtime Roy resident and community leaderLoris Ketter entertained us with her world-wide collec-tion of hats. A skit was presented about ways to wearhats and making hats out of household items. This madefor lots of fun and laughs.

    Thank you all for attending. You all made the day spe-cial.

    In F., L. & T., Deb Gulley

    WOW, WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE???Can you believe it is December already? I cant. As

    we all rush around getting ready for the holidays, take aminute to enjoy time with one another.Our best gift is time shared with oth-ers. After all, most people dontremember what