PACO DE LUCÍA THE JOURNEY - ?· first feature documentary titled Paco de Lucía: A Journey. A documentary…

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    Award Winning Documentary by Curro Snchez Born in 1947, Paco de Lucas world was filled with the sound of guitar, the rhythm of flamenco. It burrowed itself deep within him. His unparalleled passion and discerning love for flamenco sparked a powerful reimagining of the style beginning in the 70s, which flowered across the world. Two years after Paco de Lucas death in 2014, his son - filmmaker Curro Snchez - comes to Adelaide to present the Australian premiere of the award-winning documentary about his fathers life. Snchez film looks back at significant moments and places of Paco de Lucas career up to the recording of his final album. This special event will include a Q & A with Curro Snchez, as well as live flamenco performances by dancer Maria Bermudez, direct from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain and local Flamenco favourites Flamenco Areti. I was thought of as sacrilegious and now it turns out Im a master PACO DE LUCA The best documentary about an invaluable musician whom we owe a new astronomy EL MUNDO An experience I cant get enough of EL NUEVO HERALD WRITTEN, PRODUCED, DIRECTED & EDITED BY Curro Snchez ORIGINAL MUSIC BY Paco de Luca MUSIC EDITED BY Curro Snchez and Jos Manuel Garca Moyano DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Alejandro Garca Flores & Carlos Garca de Dios SCREENPLAY Curro Snchez & Casilda Snchez PRODUCED BY Francisco Snchez Gmez & Casilda Snchez EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Anxo Rodrguez & Luca Snchez Varela

    CURRO SNCHEZ Born in Madrid in 1984, a family of artists raised him, his mother was a flamenco dancer and his father is a musician, so it was not difficult for him to feel prematurely appealed by art, in his particular case, by films. In 2008 he graduated in media studies at University San Pablo CEU. During his years as student, he was awarded twice on reputated film critic conquests and he graduates with honours due to his final project, a documentary called Bienvenido Mr Hollywood (Welcome Mr Hollywood) which highlights the substantial economical and social impact that small towns, all around Europe, experimented after some big movie productions stopped temporally by their lands. In 2009 Curro moved to New York in order to study his degree in filmmaking at New York Film Academy. During that period he directed 8 short films and participated in another 20, some of them, extremely popular like multi awarded Voltereta, directed by his friend Alexis Morante. Once he finished his master degree in 2010, Curro returned to his homeland Spain, in order to found his production company Ziggurat Films. In 2014 Curro accomplished to direct his first feature documentary titled Paco de Luca: A Journey. A documentary which follows the guitarist on his last tour at the same time that it reconstructs the key moments that made him possible to become one the finest guitarists in the world. The documentary counts with testimonies of music legends like Chick Corea, Carlos Santana or Bryan Adams.

  • Currently, Curro is directing a new documentary about a renowned singer in Spain, at the same time, hes involved with his sister Casilda Sanchez on the writing of a documentary about Theo Van Goghs killing coined provisionally as Theo and The Theocrat.

    FLAMENCO ARETI The award winning group Flamenco Areti have been entertaining audiences with their exhilarating, passionate and rhythmic blend of flamenco to audiences around the country to great acclaim. "At the Festival Centre the audience witnessed flamenco at its best and were treated to a passionate performance by outstanding local Adelaide based dance company Flamenco Areti." "Particular highlights were the solo dances by Areti Boyaci, the director of Flamenco Areti and Toms Arroquero. The shawl dance by Areti Boyaci, performing first with a white shawl then a red shawl set against a red Spanish dress was particularly engrossing. The spectacular use of these shawls blended beautifully in her precise and powerful movements to create a captivating performance." Global Media Post Flamenco Areti have performed at major Arts Festivals and venues through Australia WOMAD, Adelaide International Guitar Festival, Sessions, Adelaide Fringe, Melbournes State Theatre, QPAC and the Judith Right Centre to name a few. Areti Boyaci has produced flamenco productions with Australia's most renowned flamenco performers as well as with guest artists from Spain, (Including Olayo Jimenez, Eva Piero Mesa) to national acclaim. In 2011 Areti Boyaci was awarded funding from The Ministery of Culture, The Government of Spain. Won Best Dance Weekly Award Fringe 2015 and shortlisted in the Adelaide Critics Award for the category Best Professional Group.

    MARIA BERMUDEZ Her outstanding and critically acclaimed performances have graced the stages of prominent venues in Spain, North America, and throughout the world, including the Hollywood Bowl, and Lope de Vega Seville, Bellas Artes Brazil, The John Anson Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, The Joyce Theatre and Lincoln Center in New York, Festival de Beaucaire in France, The Teatro Villamarta, Spain during the prestigious Festival Flamenco de Jerez. As the founder, dancer and artistic director of the Flamenco company Sonidos Gitanos, Maria has exposed audiences across the world to the unique Flamenco sound and style of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, recognised as the birthplace and foundation of Flamenco, the city where Maria has resided for many years. She was honored by the artists of this city for her relentless dedication to the artistry of the region. She learned from the masters of the art form such as the legendary El Farruco, Jose Antonio Ruiz, Antonio Canales, Angelita Vargas to name a few, and performed with renowned artists El Capullo, Jose Vargas El Mono, Juana Del Pipa, Rafael Campallo, Antonio El Pipa, Alejandro Granados, Domingo Ortega and many more. She was recently nominated by the NAACP Theatre awards for her outstanding choreography in the award winning Fountain Theatres production of Heartsong a Flamenco Musical. Most recently she formed Chicana Gypsy Project, which draws on her rich Mexican-American heritage and her immersion in the Gypsy culture of Andalucia. With her elegant and jazz flavored voice combined with her earthy and sensual Flamenco dancing, she blends cultures and art forms seamlessly into a sound and style uniquely her own. Her extensive career has inspired the award winning documentary film, Streets of Flamenco Inspired Marias journey from Los Angeles, to the Gypsy barrios of the Flamenco World. As guest artist she has appeared in numerous productions including The Santa Cecilia Orchestra, Sonia DeLeon, Conductor, and The California Philharmonic , Dr. Victor Vener in productions of Manuel De FallasEl Amor Brujo Marias dedication to both traditional Flamenco and her Chicana Gypsy Project continues to thrill audiences, communicating a vast range of emotions, cultures, sounds and beauty.She continues to evolve as an artist through her life in the land where wine grapes grow heavy on the vines, where fighting bulls graze in the fields where horses dance in the air.and where Flamenco reigns ARTIST LINKS Facebook: /areti.boyaci


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