Oxford Brookes University - Brookes University Bsc ... Oxford Brookes University has been voted the best modern university ... RAP as required by OBU

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  • Oxford Brookes University

    Bsc (Hons) in Applied Accounting

    Online Mentoring Program for ACCA Students

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    Students studying for their ACCA professional qualification have the

    opportunity to obtain a degree from Oxford Brookes University, one of

    the UKs leading modern universities with an international reputation for

    teaching excellence and innovation as well as strong links with

    business and industry.

    The degree can be obtained during or after studying towards the ACCA qualification. By gaining the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting, students will demonstrate that they possess not only the professional skills gained through the successful completion of the ACCA exams but also the graduate skills which are increasingly sought in an ever more competitive employment market. VM Virtual Mentoring offers online mentoring services which provide ACCA students with the necessary support to obtain the BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting.

    The OBU degree holders will demonstrate to employers that they possess the relevant graduate skills that are required for a bright career in accounting and finance provided by a university that has a reputation for international excellence. Oxford Brookes University has been voted the best modern university by the Sunday Times. The Business School is one of the leading schools in the UK.

    The Research and Analysis Project (RAP) preparation process essentially requires an OBU Registered Mentor. The mentoring services of VM provide students with necessary support and guidance required for the submission of a successful RAP. Our services include:

    Mentoring services under highly qualified registered mentors of OBU; Availability of relevant study material; 4 - 5 online mentoring sessions with students; 24/7 availability for timely resolution of student queries; and Certify to OBU (in a capacity of OBU registered Mentor) that the RAP is

    the students original work.

    BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting - Oxford Brookes


    Why should you choose the OBU degree?

    What we offer?


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    Mentoring Program Structure

    1. Introductory Session

    At the beginning, the student needs to register with us and

    then designated Project Mentor (as per the selected topic of the

    student) will be allocated. The mentor will interact with the

    student and guide about the overall mentoring structure and

    give a complete overview of tentative approach in the preparation of the RAP.

    2. Formal Mandatory Meetings

    The designated Project Mentor will interact with the student at

    different stages of preparation of RAP as required by OBU.

    These meetings help students to prepare RAP as per

    prescribed standards of OBU. The meetings also provide

    students with the opportunity to develop their personal skills

    including questioning, listening and giving a presentation.

    3. Online Presentation

    The student will be given an opportunity to deliver a

    presentation on the project to Project Mentor in accordance with OBU requirements. This

    will be conducted entirely online.

    4. Online Learning Environment Students can access learning

    materials online through our virtual learning environment.

    This includes access to a library with a range of materials that

    aid in their research.

    For more information please contact us:

    virt.mentoring@gmail.com www.virtualmentoring.net www.facebook.com/OBUOnlineMentoring

    The Research and Analysis Project (RAP) is the final component of

    the BSc degree that the student prepares under the guidance of an

    OBU Registered Mentor. It consists of two separate documents:

    7,500-word Research Report (RR), and

    2,000-word Skills and Learning Statement (SLS).

    The student is also required to give a presentation of the project to his/her project mentor.

    Research and Analysis Project (RAP) VM Online Mentors Team

    Key Features of the VM Mentoring Program

    Mentoring Fee

    VM is a team of professionals who have extensive teaching and

    mentoring experience to ACCA students. Our mentors are

    qualified accountants with extensive practical knowledge.

    VM mentors are registered mentors of OBU and equipped with all necessary information that enables us to effectively guide students during their RAP preparation. The designated mentor guides the student by asking the right questions, steering them to think systematically, to learn to apply appropriate evaluative techniques and to analyze and interpret the results. Based on proper guidance on each required aspect of RAP, our students are able to get good grades on their RAP.

    There are numerous benefits that students gain during the

    mentoring under our highly qualified OBU registered mentors.

    Some unique features of our program are the following:

    Highly qualified team of professionals that have vast experience

    in teaching and mentoring of ACCA students for more than 9


    Mentoring through Registered Mentors of OBU to meet the

    necessary expectations of students.

    Mentoring on all 20 offered topics of OBU (extensive experience

    in mentoring on Topic number 8);

    4-5 online mentoring sessions with the student (one session

    before registration of student where our team helps the student in

    resolving their queries and brief introduction to the overall

    mentoring approach);

    Flexible payment and fee options (payment in advance is not

    necessary as students can pay in installments according to

    progress with their RAP);

    Availability of study material to students during preparation of


    Allocation of Project Mentor according to the requirements

    of each topic (each mentor has relevant experience specific to

    requirements of the topic).

    Online/virtual mentoring program across the globe that

    overcomes geographical boundaries;

    Assist students in analyzing plagiarism aspects in RAP;

    Effective resolution of various queries/confusions of students

    on time through 24/7 online and email support); and

    Representatives/previous students all over the globe.

    Our Services

    Our services are completely aligned with the prescribed guidelines of OBU. We are offering the following services to ACCA students with respect to RAP: Complete mentoring as per OBU guidelines;

    Mentoring in Resubmission of RAP; and

    Broader level guidance services for RAP (free of cost).

    We offer flexible fee structure to students as we understand that all students dont have same financial position. We offer flexible payment options to all our students as they can pay in installments according to overall progress towards RAP. Please consult our website for detailed information on the fee structure.


    Our website is developed in such manner that it guides students through the different aspects of RAP. We regularly update our website based on recent developments to be able to help all students objectively. Students should carefully consult our website for getting quality information and all recent updates.