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RADAR (Research archive and Digital Asset Repository) is Oxford Brookes University's institutional repository, based on Equella software. It contains the University's research outputs as well as teaching materials, much of which are openly available. This presentation by Steve Burholt and Rowena Rouse is from an Equella user group meeting in April 2012.


  • 1. RADAR

2. What is RADAR?R esearchA rchiveD igitalA ssetR epository Institutional repository for Oxford Brookes,based on Equella software More than 3000 items: a blended repository ofteaching and researchDirectorate of Learning Resources 3. Background 2007/8 JISC Circle project Autumn 2008 chance meeting with Coventry University December 2008 purchase Equella 4.0 October 2009 RADAR launch 2012 4.1 integration with Moodle Directorate of Learning Resources 4. Whats in RADAR?Oxford Brookes University research 5. Whats in RADAR? Teaching materials 6. Whats in RADAR? Photos of University events 7. Whats in RADAR?Cartoons by University graphics team 8. Whats in RADAR? Video tutorials for students 9. Whats in RADAR? Course taster materials (OER) 10. Whats in RADAR? Olympics teaching materials (OER) 11. Successes 1. Easy to customise Equella interface for different collections, virtual folders etc 2. Gives control for us to create metadata schema/collections Directorate of Learning Resources 12. Successes3. Integration good :(RSS, profiles,pedagogic research,Moodle blocks)http://www.chc.brookes.ac.uk/dr-eike-adams Directorate of Learning Resources 13. Challenges 1. Multiple changes to HE systems in recentyears 2. Management need better statistics on thestudent learning experience, e.g. learninganalytics Directorate of Learning Resources 14. Questions?Rowena RouseRADAR-repository services development managerrrouse@brookes.ac.ukSteve BurholtE-learning systems developersrburholt@brookes.ac.ukwww.brookes.ac.uk/go/radar Directorate of Learning Resources