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Integrated Marketing Communication Models and Strategies of OWN Folders Bunyi, Christine Nicole Cinco, Kristine R. Mistica, Patricia L. Relova, Abigail G. Rivera, Sara Katrina S. As a requirement of the course ET-112 Marketing Communications Miriam College Entrepreneurship Class of 2015



2. / E? E? / *4 Tr.' '2 ii /I/ F-. t.?- ~ (: ')""(-B 1-} / Integrated Marketing CommunicationModels and Strategies of OWN FoldersChristine Nicole B.BunyiBusiness ManagerKristine R.Cinco Research & Development OfcerPatricia L.Mistica Marketing 8: Sales OfcerAbigail G.RelovaProduction 8: Operations OilcerSara Katrina S.Rivera Finance OfficerAs a requirement of the course ET-112 Marketing CommunicationsSubmitted toMs.Maria Luisa B.GatchalianFaculty in-charge,Chairperson,Entrepreneurship DepartmentOctober 23, 2014 3. About the BusinessAbout the ProductIntegrated Marketing Strategies Personal SellingPrintDigital MediaVisual MerchandisingAbout the Authors BibliographyAcknowledgements 4. ABOUT THE BUSINESS foldersWI NATURE from left to rVgI1r~ K Coco,5 Pvve-Io.P M. s!= cc7, C.Bunyi,and A RelovaOWN Organizer Folder is a multi-Functional product that contains different compartments to store the userspersonal belongings.These include holders For Files,cards and pens,a detachable coin purse,and hooks For keysand a USB.It also has pockets for small gadgets and a tablet or netbook.OWN Organizer Folder comes with a detachable strap to give it the look ofa bag. OWN Organizer Folder is available in dierent pastel colors and ombre designs and is sold at P749.VISIONOWN Folders strives to be the leading distributor of multi- Functional and stylish products that addresses the needs not only of its consumers but as well as the environment. MISSIONOWN Folders strives to address the consumers needs and wants by creating high quality products that are made of eco-Friendly materials.Part of its mission is to promote awareness of integrity of creation as well as social responsibility. THE TEAM OWN Folders is a single proprietorship registered in theDepartment of Trade and Industry.The Founding members are Christine Bunyi,Kristine Cinco,Patricia Mistica,Abigail Relova,and Sara Katrina Rivera. ABOUT THE PRODUCT 5. I f': %. Lr, j. .in p ,4, PERSONAL SELLING IIH PATRICIA IVIISTICAM05 275 4954 Ic(el71)UI'H/ Lwloldels nl nn. nwnIoldcis@gm ./.DIGITAL MEDIA F; I F4_. - '1 K .7 '_'YL. ( CH"Q,'_ K Exit. _ " Q ? '' '7'_.VISUAL MERCHANDISING T; 6. I I arm/2 can be 0/qr! /zizal and Jig/ ill/2 11/ / /u -JII/711 / inzc. The sales person of OWN Folders should look simple yet stylishTo match the overall theme of the business.she is to wear something pastel or light colored such as the one worn by the model Found on the left.Bright and strong colors such as red and orange are highly discouraged. The point of difference of the product;its multi-functionality and stylishness,will be highlighted in the sales pitch of the representative as well as its features and benefits.In delivering the sales pitch,the sales person must speak clearly and in a conversational tone,her facial expression mustbe approachable and her gestures must not be too stiff or touchy,it should be casual. grab your ()WN now! Looking for a bag where you can organize all your school-related materials?OWN Folders has the perfect product for you! Tired of organizing your stuff everyday?Then OWN Organizer Folder mightjust be your new bestfriend!With this product, you can fit all your things using the multiple pockets inside that includes pockets for your tablet or netbook and files,holderfor pens sticky notes or cards,a detachable coin purse and many more!In addition to that,it comes with a detachable strap thatwill make it easier for you to carry.Lightweight and multifunctional sounds like a perfect combination that every organizer shouldhave.Not only that,its exterior is also made out of reused flour sackso it is eco-friendly!Get your OWN Organizer folder at P749 and say goodbye to stressful days! 7. Based on the companys research,flyers and business cards are a good way of marketing a product.Since they are still a small company,they cannot afford other forms of print media marketing,thus they make sure to maximize their exposures through the giving out of the said marketing collaterals.In addition,the company agrees that social networking sites are a good way to boost their sales,however,OWN Folders believes that the distributionof flyers is a good way to gain more exposures,whichwill then lead to more consumers. The companys flyers will include the product features as well as the facebook,instagram,and gmail accounts of OWN Folders.On the other hand,the business cards will indicate the complete details of the marketing ollilcer includig her name,position,and contact number. OWN Folders wants to keep all their marketing collaterals simple yet attractive by using a white background.Furthermore,the company chose the font elegant luxand colors green and pink for both the business cardsas well as flyers because these embodies their brand as multifunctional,stylish and eco-friendly.With thecolor pink,the company showcases a youthful vibe,meanwhile the green color represents the companys corporate social responsibility of helping the environment.OWN foldersONE WITH NATUREPATRICIA IVIISTICA0905 278 4954 foceboolccom/ ownfolders ownfolders@gmoi|comWhy have your 0.TrV. N.? -pocket for files -poclr-~---, t.". l T.2 : -i. :.. -;;II ownfolders@gmail. com 10. El. The booth concept of OWN Folders in a Christmas bazaar would showcase the product as the centrepiece of the booth in order for the customers to instantly see what the company is selling.Around the booth,OWN Folders will use ombre-styled Christmas colors which is a unique mixture of colors (Wherein one would normally use solid colors).The font that will be used for the posters and flyers that will be placed in the booth or handed out by the people manning thestall is Sketch Block font that will raise interest from the targeted market which are students. As the prospective customer approaches,the people manning the booth willjoyfully pitch the product,making sure that the message comes across to the customer which is that OWN Folders is the perfect gift to give to the ladies because of its stylish design and multifunctionaluse plus its also eco-friendly which is an added value to the product. booth I/15PII. IllQIlS 11. Consistent Deans Lister and Magna Cum Laude Candidate External Vice President,Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Miriam Secretary,Young Entrepreneurs Society National Consistent Dean's Lister and Cum Laude Candidate TInternal Vice President,Society of Junior Entrepreneursi" Has been part of the production team of multiple eventsPersonnel Manager,Internet Research Center Secretary,Society of Junior Entrepreneurs (AY 2013-2014) I I Recipient of the Meritorious Leadership Award (2014)1.3..I ,1, if _Consistent Deans ListerI External Vice President,Society of Junior EntrepreneursRecipient of the Meritorious Leadership Award (2014) _ _Finalist,MC Philosophy Departments The Eudaimonia of Family (2012) l Member of GCF Youth L. I.V. E. Member of The Life Global Community 12. ACKNO S First of all,we are grateful to The Almighty God for guiding us throughout this courseWe would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms.Maria Luisa B.Gatchalian,Chairperson of the Department of Entrepreneurship,for sharing us her time,patience and knowledge and also for being an inspiration to us. To Ms.Jocelyn for sharing us her knowldege and expertise in the field of marketing communicationsTo our families who have supported all throughout this journey.We are extremely grateful. We place on record,our sense of gratitude to one and all who,directly or indirectly,have lent their helping hand in this venture.10 13. 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