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Overview General Education Assessment. Faculty Meeting August 2012. Standard 14 Assessment of Student Learning. Mission. Institutional Goals. Gen Ed Goals. Program Goals. Assessment MUST : include direct evidence of student learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Overview General Education Assessment

Faculty MeetingAugust 2012Standard 14 Assessment of Student LearningMissionAssessment MUST:include direct evidence of student learningTests (local or published); rubrics (local or published); certification or licensure exams, field experience supervisor evaluationsbe planned, purposeful, useful and cost-effective systematized, sustainedOngoing minimum annual review of outcomesDemonstrate link between outcomes and decision-making

Institutional GoalsGen Ed GoalsProgram GoalsStandard 12General EducationCurriculum must Tie to institutional mission Include goals designed to enhance intellectual growthlead to proficiency in oral and written communication, scientific and quantitative reasoning, and technological competencyMust have a systematic plan for assessment of student outcomes for general education goalsResults of assessment are utilized for curricular improvement

Institutional Research + Provost Office = home of general education assessmentConcerns

What we need to doWhat we need to doWhat we need to doWhere we can start..Committee SoTL modelWork through our Gen Ed RequirementsStarting with CW

Volunteers? Westcott@juniata.edu

MeaningfulUsefulWhere we can start..On the near horizon -Intercultural Learning Assessment CommitteeAssessing Intercultural CompetenciesAnnouncing:Dr. Darla DeardorffFaculty Workshop in January


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