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  1. 1. CAR SHIPPING QUOTE West Coast Shipping offers international car shipping to over 100 destinations around the world. Ship with the reliable company that has been providing shipping services for multi-million dollar vehicles for the last decade.
  2. 2. SHIPPING CARS OVERSEAS Our international shipping service covers over 100 destinations around the world: Europe: Germany, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Georgia. Australia and New Zealand. Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen. Asia: China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan. Africa: Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Cameroon, Benin, Liberia. And other destinations! Your car is stored at our warehouse and loading facility in Richmond, California. The five-acre property and warehouse is secured by a 24/7 digital monitoring system with motion detectors. The facility is able to ship over 120 cars per day and store 1,000 vehicles.
  3. 3. CAR SHIPPING RATES You can get an instant quote by using our car shipping calculator above. With it you will receive the following: Price of ground transportation to the nearest loading facility Price of shipping the car overseas in a container The transit times for ground and ocean transportation and documentation Ability to save the quote for 30 days We are up front with our prices. Our service includes the export of the car to an overseas destination. From there you are responsible for unloading, paying import taxes on the vehicle and clearing your customs. We can provide an overseas agent that can help at the destination.
  4. 4. OVERSEAS CAR SHIPPING We want what our customers want. At WCS we strive for every transaction to appear effortless. To do this we continually invest in new technologies, stay informed of changes in customs, laws and import regulations, and monitor economic developments that affect international car shipping. Our substantial investment in strategic partnerships with agents and experts around the globe enables us to succeed where other companies falter. Shipping cars internationally is fraught with potential problems including delays, customs snafus, rate changes, space limitations and equipment failures at ports. Unlike many other companies, we mitigate hassles and maintain our competitive edge by doing our own booking, loading and trucking.
  5. 5. www.wcshipping.com CAR SHIPPING QUOTE