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<ul><li><p>Its Time to Outsmart Your Inbox</p></li><li><p>SaneBox is saving professionals from email overload at top companies</p></li><li><p>Commandment #1</p><p>Email is like Tetris.</p><p>Problem: No matter how good you are, more keep on coming.</p><p>Solution: You need a better system, process, and tools!</p></li><li><p>Commandment #2</p><p>Email is not your #1 priority.</p><p>Problem: Email is a to-do list other people write on.</p><p>Solution: </p><p> Scan: for important/urgent emails in the morning, and then move on. Block: 30-60min appointments in your calendar to be more efficient. Ask: Is clearing my inbox the best use of time?</p></li><li><p>Commandment #3</p><p>Not all emails are created equal.</p><p>Problem: Each email commands the same real estate in your inbox.</p><p>Solution: </p><p> Urgent / Important </p><p> Not urgent / Important </p><p> Not urgent / Unimportant</p><p>Now</p><p>Later</p><p>Delete/Archive in Bulk</p></li><li><p>Inbox Zero Rules</p><p>Never touch the same email twice.</p><p>Delete/Archive </p><p>Defer </p><p>Delegate </p><p>Respond </p><p>Do</p></li><li><p>move remaining emails to SaneTomorrow </p><p>and finish your day with Inbox Zero.</p><p>Inbox Zero with SaneBox</p><p>Never touch the same email twice.</p><p>Delete/Archive </p><p>Defer </p><p>Delegate </p><p>Respond </p><p>Do</p><p>SaneLater, SaneBlackHole, Custom</p><p>SaneSnooze</p><p>SaneReminders</p><p>SaneReminders</p></li><li><p>Now lets show you how its done</p></li><li><p> Bold key phrases </p><p> Dont get hacked (1Password + bjinmlsjagwctiat1) </p><p> Dont enter the To: address until you proof read </p><p> Dont use your Inbox as an archive </p><p> Use the subject wisely (NNTR, EOM, FYI, NOT URGENT) </p><p> Dont unsubscribe from suspicious emails (use SaneBlackHole) </p><p> Specify why youre CCing someone </p><p> Check if youre BCCed (not CCed) before Reply All </p><p> No open-ended questions </p><p> Busiest people are very responsive</p><p>Advanced Email Hacks</p></li></ul>