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Northern California's latest outdoor living magazine. Featuring local business's in the Sacramento area


  • Welcome to Outdoor Galore - the one and only publication created

    and designed by local Northern California outdoor living enthusiasts

    and small business owners! This quarterly magazine is designed to

    highlight local Sacramento businesses who sell products or services

    specializing in outdoor living. Each issue will focus on the current

    season and different events taking place in our local communities.

    If you are as obsessed with outdoor living as we are, you already

    know how fortunate we are to live in a region that provides unlimited

    opportunities to turn our backyards into extensions of our homes.

    Outdoor Galore introduces you to local professionals who can help

    make your outdoor living dreams a reality. Also, you can explore the

    latest trends and tips from our outdoor professionals.

    We embrace true outdoor enthusiasts who love what they do and

    are passionate about sharing their talents with others. If you are

    interested in participating in the magazine or know someone who

    might be, email us at outdoorgaloreinfo@gmail.com!

    Erika and Becky

  • Becky Horan


    Also owner of

    Outdoor Space Designs

    Erika Pierce

    Publisher/ Design

    Also Owner of

    Pacific Shade Sails

    Michelle Bradley



    Rebecca Pierce

    Social Media Assistant

    Lets Talk Shade

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  • There are many ways to add shade to your outdoor space. You could go traditional, what

    everybody else has...or you could try something new and unusual. Here at Pacific Shade Sails

    we like to create shade using new and innovative shade solutions. When we started this

    company we only offered one choice, shade sails. Now after 9 years in the business, we have

    several shade options, all unique and cool in their own way.

    Today we are spending a lot of time creating great shade with a product called SkySpan

    umbrellas. These are not your typical umbrellas...oh no...these are beautiful structures that

    look and feel like an umbrella. Originated in Australia and now licensed to be made in Georgia,

    SkySpan umbrellas are made out of steel, aluminum and the canopies are a pvc membrane.

    They are rated at 75mph when open and 95mph when closed. With this is a product, you can

    add lighting, cooling, heating and logos to the canopy.

    We have installed these at both residential and commercial locations. They are gaining in

    popularity as the world gets to know them better. There are many colors to choose for the

    frame and canopies.

    Ready to get to know SkySpan? Contact us today...

    Pictured below are residences in: Elk Grove, Lincoln, Loomis

    A small list of happy SkySpan customers


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  • gone As the ever-present drought continues to loom over most of California,

    many residents are making the decision to do away with their water-

    hogging lawns. But what are the alternatives?

    Sophie Sears from Cal Wild Landscape Design collaborates closely with

    Ben Huffines at Environmental Landscape to provide solutions for

    customers looking for water-saving landscapes.

    Tearing out your lawn can give you a blank slate, repurposing

    how you use your outdoor areas. Your yard doesn't have to be

    all plants . Rocks and other hardscapes provide dimension to

    your yard and offer low maintenance.

    For front yards, consider how you want to use your space. You may want to consider adding a pathway for better access to your home

    or even a seating area for relaxing out front while you watch the kids play or visit with neighbors.

    Water saving alternatives to

    traditional turf lawns


    The latest outdoor trends straight from

    the source


  • Cal Wild Landscape Design focuses on CA native and

    drought tolerant plants. Their simple, low mainte-

    nance designs use a variety of natural materials,

    rocks and stone walls. Environmental Landscape pro-

    vides the construction and installation of the designs.

    Ben and Sophie work together with their clients

    throughout the project ensuring everyone is on the

    same page collaborating each step of the way on the

    best possible solution for their clients.

    Sophie SearsCal Wild Landscape Design

    calwildlandscapes.com 530-219-5205

    Ben HuffinesEnvironmental Landscape

    environmentallandscape.org 916-624-8000

    Its ok to keep some lawn. A low or no-mow California native sod provides

    a great alternative to those not willing to ditch their green lawns. This

    native sod can be left to grow on its own or mowed like a traditional turf

    lawn. Once established, it only needs to be watered a couple times a

    week to keep its deep, green color. Native sod does well in partial shade or

    full sun and recovers well from occasional wear. Its medium leaf texture

    provides a deep glossy color that is also tolerant to cold temperatures.

    The Delta Blue Grass

    Company out of

    Stockton, CA grows

    the sod locally and

    distributes the

    product throughout


    Sophies Drought Tolerant Plant List

    Cover ground with low growing, spreading shrubs:

    Creeping Manzanitas, Rosemary and Ceanothus,

    Blue Pacific Juniper and Dwarf coyote brush.

    Attract wildlife with Salvias, CA

    Fuchsia, Yarrow, Penstemon, Mim-

    ulus and Buckwheat.

    Create a lawn-ish meadow with

    Blue Grama Grass, CA Field Sedge or ground co-

    vers like Dymondia, Wild Strawberries or even

    Succulents and toss in some

    wildflower seeds!

    Throw some structure into the

    picture with Phormiums, Agaves or

    bunch grasses like Deer Grass, Pink

    Muhly Grass or Feather Reed


    Add some foundation shrubs and

    trees like larger Manzanitas and

    Ceanothus, Red Bud, Strawberry

    Tree, Bottle Brush, Grevillea, Pacific Wax Myrtle or


    Photo provided by Delta Bluegrass Co Photo provided by Delta Bluegrass Co



    CA Fuchsia


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    A well designed outdoor space is both beautiful and functional.

    When planning your outdoor areas consider how you will use

    your space. Choose accent pieces that can double as storage for

    frequently used items. Having these items conveniently stored

    outside limits hauling everything back and forth.

    An outdoor storage cabinet assists to discretely

    stow away pool towels, sunscreen, hats and other

    pool items. This coffee table wins an award for

    extreme multi-purpose use! It can be used as a

    coffee table, extra seating and storage. Garden

    stools can also serve different functions. Use them

    as end tables, a coffee table or extra seating.


    After Pool side seating with neatly tucked

    away pool towels and swim toys

    BeforeThis pool side area functioned

    more as a storage area for stacked chairs

    Becky Horan - Outdoor Space Designs

    Montego Bay Cabinet and

    Storage Chest by Home Styles



  • Get your grillin on. Stainless

    steel and nonstick, these griddles

    cook veggies and everything else

    to perfection.

    williams-sonoma.com $37


    Never break another glass outside!

    Glass or plastic - you cant tell

    with this acrylic glass set. Use

    them inside and outside.

    crateandbarrel.com $5- $6

    Galvanized pails can chill your

    drinks, works as vase for a fresh

    cut bouquet or holds napkin rolled

    silverware for a party. The

    options are endless!

    worldmarket.com $5$7

    Outdoor Bar & Storage

    Hampstead Teak Ultimate Bar

    potterybarn.com $2,249


    Top Multi-Functional Picks

    Uniflame Square Slate Tile

    Table & Gas Fire Pit

    homedepot.com $450

    Outdoor Wicker Storage


    hayneedle.com $321

    Becky Horan -Outdoor Space Designs




    Image source: Hayneedle.com

    Image source: potterybarn.com

    Image source: homedepot.com

    Image source: worldmarket.com Image source: crateandbarrel.com Image source: williams-sonoma.com

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    California Mistscaping was founded by Patrick and Erika Pierce of Pacific Shade Sails. Over the years, we have perfected our skill to design and create a cool environment for any outdoor space, residential or commercial. We believe that with quality products and exceptional customer service you will be pleased with the final results.

    If you are tired of roasting in the hot summer heat year after year, then now is the time to install a Mistscaping system. We can reduce your outdoor temperature by up to 30 degrees. That is no joke. The added bonus is that your plants and pets really appreciate it too.

    We only offer the very best in equipment and its made right here in America. When you get a professionally installed Mistscapi