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    Due to print limitations, colours depicted in images may vary from actual colour and as such may not be 100% accurate. Hill Cross Furniture reserves the right to make alterations, amendments and improvements to products shown in the brochure. Hill Cross Furniture only supply to the trade and products may be subject to minimum order quantities. Discounts may be available for large orders. Contact us to discuss further.

    About Us & Our Outdoor Range 5

    Rattan & Cane 6-9

    Weave Detail 14-17

    Modern Outdoor 18-27

    Classic Outdoor 28-31

    NOROCK - Self-Stabilising table bases 32-33

    Rope Detail 10-13

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    THE OUTDOOR RANGE Preparing your outdoor space for the summer months with quality contract furniture can provide a substantial return on your investment for years to come.

    We have carefully developed this comprehensive range of quality products sourced from only the best manufacturers in Italy, Portugal, and Great Britain. Our long-standing relationships ensure that you have a wide range to choose from no matter what your style or venue demands.

    This includes chairs, tables, barstools & loungers. We have divided the collection into handy, easy to use sections so you can select the products you require. These are:

    • Rattan & Cane

    • Rope Details

    • Weave Details

    • Modern Outdoor

    • Classic Outdoor

    • NOROCK Self-Stabilising Table Bases

    ABOUT HILL CROSS FURNITURE Hill Cross Furniture is proud to have supplied both internal and external contract furniture to some of the biggest and most prestigious venues not only in the UK but around the globe to the hospitality sector - all from our HQ based in North Yorkshire.

    As a member of the BCFA and fully ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 accredited we are a company that you can trust.

    Contact us for further information about any of our products contained within this brochure and one of our experienced sales team will be more than happy to assist you.




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    RATTAN & CANE A strong trend for 2019 they are perfectly suited to outdoor use. Rattan is traditionally woven from climbing vines that can be twisted and shaped to create robust, weatherproof furniture. Alternative synthetic fibres have been developed for added durability and easy maintenance. At Hill Cross we are proud to offer both synthetics and natural variants within our Rattan and Cane range.

    ID: 57632 GS-958 Armchair H900 W600 D560

    ID: 43739 Siena DL Armchair H820 W570 D580

    ID: 62950 Altea Lounge Chair H820 W690 D730

    ID: 64907 Hanover Tub Chair H920 W410 D540

    ID: 48761 Florida Coffee Table H450 W450 D450

    ID: 49072 Florida Lounger

    H800 W1870 D730

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    ID: 52730 Sorrento Box Chair H760 W460 D460

    ID: 52731 Sorrento Lounge Chair

    H760 W460 D560

    ID: 52732 Sorrento Bar Stool H760 W325 D325

    ID: 44683 Sorrento Armchair H850 W545 D590

    ID: 44040 Sorrento Stackable Side Chair

    H870 W440 D590

    ID: 59592 GS-916 Side Chair H910 W460 D520

    ID: 49421 GS-917 Armchair H910 W500 D560

    ID: 64957 GS-912 Tub Chair H800 W570 D600

    ID: 51722 Sorrento Stackable Outdoor Sofa

    H795 W1185 D730

    ID: 52729 Sorrento Stackable Tub Chair

    H795 W675 D730

    ID: 64991 Geneva Armchair H845 W565 D575

    ID: 52759 Sorrento Dinning Table

    H760 W1400 D800

    ID: 64990 Geneva Side Chair H845 W470 D560

    ID: 53216 Sorrento Square Table

    H760 W800 D800


    ID: 44907 California Tub Lounge H800 W1200 D1200

    ID: 44900 Lotus Tub Chair

    H740 W840 D830

    ID: 44901 Lotus Coffee Table H460 W600 D600

    ID: 44899 Lotus 2 Seater Sofa H740 W1450 D850

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    ROPE DETAIL Synthetic or natural rope offers a tactile option for your outdoor space. Available in a large range of colours and styles, rope is a modern alternative to the traditional styling of rattan. Specifically designed for use outdoors, rope is the perfect choice for somewhere looking for a fresh new look.

    ID: 64968 Croisette Armchair H830 W650 D650

    ID: 64992 Emma Armchair

    H1080 W830 D530

    ID: 64748 Oyster Lounge Chair

    H740 W580 D650

    ID: 57291 Pleat Outdoor Armchair

    H830 W560 D600

    ID: 64411 Emma Side Chair H820 W480 D530

    ID: 58949 Tibidabo Armchair H760 W800 D780

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    ID: 60302 Cricket Bar Stool

    H1010 W540 D550

    ID: 60299 Babylon 3 Seat Sofa H750 W2270 D880

    ID: 60298 Babylon Arm Chair H750 W920 D880

    ID: 60300 Cricket Armchair H800 W560 D600

    ID: 60301 Cricket Side Chair H560 W490 D560

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    ID: 64993 Nicole Side Chair H820 W455 D470

    ID: 64673 Antibes Armchair H810 W570 D600

    ID: 64676 Monaco Armchair H770 W570 D600

    ID: 64958 Cuba 2 Seat Sofa

    H740 W1350 D450

    ID: 64994 Land Arm Chair

    H770 W600 D590

    ID: 65024 Vienna Side Chair H790 W500 D580

    ID: 65025 Vienna Armchair

    H780 W560 D580

    ID: 64669 Kos Armchair

    H780 W560 D640

    ID: 64960 Kos Rocking Lounge Chair

    H1060 W700 D920

    ID: 64113 Pleat Outdoor Side Chair

    H830 W540 D600

    ID: 64959 Cuba Coffee Table

    H380 W1100 D600

    ID: 64961 Kos Set

    (2 Lounge Chairs, 1 Sofa, 1 Table)

    ID: 65016 Cuba Lounge Armchair

    H W D

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    WEAVE DETAIL As a stylish alternative to the classic cane and rattan furniture, weave furniture offers a distinct style that can be adapted in many ways. Weaves are paired with timber or metal frames and there are numerous options for the look of each of our pieces.

    ID: 64670 Cannes Armchair H970 W600 D550

    ID: 64664 Leon Armchair

    H820 W590 D610

    ID: 64963 Maiorca Armchair H750 W580 D640

    ID: 64965 Cannes Bar Stool H980 W580 D500

    ID: 64964 Leon Sun Lounger

    H800 W2100 D730


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    ID: 57929 Yard Bar Stool

    H950 W505 D505

    ID: 62694 Yard Lounge Chair H770 W730 D715

    ID: 64366 Yard Sofa

    H770 W1390 D715

    ID: 53084 Yard Armchair

    H810 W580 D550

    ID: 62386 Yard Side Chair

    H810 W510 D570

    ID: 64205 Nizza Sofa

    H790 W1650 D790

    ID: 56785 InOut Tub Chair

    H610 W740 D720

    ID: 65017 InOut Rocking Chair H1000 W630 D810

    ID: 65018 InOut Side Chair

    H1200 W500 D700

    ID: 60305 InOut Lounge Armchair

    H720 W940 D860

    ID: 65020 InOut Lounge Chair H820 W800 D740

    ID: 64967 Nizza Coffee Table H370 W1100 D600

    ID: 64966 Nizza Armchair

    H700 W760 D770

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    MODERN OUTDOOR With their contemporary designs and materials like PVC and metal, this range of furniture is cost effective and stylish. Waterproof and lightweight properties paired with bold and modern colours make this range perfect for a venue looking to add a stylish yet practical element to their outdoor space.

    ID: 64553 Paradiso Armchair H740 W520 D520

    ID: 53758 Nolita High Back Armchair

    H850 W590 D530

    ID: 46178 Link Side Chair

    H860 W480 D570

    ID: 64995 Intigo Armchair

    H815 W590 D540

    ID: 63647 Remind Armchair H810 W580 D560

    ID: 55045 Flint Armchair

    H740 W550 D500

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    ID: 53761 Nolita Bar Stool

    H970 W500 D485

    ID: 64996 Nolita Chase Lounge H820 W1650 D700

    ID: 53901 Nolita Armchair

    H775 W590 D530

    ID: 53699 Nolita Side Chair H775 W545 D530

    ID: 58563 Dome Armchair

    H810 W580 D530

    ID: 64900 Dome Bar Stool

    H760 W430 D415

    ID: 62217 Reef Armchair

    H790 W600 D430

    ID: 61507 Some Side Chair

    H810 W520 D530

    ID: 56804 Nolita Flip Dining Table

    H720 W700 D700

    ID: 64326 Lagarto Low Stool H500 W370 D370

    ID: 62761 Lagarato Bar Stool H780 W420 D420

    ID: 64555 Paradiso Bar Stool

    H1030 W520 D5520

    ID: 64969 Charivan Bench

    H830 W2460 D900


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    ID: 64354 Nef High Lounge

    H1250 W830 D760

    ID: 64355 Nef Lounge Chair H830 W830 D760

    ID: 62947 Nef Armchair

    H810 W600 D630

  • ID: 55398 Menorca Side Chair H830 W500 D420

    ID: 56692 Menorca Armchair H830 W500 D420

    ID: 56840 Menorca Table

    H740 W120 D800

    ID: 64997 Net Armchair

    H780 W560 D540

    ID: 46434 Net Side Chair

    H780 W490 D540

    ID: 46571 Ara Side Chair

    H830 W495 D560

    ID: 46572 Ara Armchair

    H830 W595 D560

    ID: 56633 Ara Lounge Chair H740 W700 D640

    ID: 42833 Snow Side Chair

    H805 W470 D550

    ID: 50492 Snow Table

    H740 W800 D800

    ID: 582