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1. Outdoor fireplace is a valuable addition to terrace and patios,the visual and social centerpiece gives a reason andmotivates one to celebrate the outdoor season. One cancook for guests and also enjoy dinner outside in a chilly nightalongside fireplace. Do install fire extinguisher as a safetyprecaution as a strong moving air might pose danger.Outdoor fireplace 2. Custom-Built FireplacePersonalized fireplace is one of its kinds and imparts a spectacular view to the backyard.Options are available in abundance but do consider size, price and duration of installation.Choosing the material that will be used to build them is an important consideration, substancelike bricks, stone and concrete last for a life time; clay is economical but is not durable; metalsheets too costs low but they are prone to rusting but are excellent options for temporary useas camping. Most people opt for bricks and stones as exteriors and cast iron and aluminumalloy as interiors. Though this exterior set up is costly but nothing matches the beauty ofnatural looking fireplace. Aluminum and cast iron are less expensive and reduces the noise ofburning flames. Do check that mortar mix, cement, cinder block and cap-rock are mixed inright proportion. For starting the work of building fireplace, put into use a shovel for lifting loosematerial, a trowel for scooping and plastering, a dust mask for shielding against dust and pairof eyeglasses for protecting the eyes. 3. Chimeneas and Fire PitsIt is a challenge to manage chilly winter nights and to escape the freezing cold, chimeneasand fire pits enables one to tackle and enjoy the cold outdoor evenings. A chimenea is usuallyan ornamental structure which is built to evolve heat and there is less visible smoke and fire.Whereas fire pit is basically a flat structure opened at the top and the fire is not restricted, it isgenerally installed for gathering factor. The installation of chimeneas and fire pits do notrequire professional help and can be made and put to use on the very day but the designs arelimited and may not suit the yard. The backyard space plays an important role as chimeneasrequire large space else would leave the place too congested, it is best suited for small patiosor decks. Fire pits even suit the restricted area. But with a safety viewpoint, chimeneas scorebetter as they do not encourage open fire, sweep the smoke and ash away through chimneysand are fuel efficient. 4. Pre-Engineered FireplaceThe best advantage of pre-engineered fireplace is that the installation time extends justfor a day or two, built with pre cut blocks and sealed with mortar and then covered withstone veneer it imparts the look of a custom fireplace. It is also economical as the costincurred is almost 50% less than that of custom fireplace. There are kits available whichcontain entire components for a functional fireplace such as firebox, smoke chamber andchimney. 5. Contact UsBURNABY SHOWROOM (Service Scheduling)Address: 4460 Juneau Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 4C8Phone: 604-415-9330Fax: 604-415-9331Phone (Toll-free): 877-415-9330Fax (Toll-free): 877-415-9331SURREY SHOWROOM Head Office (Installation Scheduling & Warehouse)Address: 101 19545 56th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S 6K3Phone: 604-597-5935Fax: 604-597-5934For More Information Visit Here:- Fireplaces Unlimited


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