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  • Kristin Eby, February 24, 2015


  • Specialty household cleaning products

    Rust Stain Removers Appliance

    Cleaners, Drain & Clog

    Cleaners Laundry Solutions.

    *Founded 1958

  • Professional grade products Water conditioning

    & irrigation wholesalers

    *Founded 1996

  • Company Goals Enthusiastically exceeding customer expectations through innovation and

    continuous improvement Produce products that are:

    Competitive Compliant Safe Sustainable Cost-effective


  • SUSTAINABILITY: Where did we start? 2009 Walmart Sustainability Questionnaire Formed a Green Team or SBC - 2010 Developed a sustainability initiative in

    2010 ISO 14001 Certification Focused on Walmart Scorecard & other

    customer requirements Began measuring GHGs in 2010 set goals Measure Water Usage & Waste Generation set goals

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Where did we start? (cont.) Develop sustainability flyers Get employees involved (AIM Program) Joined NISBC Get Bright Green Certified (2

    Star) Now on Board & Community Outreach

    Started recycling Started integrating green chemistry using

    DfE Supplier Sustainability Initiative (Spring 2013) Consolidated PC & DC LEED (Leadership in

    Energy & Env. Design) Certification Brownfield Project

  • Green Team Members (2010-2013) Distribution Center Kurt Youkey Production Center Brian Gordon HR / Customer Service Kelly Wehman Accounting / Finance Tami Mayer Operations Tim Hartigan Marketing Tony Cronk Pro Sales Andrew Saal Summit Sales Doug Breeden CFT Leaders: Kristin Eby & Minda Doering

  • Green Team Purpose of CFT or Green Team:

    Achieve sustainability goals and help drive continuous improvement

    Duties: Establish & recommend environmental policy,

    targets, objectives and goals (metrics) for final approval by leadership team

    Oversee EMS and evaluate continuous improvement progress

    Review any open environmental CARS/PARS Determine any process changes that could

    affect our goals and objectives

  • Our Sustainability Strategy: 1. Implement ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and obtain ISO 14001 Certification by December 2011.

    Benefits: Drives and manages sustainability efforts through use of a

    formal & organized management system Keeps sustainability goals visible through use of metrics

    and reviews by top management Drives continuous improvement, which is Wal-Marts goal

    for suppliers, and allows us to document and demonstrate our progress

    Improves compliance Reduces liability We have in-house resources not available to most small


  • Our Sustainability Strategy: 2. Improve score on Wal-Marts Supplier

    Sustainability Scorecard to >60% by December 2011. (Nov. 2011)

    3. Obtain DfE Certification on DWM & WM by December 2011. (Mar 2012)

    4. Establish a set of criteria that meets new FTC guidelines to support specific green claims by August 2011. (Aug 2011)

    5. Develop a quarterly one-page sustainability flyer to communicate our efforts internally and externally by August 2011. (Aug 2012)

  • Additional Sustainability Efforts: Add life cycle consideration procedures to ISO

    14001 EMS (Product Development, Purchasing, etc.)

    AIM Program incorporate sustainability Join Northeast Indiana Sustainable Business

    Council Public / private non-profit effort to advance

    sustainability practices by the business sector through education, networking and certification

    Founders: City of Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Metals, Hagerman Construction, A. Hattersley & Sons, Indiana Tech, Lincoln Financial, Parkview, Rothburg, & YMCA

  • Green Team - Metrics REDUCE EMISSIONS GOAL: Reduce normalized Scope 1 and 2

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions 10% by the end of 2015

    Progress:ON TRACK. Reduced our normalized Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 7.9% from 2010-2013. We expect this trend to continue with the consolidation of our distribution production locations into our newly retrofitted energy-efficient facility.

  • Green Team - Metrics REDUCE WASTE GOAL : Reduce absolute solid waste to landfill 10%

    by the end of 2015

    Progress:EXCEEDING OUR GOAL. Reduced our solid waste to the landfill by 68% from 2011 2014. This was accomplished by significantly enhancing our recycling program and consolidating our production distribution facilities.

  • Green Team - Metrics REDUCE WATER USAGE GOAL : Reduce absolute water usage 15% by the

    end of 2015

    Progress:EXCEEDING OUR GOAL. Reduced our water usage by 38% from 2011-2014. This was accomplished by upgrading to a more water efficient sprinkler system consolidating our production and distribution facilities.

  • Green Team - Metrics GREEN CHEMISTRY GOAL: Continuously improve the safety of our products

    for consumers and the environment by substituting or eliminating, wherever possible, ingredients that may pose a concern.

    Progress:We have integrated a thorough ingredient evaluation process into our formulation changes and newly developed products. When selecting ingredients, we prefer to use materials from the Clean Ingredients list and consider Design for the Environment (DfE) criteria. In 2013, we developed a new safer drain line that does not use traditional corrosive chemicals. Also, we have obtained DfE Certification for two of our products with the goal to certify more by 2015.

  • New Green Team Reorganization Jan - Oct 2014

    Combined Green Team and Aim Team

    Changed membership Added owner of company Lead V.P. of Operations

    Strived for a Dept. focus to integrate sustainable ideas

  • Getting Employees Involved: AIM Program

    Criteria: Workable & Beneficial to organization Save $100-$500/year or significant benefit Not a function of job Never done before

    Reviewed by the AIM Team Final Approval by CEO Rewards AIM Program has saved the

    company over $900,000 since July 2007.

  • Sustainable AIM Ideas 30% of total AIM ideas Since July 2010: Saved over $90,000 EXAMPLES:

    Use paper shredding service saves time, $, confidentiality, & recycles ($1,323)

    Eliminate hardcopy AR Registers go electronic save paper, time, storage fees ($8,440)

    Set all computer default print to B&W ($960) Reconfigure Production Line ($20,000) Print all high-quality mock up labels in-house


  • Departments

    Sustainable Business Council (SBC)

    Focus AIM Ideas on Waste Take AIM on WASTE Link to People, Planet, Profit the Triple Bottom Line

    Department Heads screen ideas with originator, estimate savings, and add to log, handle, or pass to SBC

    Departments report monthly number of new ideas, in-process, rejected, and completed to Leadership Team Mtg

    SBC sets priorities and measures Sustainability of the business through available metrics

    SBC prioritizes ideas, assigns, monitors AIM numbers

    Prioritize through the 4Rs, Inputs better than Outputs, Targeted waste streams, Life cycle total cost

    SBC celebrates department and individual accomplishments

    SBC made up of leaders that own key objectives, and representatives from all functions in the company

    Waste is: W ater A ir S olids T oxicity E nergy

    The Four Rs R efuse R educe R euse R ecycle

    Departments work AIM ideas, pass to SBC, or work with another Dept.

    SBC Membership: T Hartigan.Lead J Harter D Howenstine T. Cronk T. Mayer A Saal

    M. Doering K. Youkey K. Eby

    AIM form changes to specific targeted format using 4Rs, WASTE, savings estimate

    Rejected or ideas on deck are kept in an Idea vault





  • PROJECT DETAILS 605,180 lbs. of metal recycled & diverted away

    from the landfill. All bathroom fixtures replaced with Low Flow

    Fixtures New Mechanical Plan replaced 12 gas fired

    heaters & 2 make up air units with 2 High Efficiency cycler units.

    9 Daylight windows were installed 100,000 ft2 of white roof installed 3 insulation replaced with 6 Replaced inefficient lights with 180 T5 High Output

    motion sensor lights Concrete and asphalt recycled locally 43% Reduction in estimated Electricity cost in 2014

  • Sustainability - Continuous Improvement Action Plan - 2014

    Next Milestone Timing

    Implement web-based program to encourage consumers to reduce energy & water consumption. Track feedback from consumers.

    December 2014

    Change Pro Wash label (after reformulation & testing) to specify cold or ambient water usage with product.

    June 2015

    Incorporate supplier H&S and Labor Rights into our current supplier auditing program. Assign and follow up on corrective actions and post aggregate audit results on website.

    December 2014

  • $85 Donate to Charity

    E-Waste Day Results 4/22/13

    FACILITY Pounds Recycled / Kept out of Landfill

    Corporate 1,539

    PC 171

    DC 465

    TOTAL 2,175

  • Green Chemistry Initiative - DfE Rigorous review process by EPA to ensure

    products are safe for environment & consumers. http://www.epa.gov/dfe/

    2011: Began with 3 products Dishwasher Magic (disinfectant) DfE Certified Washer Magic DfE Certified Disposer Care - ON HOL