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Our Journey to Baldrige. Sara Potterfield Potterfield Group Vice President-Public Relations. Why did we start this journey?. Can you see the future? We had good performance Needed great sustainability of performance. Our First Attempt. A TQM Expert lead our first attempt in 1996 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Our Journey to BaldrigeSara PotterfieldPotterfield Group Vice President-Public Relations

  • Why did we start this journey?Can you see the future?We had good performanceNeeded great sustainability of performance

  • Our First AttemptA TQM Expert lead our first attempt in 1996Wrote the application with some collaborationAdministered a few surveys, Customer and employeeWe lacked the systematic process to change anything

  • Our Second AttemptOur second attempt was a unified frontBaldrige Fall 2004We read every question and answered itWe went back and answered it again and againWe finally wrote the how our business should be run application

  • Our Second AttemptOur Baldrige ApplicationWe reviewed the application for gapsWe fixed the gaps implemented many new processesApplied for and received the Missouri Quality Award in 2008Applied for and received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2009

  • What did we learn?It is really easy to miss the word HowFigure out what the questions were askingExpect 3 solid years of hard workMust make improvements every dayGoals must be measureableMission Statement is central

  • What worked well?Support from the topThe entire SLT wrote the application30% of our salaried staff as examinersDedicated time off site to workOur culture of learningDeployment throughout the organizationCelebrating victories

  • What worked well?Start writing the application earlyEveryone must understand criteriaCode of ConductMaster Planning CalendarCapacity planningLook for Approach, Deployment, Learning and Integration

  • What key things changed?The level of service that we are able to offer the CustomerOur ability to focusThe language we all speakThe integration between departmentsbut is that systematic?The quality of our staffIdentification and focus on key results

  • What key things changed?Our ability to segment our dataOur Customer Listening PostsMany paradigm shiftsCommunication to all levels improvedWe know what processes are being performedDocumentation and trainingCommon strategic objectivesBenchmarks help us improve

  • Questions?Thank you!Our best wishes to you in your pursuit of performance excellence!

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