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Our Changing World. James Garrow Philadelphia Department of Public Health. except. Okay Jim, now you've lost me. Are things changing, or not?. can't complain about: disasters people media. disasters = people = social media. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Our Changing WorldJames GarrowPhiladelphia Department of Public Health


    Okay Jim,now you've lost me.

    Are things changing,or not?

    can't complain about:disasterspeoplemedia

    disasters=people=social media

    56% of Americans have a profile on a social media network22% of Americans use social networking sites "several" times per day53% of Americans over 65 use the internetThe average Facebook user spends more than 400 minutes per month on the siteTwitter users post more than 175 million tweets per dayMore than 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every 24 seconds


    media and social media

    media and social media

    i offer no answers,only interesting anecdotes

    public health

  • First Pandemic of the 21st CenturyCDC really began experimentingMasking videosTwitter accountsFacebook PagesPush for states and locals to use

  • The Blog PostCDC blog post on "zombie preparedness"One million page views in four daysMore than $3M in earned media coverageCost? What cost? $87

    emergency management

  • Craig FugateSurvivors not victimsHUGE proponent of social media useSan Bruno explosion and fire

  • LAFDRotating PIOs monitor social mediaPosts all calls that affect the public (road closures, etc.Manage two accounts on Twitter, @LAFD and @LAFDtalk

  • Shadow LakeWildland Fire2011 wildland fire in OregonFederal IMT team assignedPIO utilized volunteer VOST team to monitor social mediaVOST team identified concerned citizen, forwarded to PIO

    regular citizens

  • Haitian Earthquake7.0 magnitudeMassive infrastructure damageExtreme lack of immediate helpHaitians utilized social media to locate and request helpLarge scale citizen "crisismapping" effort

  • JoplinTornadoInfoEF-5 tornado struck Joplin, MONearby citizens set up JoplinTornadoInfo Facebook page to coordinate informationCity of Joplin utilized private Page to distribute official messages

  • for more info:@jgarrowabout.me/jgarrow

    Thank you, a bit about me.Here to talk about our changing world and what that means for us as emergency planners.Except that the world isn't really changing all that much.We have disasters...Just like we've always had (San Francisco earthquake 1906)We've got all kinds of different types of people...Just like we always have (FDR)We've even got the bulldog media...Like we always haveWait, you can't confuse me. I know things are changing. I can see it with my own eyes!It's almost like tags are speeded up, fast-forwardedLike things have been super-sized, almostIke they've been "reality-ized"It's almost as if the world is a bit off, slightly out-focus, not the way it used to be.The problem is that we can't really complain about these things.

    Disasters are what disasters are, sure we can complain a bit, but that's like yelling at a wall.

    And people are people, we can't say anything about that. Our diversity and different-ness is what made America great.

    But the media, hoo boy, can we complain about the media. With the misquotes, failure to own up to mistakes beyond the little blurb on page C20, multiple constant barrage of requests often from the same newsdesk, always looking to blame us, the list goes on! And now, we've got to deal with this social media thing, too!Everybody with an iPhone thinks they're a reporter now, some of them make a point of training their cameras on US rather than the disaster, just waiting for us to failAnd there's so many of these social networks, always changing! Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, it's enought to make your head spin!And now there's this kid in my office who thinks that we should do social media too because it's a great opportunity to push out our messages. But I've lost two staff already this year, and funding looks like it'll get cut again next year, so if he wants to do it on his own time...

    (this is the part where some emergency managers stand up and say, that's a great presentation on social media Jim, thanks! The fact that you're all still here gives me hope that youre not just writing this off.) But, much like disasters and people, there's not much we can do about social mediaBecause of this. This is what academic folks call a trend.Read lines on social media statsA the same time that's happening, this is happening. Newspaper revenues, not profits, revenues, are through the floor. Dailies in major US cities are actually, actively, publicly starting to question publishing daily. My local dailies had to sell their building and are on their third ownership group in five years. And the article that I pulled this graph from? The author says the TV industry is going through a similar "high times" peak that looks very similar to the peaks you see here.It's no longer going to media AND social media, it's just going to be social mediaSo that kid in your office? He makes a really good point about starting now.Now on to the meat of my presentation, where I show you some of the best practices and early adopters and folks who are crafting what public and emergency messaging will look like in the next ten years. First up, public health, because that's my background.Read through slide, focus on video elementRead through slide, focus on costEven my friends in emergency management have gotten in on the actAnd the push really comes from the top. You folks might know this guy, right?

    Read through slide, focus on San BrunoRead through slide, focus on two-way communicationRead through slide, relate story of VOST activationAnd in the absence of emergency management and public health, regular folks have started using social media in emergenciesRead through slide, relate story of UshahidiRead through slide, relate story of JTIThank you, if you have any questions later, please look me up here.


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