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  • Apprentice JourneyOur 2015 Summer Journey


  • The Beginning ...It all started on June 29, 2015. The first day, we officially started our adventure.

    Alberto Sanchez, Bill Kwong, Derek Huang, Kevin DoanCindy Gao, Tracy Yang, Sabrina Au

    This is me


  • Managers and Apprentices

    Waing Ho Content TPMDerek Huangs Manager


    SlideShare Editor

    Alberto Sanchezs Manager

  • Managers and Apprentices

    Mikhail KaralnikSystems Support AnalystBill Kwongs Manager

    Gina GroomBusiness Systems AnalystCindy Gaos Manager

  • Managers and Apprentices

    Luis CostaTS ManagerKevin Doans Manager

    Eleanor HammSr. Administrative AssistantSabrina Aus Manager

  • July InDayOur main objective for July InDay was to get MoMagic students interested in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineer, Mathematics) by having a racing contest using Spheros.

    Sphero Charging

    Students getting ready to meet their group leaders


  • July InDayMoMagic students used tape to create their own mini maze to practice with Spheros.


  • July InDay

    The MoMagic students put their skills to a final run.

    Leader board by teams

    The competition was held in this maze


  • July InDay

    These were the two winning teams.

    Sabrina the Organizer

    Winning team in Programming category

    Winning team in Manual category


  • July InDayA special thanks to all the volunteers that participated in July InDay. Without them, the event wouldnt have been made possible.


  • Workshop

    Every Tuesday we have a workshop focusing on a specific topic.

    Talking about networking

    Waiting for everyone to come.

  • Tech Talk With Mikhail

    We spent about 2 hours with Mikhail to learn about what he does as an IT.

    It was Kevins birthday so we printed a poster for him

  • Web Dev Workshop

    We learned how to create a simple website about our super heros.

  • Hosts of Business Pathway Seminars



  • Business Pathway Seminars

    Every week we have a seminar. We share our experiences with interns from other companies

    A theme at our seminar

    Group Picture at Seminar

  • Some of our projects ...

    Sabrina is creating a post about her experience organizing the July InDay and posting it on LinkedIn.

    For a fun challenge, Derek created a trivia game on LinkedIn knowledge with an ice cream outing as the prize.

  • Our Project ...Kevin is currently reading The Challenger Sale to learn how to be an amazing businessman.

    Bill is learning how to code using our new professional knowledge hub, Lynda.com.


  • Learned about LinkedIn FeaturesWe learned about LinkedIn features and why its important and useful to update your profile.

  • Professional Knowledge HubsWe can expand our professional knowledge on SlideShare ...


  • Professional Knowledge Hubs

    and new addition to LinkedIn family, Lynda.com


  • Bonding

    Whenever we have time, we use it to bond so we can collaborate better. Helping each

    other with Bio

    Helping each other with work

  • Thank You

    We would like to thank everyone that made our journey so successful and fun. It was memorable and exciting working at LinkedIn.