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  • Orthodontics Australia Brand Campaign Evaluation

    September 2018

  • Campaign Overview:

    The Long-term Goal Build confidence in the profession

    to ensure anyone looking to

    undergo orthodontic treatment

    books a consultation with an

    orthodontist (not a dentist).

    Brand Campaign Digital Objectives

    • Drive additional traffic to the Orthodontics Australia


    • Increase social engagement on the issue.

    • Achieve conversions (OrthoCheck and

    Find an Orthodontist enquiries).

    Brand Campaign Communications Objectives

    • Educate consumers about the difference

    between a dentist and an orthodontist.

    • Position OA as the source of truth for everything

    to do with orthodontics.

  • C a m p a i g n i n M a r k e t : 9 J u l y – 4 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 8

    The below diagram overviews the mix of paid digital media channels we utilised over the 8-week campaign to get

    our story out to our target audiences:

    Our Approach: Paid Media Strategy



  • Reach

    Video views



    1.5 million Australians

    Over 20,000 new website visitors

    Over 300,000 completed video views

    1,600 Ortho Check or Find an Orthodontist enquiries

    What does success look like?

    The overarching goal of the ASO’s communications program was to

    build confidence in the profession to ensure that anyone looking to

    undergo orthodontic treatment books a consultation with an

    orthodontist (not a dentist).

    While this is going to take some years to achieve, we set out to achieve the

    following KPIs during the 8-week brand campaign and help move the dial towards

    our ultimate end goal.

  • Joh to update

    4,700 people used the Orthodontist

    Check and Find an

    Orthodontist tools

    26,000 people driven to the

    educational articles on the


    1.6 million complete video views

    Campaign reach of

    2.7 million

    So how did we go?

    44% increase in organic search


    79% increase in overall website


    During the 8-week campaign we achieved:

  • Channel Evaluation

  • Channel Summary ResultsCTR 0.08% Viewable impressions 242,437

    Top Region NSW



  • Orthodontic Content Series

    3 X Articles

    Fairfax editor produce a three piece ‘sponsored’ content series on three

    orthodontic topics:

    • These behaviours can make your child's teeth crooked

    • Body Language: What's behind your smile

    • 5 Things to consider when it comes to your kids teeth

    Amplification Across

    Fairfax Network

    Fairfax drove audience interest to the articles by amplifying content, with

    ‘drivers’ across Lifestyle Skew Traveller, Good Food, Essential Kids, Lifestyle

    & News Mastheads and then drove traffic to the Orthodontics Australia

    website via display banners and sponsor integration message box.

    Advertorial : Fairfax Content w as d i s t r ibuted ac ross loca l ,

    reg iona l and Aus t ra l i a w ide pub l i ca t ions


  • Advertorial : Fairfax Results summary

    Results Time Spent on Page: 1min 44 sec

    Total impressions: 7.8 million

    Page Impressions: 12,578

    Social referrals: 64

    Social actions: 271

    Device 61% Mobile

    10% Tablet

    29% Desktop

    Conversions Ortho Check: 2

    Article 1 These behaviours can make your

    child's teeth crooked

    Impressions: 2.3 million

    Time spent on page: 1min, 42 sec

    Page Impressions: 3,873

    CTR: 0.17%

    Article 2 Body Language: What's behind your


    Impressions: 2.6 million

    Time spent on page: 1min 37 sec

    Page Impressions: 3,773

    CTR: 0.13%

    Article 3 5 Things to consider when it comes to

    your kids teeth

    Impressions: 2.8 million

    Time spent on page: 1min 53 sec

    Page Impressions: 3,787

    CTR: 0.15%

  • Advertorial : Mamamia

    Branded Content Piece

    Mamamia’s editorial team produced a long form content piece on ‘the

    importance of seeing a specialist orthodontist’, supported by a 100 word

    break out box, with a dedicated brand sell, website link and Orthodontics

    Australia logo.

    Placement Across

    Mamamia Network

    Amplification of the article included:

    • 1 x advertorial

    • 3 x social amplification across the Mamamia network

    (Twitter 110k, Facebook 1.2M)

    • 4 x eDMs

    • Network MREC impressions (Website, Apple News)

    • 100% SOV with surrounding display media on content page.


  • Advertorial : Mamamia Results Summary

    Results Time spent on page: 3 min, 1 sec Total page Impressions: 15,285

    Banner Ads: Your Smile

    Impressions: 7,679

    Clicks: 36

    CTR: 0.47%

    Your Child's Smile

    Impressions: 7,885

    Clicks: 40

    CTR: 0.51%

    I m p r e s s i o n s Content: 15,285

    Facebook: 10,486

    eDM: 22,500

    Banners: 15,564

    Total: 63,835

    C o n v e r s i o n s Ortho Check: 535

    Facebook Posts

    Post 1 (Mamamia) - 9th July

    Reach: 8,563

    Engagements: 346

    Likes: 63

    Shares: 22

    Post 2 (The Motherish) - 20th July

    Reach: 302

    Engagements: 27

    Post 3 (Mamamia) - 30th July

    Reach: 1,621

    Engagements 95

    eDM Results

  • We allocated a modest budget towards search during the campaign period

    to make up for any gaps in organic SEO and to capitalise on the

    conversation generated through the campaign.

    Braces related searches

    Invisalign related searches

    Adwords campaigns included:


    Orthodontics Australia, Orthodontist Check, Orthocheck, Find an

    orthodontist near me


    Orthodontist, cost of braces, adult braces, braces for my kids, Invisalign,

    orthodontic treatment

    Search: Brand, Generic

    Interest Over Time:

    consideration / conversion

  • Generic Search Impressions: 30,460

    Clicks: 1,092

    CTR: 3.59% (industry average: 2%) CPC: $5.48

    Ortho Check: 14

    Finder Tool: 347

    Brand Search Impressions 2,312

    Clicks 311

    CTR: 13.45% (industry average 10%) CPC: $1.93

    Ortho Check: 4

    Finder Tool: 23

    Total Conversions Ortho Check: 18

    Finder Tool: 370

    Top ads#1 #2

    Top Search Terms Impressions / Cl icks / Conversions By Device

    Insights Click through rate performed well above industry average. Most conversions came through generic search, under keywords like: orthodontist, orthodontist near me and orthodontist Australia

    Search: Brand, Generic Results summary

  • Top Hours to Search Top Days to Search Age / Gender

    Peak of searches between 8pm – 11pm Peak of clicks from 10am – 4pm

    Top day to search is Saturday Top day to Click is Monday - Thursday

    Men are searching, but women are clicking Women aged 35 – 44, most likely to click

    Search: Brand, Generic consideration / conversion

  • Video : Catch Up TV and YouTube


    We’ll used the 30, 15 and 6 second video edits on YouTube to target our

    priority audiences. 30 and 15 second edits were used as pre roll and 6

    seconds as both pre roll and remarketing (served up to audiences who had

    already seen the longer ad).


    • 3rd party data targeting Image Forward, Only the Best, Diligent Carers,

    Savvy and Successful audiences.

    • Targeting focused on people in-market for orthodontic treatment in

    the early consideration phases.


    Catch Up TV: 9Now and SBS

    The 30 second cuts were also used across 9now catch up TV programming


    • The Block

    • Doctor Doctore

    • True Story with Hamish & Andu

    SBS programming targeted certain genres including health, science and


    awareness / consideration

  • Top Performing Video Adults 15 sec

    Lowest Performing Video Mums 15 sec

    Results Total video views: 1,055,800

    Impressions: 1,309,836

    View Rate: 83% (well above industry average of 20%)

    CPV: $0.01 (industry average CPV $0.05 - $0.10)

    Insights Very strong view rate with 83% of

    viewers finishing the video

    (compared to 20% industry

    average) . 876,314 100% views.

    Conversions Website Clicks: 862

    Ortho Check: 7

    Video : YouTube Results summary

  • ResultsVideo : Catch Up TV awareness / consideration Impressions: 65,710

    Website Clicks: 371

    100% Views: 63,081

    Completion Rate: 96%

    Top Shows: The Block

    Doctor Doctor

    True Story Hamish and Andy

    The Bachelorette

    Devices Sum of Total impressions

    Connected TV 22778

    Desktop 23789

    Feature phone 10611

    Smartphone 4966

    Tablet 14861