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Origin Of Carnatic Music

When the words fails to express your deepest emotions and feelings, or when you are not comfortable in saying whats on your mind; music can give expression to your feeling and turn them into something magical. No matter what the mood or emotion-there is music for every situation. Carnatic music is considered one of the most soulful forms of music. It intrigues not just people from India, but has also taken the world by storm. One of the most common questions asked by Carnatic music lovers is-How and when did it originate? Lets try to find out the answers, through this article by Msrisha-one of the most sought after names for Carnatic music in Tamil Music Industry.Divine Origins: In Indian culture, it is a general belief that all art forms, including music have a divine origin. Carnatic music, which is known to have a mesmerising effect on the listeners, is also believed to have originated from the Gods. Natural Origins: Music is one of the most valuable gifts of God to us. It has always been a part of our lives, be it in the rustle of dry leaves, or chirping of birds. A number of musical sounds are produced by various sources of nature. Ancient man observed this phenomenon and this led to the birth of music. According to some ancient treatises the origin of swaras can be attributed to the sounds of animals and birds. Carnatic classical music which consists of various swaras has surely been inspired by Mother Nature.Folk Origins: Folk music, which has been an inevitable part of human civilization, has influenced the structure of Carnatic music to a great extent. While folk music is a more spontaneous form, of music, a classical system like Carnatic music is more organised and requires thorough practice and knowledge of various ragas.Vedic Origins: Many music lovers believe that theVedas are a probable source of Indian music, which has developed over the centuries into a sophisticated system that it is today. Various Vedic hymns have been an inseparable part of Hindu religious ceremonies and Carnatic music bears resemblance to those.Carnatic music is one of the finest forms of Indian classical music that has not just pleased humans, but also divine entities. Srisha-the Super Singer who has sung in many famous Tamil Music Albums, attributes her beautiful and trained voice to Carnatic Music, which not just helped her refine her voice but also developed her personality.To know more about Msrisha, visit-http://www.msrisha.com/