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Welcome. Organizational Assessment Tool. Presented by Gus Medina University of WisconsinStevens Point. OVERVIEW. Introduction Organizational Assessment OAT Questions. INTRODUCTION. What is organizational assessment?. INTRODUCTION. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Organizational Assessment ToolPresented byGus MedinaUniversity of WisconsinStevens PointWelcome

1OVERVIEWIntroductionOrganizational AssessmentOATQuestions

INTRODUCTION What is organizational assessment?

INTRODUCTION OA is an intentional review of how an organization is functioning internally and its interaction with external stakeholders.

INTRODUCTION Why conduct an organizational assessment?INTRODUCTION Determine what is working wellDetermine what needs improvementImprove effectiveness of the organization

INTRODUCTION Make more effective use of organization members skillsOthers?

What is the Organizational Assessment Tool (OAT)?

What is the Organizational Assessment Tool (OAT)?Its a one-stop organizational assessment resource that helps EE leaders review major aspects of internal organizational development.What is the purpose of the OAT?It promotes learning and growth within environmental education (EE) organizations.

What is the purpose of the OAT?It provides a self-assessment tool that EE leadership can use to increase organizational effectiveness.

What is the purpose of the OAT?It provides EE leaders with a tool to comprehensively review the major aspects of internal organizational development.

What is the purpose of the OAT?It serves as an educational tool for individual organizational leaders and members.13Who can use the OAT?The OAT can be used by EE practitioners to build local, state/provincial and national capacity for EE.Who can use the OAT?Its designed to address the needs of EE professionals and EE organizations.How can the OAT help individuals and organizations?Assessment is a necessary and ongoing part of organizational development.

How can the OAT help individuals and organizations?It provides an opportunity to identify organizational attributes which help or hinder the accomplishment of organization mission and goals.

How can the OAT help individuals and organizations?It identifies areas of professional development and organizational leadership which, if implemented, should increase sustainability and ability to build EE capacityHow can the OAT help individuals and organizations?It can also enhance individual leadership in the EE field and beyond.

What is in the OAT?It distills organizational development information and applies it directly to the unique and diverse needs of the EE field and community.What is in the OAT?It presents the most widely used and most current information available on organizational development.What is in the OAT?It presents this information in an easy to understand, easy to use workbook format.What is in the OAT?Its designed to be used in part or whole, whenever an individual or organization feels self-examination is needed.What is in the OAT?It addresses leadership throughout all major areas of the organization and concludes by identifying significant leadership attributes.How is the OAT structured?The OAT is divided into six major areas of organizational development.

How is the OAT structured?1) Organizational Culture2) Team Building

How is the OAT structured?3) The Organization Governing Structure Governance Strategic Planning

How is the OAT structured? 4) Managing Skills 5)Stakeholders-External 6) Program EvaluationHow is the OAT structured?Each area contains six components. They are:--Definition/description of areaHow is the OAT structured?--Assessment questions: divided into my work and our organization using a scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree)

How is the OAT structured?--A case study drawn from the field of EE--Importance to the sustainability of your organization

How is the OAT structured?--Latest trends

--Personal prioritization of needed action

How is the OAT structured?--A final section provides a checklist of the leading attributes of effective leaders and guidelines for a personal leadership development plan.

Closer Look Review a section of the OAT in more detail.

How can I obtain a copy of the OAT?Order the OAT at

How can I obtain a copy of the OAT?It will also soon be available online in electronic format.

Comments and QuestionsWhat are your comments and questions about organizational assessment and the OAT?Thank You!


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