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  • 1. Prescription Mattresses Naturally Organic Sleep
    • Thank you for the opportunity to present this information
  • Are you are aware of new fire retardant law as follows?
  • The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • standard, effective July 1, 2007, requires all
  • mattresses and mattress foundation sets sold
  • in the United States to withstand an open flame
  • blowtorch test for 70 seconds.

2. Quick Facts on Flameproof Mattresses

  • New Government Risk Assessment Proves:
  • Toxic and cancer causing chemicals are required to flameproof mattresses (Gov. Table 1)
  • These toxic chemicals leach through our sheets and are absorbed by our bodies
  • We will absorb a daily dose of poisons that consist of:
  • . 802 mg Antimony, .081 mg Boric Acid, .073 mg DBDPO
  • (Gov. Table 16)
  • Chiropractors and Physicians can prescribe clean mattresses free of toxic chemicals under new law
  • Naturally Organic Sleep has responded, working with health professionals we are now offering programs beneficial to Retail Establishments and Consumers

3. Market Demand exists for a ChemicalFree Sleep Alternative

  • Our experience working with Stanford Sleep Disorder Clinics confirm the need for a healthy sleep system
  • We have a solution for keeping these toxic chemicals out of our sleep systems by using our non-toxic natural products
  • There is an exemption in the fire retardant law protecting asthmatics and other people with breathing disorders and chemical sensitivities.
    • These exemptions are enacted by a simple prescription, easily obtained from your Doctor or on our site: Naturally Organic Sleep:Click on Doctor
    • This RX allows us to create a chemical free mattress & healthier sleep environment for you
    • Customers now entitled to complete sales-tax waiver, FSA allows for pre-tax savings & possible Health Care benefits depending on coverage
  • We propose to offer this high quality sleep system package to include an electric adjustable base, chemical free mattress, sheet set and pillows

4. The Ultimate Chemical FreeSleep Package

  • Adjustable Base
  • Organic Sheet Set
  • Latex Pillows
  • Chemical Free Mattress
    • Customized for you
    • Free sleep assessment individual included

5. Adjustable Base

  • Health Benefits
    • Increased circulation
    • Relief from back or neck pain
    • Massage feature provides soothing muscle relaxation
  • Complete control over the way you lay, sleep & relax
    • Wireless remote for
    • easy comfort control
    • programmable memory controller allows you to select perfect position at the touch of a button

6. Organic Latex Pillow

  • Granulated Talalay latex core
  • Mimics the cuddly feel of feathers and down
  • Unbleached, 100% cotton cover; non removable
  • Naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Regulates temperature next to the skin for uninterrupted sleep
  • Provides proper head and neck support to help muscles relax
  • Environmentally friendly

7. 100% Cotton Certified Organic Sheets

  • 100% natural fibers grown organically
  • No more allergies from breathing toxins all night
  • 1fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and2 pillowcases
  • Superior single-ply yarns and single pick sateen weaving
  • 300 thread count for smooth, soft feel after countless laundry cycles!

8. Chemical Free Mattress

  • 100% EngineeredNaturalLatex Core
    • Proprietary compound process using all natural materials - NO TOXINS
    • Progressive recovery latex
    • Natural conforming pressure relief with unique slow recovery
    • Reduced motion transfer
    • Naturally Dust-mite resistant & antimicrobial Beneficial for allergy sufferers

9. Chemical Free Cover

  • Smart Wool & Cotton Topper
    • Removable Mattress casing consists of wool fill quilted to a 100% organic cotton cover
    • Wool provides a natural fire barrier &regulates body temperature toeliminate overheating
    • Naturally reduces moisture level inhibiting mold, mildew & mites!
  • Unique Zipper Design
    • Exclusive top hidden zipper placement allows easy removal of cover
    • Exposure to sun & air brings out natural lanolin in wool allowing it to deodorize
    • Easiest removable cover in the industry
    • Removable, ultra-plush cushion top provides extra comfort

10. Naturally Organic Sleep Summary

  • Our Chemical Free products are processed in accordance with the highest standards
  • Working in harmony with nature - not against it
  • We use high quality resources that are both renewable and recyclable
  • Essential for todays Green consumer
  • Visit our site & see for yourself
  • Thank you.Sweet Dreams