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Oracle eBusiness R12 Upgrade Value Propositions

Why HCL for R12 Upgrade?Proven Framework and MethodologySolution Assets Accelerators & Tool KitsStrong Upgrade ExperienceDedicated Capability Leaders for Specialized TracksStrategic Partnership with OracleExpertise across lifecycleHCL for R12 UpgradeLeadership Position in R12 EngagementsR12 Engagement typesPropositions & differentiatorsTransformational projects such as BPR / BPM to R12 Blue printingR12 Assessments services with R12 upgrade approach backed with objective decision process and business benefits.Custom build R12 upgrade methodology with a upgrade mixed with Implementation approach towards faster upgrade cycle and fitment of business process changes.Minimum business impact with an optimized down timeMulti pass upgrade methodology for a risk free upgrade

Strong Track record - Successfully delivered 150+ Upgrade/Implementations projects globally including 35+ R12 engagements Upgrade CoE to with assets and knowledge base to support ProjectsMature global relationship with Oracle Global SI, Platinum PartnerUse of proprietary tools and methodologies to reduce development / deployment effort and time-to-market Representative Oracle R12 engagements clientele

Proven Framework & MethodologyProven Framework & Methodology

AssessProTM Upgrade Assessment Methodology

Recommendations Re-Implementation / Stay Put / Upgrade

Solution Assets Accelerators & Toolkits

Solution AssetsAccelerators & Toolkits

R12 Upgrade Center

R12 Upgrade Tools and Accelerators - BenefitsTool/ AcceleratorDescriptionBenefits - Non QuantifiedBenefits - QuantifiedStrategy TemplatesA repository of re-usable templates that would help in planning and execution of different stages of the upgrade cycle including Assessment, Retrofitment, Testing, Training and Cutover phases. 1. Helps to accelerate the timeline for phases, provide best practices, and reduce risk in the overall delivery2. Ready to use templates for different stages of project cycle from Kick-Off to production Cutover3. Flexible for any complexity , size and duration of the project

Helps to reduce overall project management timelines by 10-20%Pre-Built Project Plan A pre-built plan from Project initiation to closure covering all key phases like Planning, Assessment, Retrofit & Build, Testing & Training, Production cutover & Go-Live and Production Support. The plan includes key milestones and deliverables for each phase1. Covers all stages for project from Planning to cutover2. Flexible to align to different sizes/ natures of upgrades3. Includes Technical, Functional and DB Activities

Saves 20-25% of time in the Project Planning phaseAssessPro AssessPro is HCL proprietary methodology which will provide an opportunity to do a check the current eBusiness deployment, map it to its future R12 upgrade requirements and define an upgrade strategy which will be in alignment with the long term application strategy. The methodology has four phases - Discover, Assess, Envision and Recommend.1. Process Analysis of Functional areas and identification of impact points in R122. Technology analysis - Helps to determine Reimplementation vs. Upgrade3. Helps to create a project charter for upgrade4. Financial Model Assessment - Helps in detailed scoping/ timeline

Helps to ensure 100% coverage on Functional, Technical, DBA and Project areas of the environment10Tool/ AcceleratorDescriptionBenefits - Non QuantifiedBenefits - QuantifiedCOMIT - CEMLI AssessmentCOMIT is a unique tool which offers a method for quick migration of Custom Objects to Higher versions of Oracle Applications with Minimal cost and time The COMIT Tool will address all the upgrade issues related to upgrade of the following custom Oracle Object types1. Easy Installation/ De-Installation of tool.2. Deployable in Linux/ Unix platforms 2. Non-invasive tool that does not affect the current environment3. Impact Analysis of would be affected components as a result of upgrade4. Determines Complexity of RetrofitmentHelps to reduce Retrofitment cycle by about 50-60%Change Repository 11i vs. R12Exhaustive information on both Technical and Functional design changes between Oracle 11i and R12. 1. Includes both Technical and Functional changes between 11i vs. R122. Repository includes mapping information for multiple modules including Financials, Order Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing and CRM

Reduces Retrofitment time by 50%Testlink R12 Seeded Test scriptsA set of seeded Oracle test scripts for different modules in R12 that could be executed after an environment is upgraded. These tests would prelude testing of customizations in the upgraded environment. 1. Ready to use test scripts for standard Oracle functionality in Financials, Order Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing and CRM Modules2. Helps to accelerate the test cycle3. Covers all key functional areas to ensure a smooth go-liveHelps to save 50% of testing preparation time in a seeded environmentiLoad Data MigrationiLoad is a tool for data conversion which leverages HCLs data load templates to load data onto the customer environment. 1. Covers plenty of data conversion for multiple modules including Financials, Order Management, Purchasing, CRM and Manufacturing2. Deployable in both Unix/ Linux Platforms

The tool would reduce the lead time in data migration by 60-75%

R12 Upgrade Tools and Accelerators - BenefitsUpgrade Tool COMIT (Custom Object Migration Tool)Customization DiscovererImpact Analyzer

Customization DiscovererFeatures Based on directory set and the string value entered, identifies all the custom objectsFor searching all the directories in APP_TOP, the directory and string value is left emptyR12 Upgrade Pain pointsIn ideal scenario, all custom objects follow naming convention and in custom top directories.In few cases, for objects undocumented and lying scattered, taking an inventory of the custom objects lists is painstakingly long processBenefitsTaking an asset of all custom objects(.sql, .pls, .pks, .pkb, .rdf, .fmb) is simple (takes < 15 mins for site level)Flexibility in terms of search. Search specifically for reports or SQL files or only form objects.

Impact AnalyzerR12 Upgrade Pain pointsTechnical complexity involved in custom upgrade is hard to estimate, unless otherwise he or she is R12 expertFor a R12 data model specialist, analysis and review of efforts involved for each object is a painstakingly tedious tasksImpact Analyzer FeaturesWith built-in data model mapping between 11i and R12, reviews and analyzes all the scripts (sql, pls, plb, xml, txt files) as well as 6i Forms and ReportsObjects are classified as High, Medium and Easy complexity based on the number of changes required.Impact Analyzer BenefitsComplexity estimation helps with efforts estimation for custom technical objects 11i to R12 upgradeMultiple objects can be chosen ad-hocImpact analysis can be done in existing 11i instanceReduction in Analysis phase of the technical upgrade by almost 80% (of usual time)

iLoad - Intelligent Data Loader

Solution LabWhat does this mean for our Clients?Solution Visioning using Vision instances from HCL Solution Lab across Oracle productsVisibility to functionality and features being addressed in future releasesStay update to date on Oracle Technology stack including Fusion Middleware, ADF framework, etc

The lab hosts 35 solutions for demo purposes to clients; adding around 4-5 solutions everyyearFacilitates innovation, client workshops and solution visioning exercises around 25 events so farPromote collaboration between HCL and Oracle executive leadership, technologists, and product development personnel Link HCL Delivery Centers, Technology Labs and Centers of Excellence with Oracles R&D teamsBring new technologies, products and Oracle developments into HCL and create a skill baseHCL has established the HCL Innovation Center for Oracle. The center is a one of its kind center developing Extended Business Solutions & Platform BPO OfferingsRecognition & Voice of Customer

Award from NCR for successful upgrade of one of the most complex systemsRecognition

R12 Upgrade Case StudiesCustomer Headquarters Industry CountriesDurationModulesNo. of UsersTotal CEMLIImpactCEMLISize of DatabaseTest CyclesPeak Strength NCRGeorgia, USAHi Tech31 countries - Americas, APAC, Europe1 YearFinancials, Order Management, Purchasing, CRM, Manufacturing,

1500002700040008 TB416 Onsite60 OffshoreSapientBoston, USAHi TechUSA, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland, India, Hong Kong, Singapore10 Months Financials HRMS Projects Purchasing, I Procurement1000080002500940 GB55 Onsite 12 Near-shore32 Offshore BMMIBahrainLogisticsBahrain, Qatar, Africa9 MonthsFinancials Order ManagementPurchasingWMS, HRMS 200450200600 GB39 Onsite 8 OffshoreBank MuscatMuscat, OmanBankingOman10 MonthsFinancials Order ManagementPurchasingHRMS, Projects

300035007001 TB39 Onsite 5 OffshoreItronWashington, USAManufacturingNorth America, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Europe10 MonthsFinancials i-ExpensesOrder ManagementProjects, CRM 3002201501 TB36 Onsite10 OffshoreR12 Upgrade Customers - SummaryAn R12 Upgrade Case StudyIndustry: Hi TechHeadquarters: Georgia, USA

Location : Americas, Europe, APAC

Modules: - 36 modules coveringRecord to ReportingOrder to CashProcure to PayManufacturingContracts for Service

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