or, rage, rage against the passing of the light? .or, rage, rage against the passing of the light?

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  • TBS&E Number 56



    Time to stop and smell the Flowers? Or, Rage, rage against the passing of the Light?

    Produced by Garry Dalrymple as a contribution to the Australian and NZ Amateur Press Associations October 2013 mailing.

    Postal Address: P. O. Box 4152, Bexley North, NSW 2207 Home ph. (after 7 pm) 02 9718-5827

    Email; JTFSON@GMAIL.COM Index

    Page 1 Index and Editorial Pages 2 to 4 Travellers Tales, Helping Police with their inquiries Pages 4 to 9 Astronomy, Our Black hole and Garry discovers an 1878 Death Star! Pages 9 and 10 The JREF / TAM Challenge. Pages 10 to 14 Sydney SF&F meetings of

    August, Parramatta and Sydney Futurian.

    Pages 14 and 15 Travellers Tales, part 2. Page 16 2013/2014 Sydney Futurian Dates and Topics, Back Page Index

    Whats up with Garry?

    Well you might ask. The matter of leaving full time employment behind is very much on my mind, so much to do prior to graduation when my access to some opportunities will terminate and others, hopefully, will blossom.

    As for after August 29, my last day of service, I do hope, in future to live by the evocative final statement by Obi Wan Kenobi If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

    I have completed (all but issues #31 and #32) the Boxed set of TBS&E issues, and even managed to squeeze out one last at-work issue, which you have in front of you.

    For weeks I have been deeply irritated by the promotions run on SBS TV, about a convicted Australian Vietnamese trafficker who finds peace and a degree of redemption before his execution. I have felt as though I too face a form of death, and Im feeling no sense of peace and redemption, just a lack of time to make adjustments in the days left to me at work. So to explain some of how I feel, to misquote a Red headed Australian political identity, to the effect that If you are reading this now, then I have been assassinated by my political opponents. Im feeling many things, triumph, regret, a sense of things left incomplete. The best way I have to explain it to you is for you to look up and listen to Ennio Morricones The Ecstasy of Gold the music of the graveside climax to the movie The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Try it, please and you might get

  • TBS&E Number 56



    some sense of strength and mix of feelings I am going through at this time. Garry Dalrymple August 19, 2013.

    Helping Police with their enquiries (1).

    This is my report to Ashfield Police. Attention Detective Sgt. Cipolla C/I, Ashfield Police

    Following the Eulabah Avenue police visit of around 11pm on Sunday August, 2013

    On Sunday night I spoke to Constable (Jones?) and given the lateness of the hour I fear that I may not have been as helpful as I could have been about the events of that night and possibly useful background material. I expect you are used to the reverse narrative of events, people telling you what happened last and then gradually telling you what happened before this. I hope that the following will prove to be of some help.

    Background - Eulabah Avenue being a dead end street, with a curve in it that blocks evidence that it is a dead end, occasionally receives late night, high speed traffic caused by drivers who believe they have entered a traffic light free through road to Earlwood. This resulted in sounds of; an acceleration up the hill, jammed on brakes and an equally hasty retreat at speed to re-join Bexley Road. In addition to this, some nights a car followed by a motorbike will arrive, stop, and a few minutes later leave the street. In recent years there have been a number of nocturnal heated arguments, with raised voices and loud departures similar to the events of Sunday night. They seem to start further up the hill (no. 8 to 16 Eulabah Ave.?) and conclude in the

    Visitors car park that the flat area around the small park occasionally resembles. I.e. they would seem not to be residents of this street, but associates of some residents of this street. Sunday August 4, 2013 - This morning, to the sound of much car door slamming, that I could hear from where I was working in the Garage, at about 10 am the Bexley road end of Eulabah Avenue filled up with people who were arriving dressed in black. They headed up the street to a house on the even side of the street. Presumably they had come from a funeral or church service. Most of these cars were gone by midday or 1 pm. However, there was a white late model Ute parked more or less over the drain on the park side of the street. I believe it had been there Friday night to at least 9.10 pm on Sunday night, when I returned home from walking the dogs. This car was not present on Monday morning, and I believe that this car was absent when Constable (Jones?) called at ~11 pm. It could not have been the car that left the black rubber marks, unless it had backed up the hill several car lengths first. Timing I put the dogs out at about 9.10-9.15 and watched the Squizzy TV program which started at or just after 9.15 by my lounge room clock (I had to endure a few minutes of the preceding program after putting the dogs to bed). I watched this program to its end ~10.15 and then watched a DVD till shortly before constable XX arrived at my front door. During Squizzy there were two car arrivals, both using the driveways of No 1, and No 2, with headlights and tail lights lighting up the lounge room. There may have been conversation between the cars, as they were not just in and out. Later, towards the end of Squizzy there was another sound of a car movement and several door slam type noises that shook the house, coming from up the street, I chose not to get up and investigate this at this time, as our neighbour at number 3s late night comings and goings are usually announced by such noises, but there were a few more than slams (boot closings?) than usual. At the time I thought that they might be people leaving from having spent the day with the bereaved family further up the street. I had the feeling that they had walked down from

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    further up the street. Some minutes later, possibly in front of the park, near the taxi without rego plates, there was some sound of argument, a sound of running up the street, banging as in someone slapping a car hood or boot (possibly even the drum like PVC cover of the back of the white ute?), more argument and the sound of squealing tyres, as if a car were being revved but prevented from going forward. I think I heard someone screaming briefly (at the time I thought has someone standing in front of a car had their foot run over?). My guess is that there must have been at least three or four men involved, as I heard two voices arguing (Not in English, or not distinct enough to make out) and a third voice (by tone?) possibly urging restraint, possibly to Mo as I head a phrase including this repeated several times with some urgency. I heard no womens voices.

    I heard two loud cars leave, but there may have been a third leaving less ostentatiously. One sounded like it might have been the red Ferrari/Maserati which occasionally visits the street. This all concluded at 10.30 / 10.31 or very shortly after by my lounge room clock. Their leaving was climactic, causing me to especially note the time. Shortly after there were sirens at some distance, and then another set of sirens further away. I was preparing to go to bed before the front door bell rang.

    The impression that I had of the whole incident was that someone had received alarming advice to the group, some wanted to flee immediately / deal with the matter urgently, with others urging a less immediate / active response, but this is just an impression based on the argument partly overheard not sounding like He Said, She Said type post party argument. Also, I have recently noticed a blue Subaru registration ASIFIRE parked in Eulabah Avenue, usually parked further towards Bexley Road, but this may belong to the residents of the Bexley Road corner house.

    Qualification Most of the above is true to the best of my recollection, but I heard, rather than saw most of what is described above, so I doubt that it qualifies as evidence. Please keep in mind that living at the bottom of Eulabah Avenue and with sound able to echoing off the School building at the head of the street and two story houses around the park it is rarely possible

    to say with certainty whether the noise you here is coming from the Park or the Hill or the Bexley Road ends of Eulabah Avenue.

    My Mother (86 years old this year) also lives at No. I Eulabah Avenue and would have, to some degree, overheard some of these events, being in her bedroom at the time. Unfortunately for corroborative purposes, my Mother has a frontal lobe injury, which affects her short term memory and she is prone to confabulation, creating memories of events of no objective reality.

    Wishing you well in all things

    Garry P Dalrymple, 1 Eulabah Avenue EARLWOOD NSW 2206, BH 02-9266-8350 (until September) AH 02-9718-5827

    This is the story in the local paper -

    Page 2, Cooks River Valley Times of Thursday August 8, 2013

    Find man stabbed after shot fired Police from Ashfield Local Area Command, are investigating how a man came to be stabbed in Sydneys southwest on Sunday night. Police were called to Bexley Road Earlwood, shortly after 10.30 pm on Sunday, responding to reports that shots had been fired. Police arrived to find a Nissan SS sedan with its windows smashed, but were unable to find any evidence of gunshots. A 20-year-old man was spoken to at the sc