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  • OpenStack and DevOps

    Jirayut NimsaengFounder & CEO Opsta

    DevOps MeetupAIS Tower 2 | February 10, 2017

  • #whoami

    Jirayut Nimsaeng (Dear)

    Founder & CEO of Opsta

    Focus on building scale withCloud Automation

    Open Source Contributor Contributor

  • What is OpenStack Open source software for creating private and

    public clouds

    Coordinated collection of software from a few dozen related projects

  • What is OpenStack

  • OpenStack Core Services

  • OpenStack Optional Services

  • OpenStack Horizon

  • OpenStack Nova

  • OpenStack Neutron

  • OpenStack Cinder

  • OpenStack Glance

  • OpenStack Keystone

  • OpenStack Heat

  • OpenStack and Automation

  • API First

  • A lot of supported automation tools

  • Self Service

  • OpenStack and DevOps

  • DevOps

  • DevOps Culture

  • How many days to build a new service?

  • How many hours to build a new service?

  • How many minutes to build a new service?

  • DevOps Ninja

  • Q/A