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Sandy Walsh OpenStack 101 Technical Overview


  • 1.OpenStack 101 Technical OverviewSandy WalshOpenStack Core Developer,

2. Project genesisCloud serversCloud filesOpen source 3. Project genesisNovaCCOpen source 4. Project genesisCloud serversCloud files NovaCCOpen source Open sourceNova (compute)Swift (storage) 5. June 2010 6. Mission statementTo produce the ubiquitous open sourcecloud computing platform that will meet theneeds of public and private cloud providersregardless of size, by being simple toimplement and massively scalable. 7. Open Open source (apache) Open design (blueprints) Open development (branches) Open community (tech leads) 8. 90 developers 9. OpenStack projects Core projectsOpenStack Object storage (Swift)OpenStack Image registry and delivery (Glance)OpenStack Compute (Nova) FutureStackBurrow (queue service)Dashboard (Web UI)Keystone (common authentication)Quantum / Melange / Donabe (network)LunR (block storage)RedDwarf (database as a service)... 10. OpenStack Basic Design Tenets Scalabilityandelasticityare our main goals2. Any feature that limits our main goals must be optional3. Everything should be asynchronous. If you cant do something asynchronously, see #24. All required components must be horizontally scalable5. Always use Shared Nothing architectureorSharding If you cant Share Nothing/Shard, see #26. Distribute everything, especially logic. Move logic to where state naturally exists.7. Accept eventual consistency and use it where it is appropriate.8. Test everything. We require tests with submitted code. 11. HTTP AuthClientEC2APIOpenStack 12. HTTP AuthClient Network VolumeEC2API HostOpenStack ComputeHostCompute 13. HTTPDB/LDAP auth plugin AuthClientFlat, FlatDHCP, VlanIPv4 / IPv6 NetworkLocal LVM volume groupsiSCSISheepdog VolumeHP/Lefthand SANs EC2APIHostOpenStack Compute WSGI+Paste middleware EC2/OpenStack APILibvirt:QEMU, KVM, UML, LXC HostXen and XenServerHyper-V ComputeVMware vSphere 14. HTTP RabbitMQ Queues AuthClientNetwork VolumeEC2APIHostOpenStack Compute HostCompute 15. HTTP RabbitMQ Queues AuthClientScheduler NetworkSchedulerAPI StubsNetworkVolumeNetworkAPI StubsEC2APIVolumeHost VolumeOpenAPI StubsStack ComputeCompute GlanceAPI Stubs HostCompute 16. HTTP RabbitMQ QueuesScheduler AuthClientScheduler NetworkSchedulerAPI StubsNetworkVolumeNetworkAPI StubsEC2APIVolumeHost VolumeOpenAPI StubsStack ComputeCompute GlanceAPI Stubs HostCompute 17. HTTPRabbitMQ Queues Scheduler AuthClient Scheduler Network Scheduler API Stubs NetworkVolume Network API StubsEC2API VolumeHostVolumeOpen API StubsStackCompute ComputeGlance API StubsHostPubSubHubBub ComputeNotifications 18. ZoneScheduler Scheduler Network API Stubs Network Volume API Stubs EC2 API Open StackVolume Host API StubsCompute Compute API Stubs HostPubSubHubBubCompute NotificationsAuth 19. NorthAmericaWest EastCoast Coast 20. Do not reveal Child Zone/Service architecture outside Zone 21. BurstingPrivatePublic PublicInternetZone AZone X Zone ZZone YZone BZone W 22. Demo DomUGuestArchitecture DomUGuest DomUNova + Glance Dom0XenServer i5 Mobile 8G ram 500G disk 23. The FutureNew release schedule Each project releases ~monthly milestones Coordinated core projects release every 6 months Diablo release Release planned on September 22 Distributed scheduling, boot from volumes, external volumes/network APIs, OpenVZ support... 24. Come and join the fun IRC (Freenode)#openstack#openstack-dev Mailing-list 25. Sandy WalshOpenStack Core Developer, Rackspace@TheSandyWalsh