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<ul><li><p>Making a data cooperativeJulian Tait</p><p>16th April 2015</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p></p><p>CrowdFlow WiFi heat map</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p></li><li><p>Data is the lifeblood of our cities</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Personal data production</p></li><li><p>We generate data we have little or no power </p><p>over</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p> to open all municipal data so Google can use it to become everyones perfect personal assistant - an invisible entity that knows what you want before you do.</p><p>Googles wish...</p><p>Margo Georgiadis - President of the Americas, Google - Chicago Metropolitan Planning Council 2013</p></li><li><p>Abuse of power</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>People becoming more aware of the data that they give away</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Facebook implied market capitalisation per record between 2006 - 2012 = $40 - $300</p><p>OECD - Exploring the Economics of Personal Data: A Survey of Methodologies for Measuring Monetary Value, 2013</p><p>The value of data</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Facebook implied market capitalisation per record between 2006 - 2012 = $40 - $300</p><p>OECD - Exploring the Economics of Personal Data: A Survey of Methodologies for Measuring Monetary Value, 2013</p><p>The value of data</p><p> Street address $0.50</p><p> Date of birth $2.00</p><p> Drivers license $3.00</p><p> Social security number $8.00</p><p> Military record $35.00</p><p>Buying data:</p></li><li><p>The birth of Personal Information Management </p><p>Services (PIMS)</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Decision support services</p><p>Personal data management and life management services</p><p>5 billion</p><p>11.5 billion</p><p>1.2% UK economyCtrl Shift - Personal Information Management Services - An analysis of an emerging market, 2014</p><p>Value of PIMS</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Data warehouse</p><p>Datasubjects</p><p>Citydata</p><p>Datausers</p><p>Data management</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Cooperative of data subjects</p><p>Datacoop</p><p>Citydata</p><p>Data warehouseDatausers</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Multi-stakeholder cooperative</p><p>Datacoop</p><p>Datausers</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Multi-stakeholder cooperative</p><p>Datacoop</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Multi-stakeholder cooperatives</p></li><li><p>Building trust</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>The cooperative is owned or managed by its members</p><p>In a multi-stakeholder environment there is the potential for service providers and data users to work together</p></li><li><p>Building consent</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>A data cooperative should maintain an agreed ethical position in order to maintain consent</p><p>Challenging in a multi-stakeholder environment or at scale</p><p>Novel ways of building consent</p></li><li><p>Building consent through preferences</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p></li><li><p>Building consent by proxy</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p></li><li><p>Data literacy</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>The best way to build trust and consent</p><p>Empowering the disempowered</p><p>Allowing people to understand the decisions they are making</p></li><li><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p>Summary</p><p>1. are owned by their membership and should be more accountable;</p><p>2. have the potential to halt the over collection of data;</p><p>3. can create value for the membership;</p><p>4. can form around single issues or scale with many data subjects;</p><p>5. can be representative and affect change;</p><p>6. can help the membership be more data literate;</p><p>7. can liberate data through statutory processes;</p><p>8. can encourage better data and context to be produced;</p><p>9. build trust and consent and;</p><p>10. can be created from city data as well as personal data.</p></li><li><p>Thank you.</p><p>OpenDataManchester</p><p></p><p>Making a data cooperativeJulian Tait</p></li></ul>