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Examines background needs, early solutions and the emerging vision of Open Badges and micro-credentialing for professional development and training for the workplace. Frequently updated.


  • 1.Open Badges:Visual Pathways to the FutureTRAINING &PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTVERSIONAugust 29, 2014Don PresantPresentation

2. Is there a Skills Gap? 3. Is there a Skills Gap?Statistics show a 4. Is there a Skills Gap?Old ways arent 5. Is there a Skills Gap?Change is 6. Emerging solutionsCompetency-Based Credentialing ProcessesMaking a Market for Competency-Based Credentials 7. Stackable Workplace Skillse.g. Health Care, Manufacturing (US)Career One Stop - US Dept of Labor 8. In CanadaWorkplace Essential 9. Example: Canadas Public ServiceKey Leadership 10. Training and CertificationBadges of excellence, but not digitalyet 11. What are Open Badges?Brief introduction 12. Origins of Badges Badges, medals,ribbons since pre-Roman times Heraldry, Military, BoyScouts, logos Public recognitionrewarding positive(desired) behaviour More recently: videogames leveling 13. What is an Open Badge?Micro credentials - modular record of learningA digital representation of an accomplishment,interest or affiliation that is visual, availableonline, and contains metadata includingtrusted links that help explain the context,meaning, process and result of an activity.As an open artefact, the earner can present thebadge in different contexts from which it wasearned. Clear progress markers Motivating learners, supporting advisors Flexible learning pathways Granular, incremental, multi-source,laddered, remixable Visual branding Issuers and learners Online trust system Demonstrate skills & capabilities Proof of performance Backed by issuer 14. Open Badges & Social MediaCurated in ePortfolioInteractive criteriaLinkedIn ProfilePulled from BackpackFacebook timeline 15. What is an Open Badge?Different perspectivesTECHNICAL DESCRIPTION A portable graphic with an embedded description and links tosupporting informationSUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT A micro-credential A discrete record in a modular transcriptFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT A reward for positive (prescribed) behaviour A marker on a development patha simple digital standard for recognizing and sharingachievements, skills and performance 16. Badge PathwaysMozilla Discover (Gates funding) 17. Open BadgesAn evolving ecosystem 18. Examples of Open BadgesWorkforce entry 19. Workforce entry 20. Workforce.ioIntegrated skills workflowEvaluate skillsmatch to employer needscoach/teach to fill gapsflow to hire 21. Open Badges and MOOCsMassive Open Online 22. Career & Technical Education (CTE)National Occupational Competency Testing Inst. (NOCTI) 23. High stakes credentialingProfessional Examination Service 24. Continuing EducationCredentialing non-credited PDThere are 120 badges to berolled out this summer (2014),encompassing multipleassessments within 25-30new classes not currently partof the system.Strategic Objective:Creation and promotion ofinnovative, market-basedcredentials in credit, non-creditand Badges). 25. E-Learning R&D in Canada (NRC)(Emerging) Learning and Performance Support Systems 26. Badging Health ProfessionalsContinuing Professional Development 27. Technology-based Badge SystemChemical Plant 28. Continuing Competence - UKFinancial Services Online Self 29. Badges for Leadership 30. Badges and employersTransparent credibility 31. Pearson Acclaim (VUE)If Pearson is getting into badges.Acclaims uniqueapproachis to work withacademic institutions andhigh-stakes credentialingorganizations to offerdiplomas, certificates andother professionalcredentials as Open 32. Pearson Acclaim (VUE)Breaking 33. Endorsed by Security CommunityInformation Systems Audit & Control 34. Future VisionPerformance Management/Professional Development 35. Badge the Organization?Recognizing Positive / Productive 36. Open Badges: Lifelong, Lifewide LearningMATUREADULTYOUTHPersonalLearningWorkplaceEngagementLOWSTAKESHIGHSTAKESVolunteerExperienceWorkPlacementsAfterSchoolProgramsClassroomEngagementMOOCsCo-CurricularRecordWorkshopsP/T &Summer JobsAdmission toHigher EdHiringAdmission toPost GradSchoolsConferencesRecognitionof PriorLearningEmployabilityPortfolioCareerTransitionPromotionCommunitiesofPracticeMemberships,AffiliationsAwards,AchievementsTeamBuilding HardCredentialsSoftCredentialsRed Cross,Cadets,Scouts,etc.E-learningCoursesFormativeFeedbackAwards,AchievementsContinuingEducation 37. A Kirkpatrick View of Open BadgesFor workplace learning (work in progress)Kirkpatrick Level Affordances & Indicators5: ROI (Phillips) Badge reports comparing different programs, differentdepartments against bottom line measures Badges, advancement and retention comparing different badgesto different outcomes4: Results Badges for talent management and team building in departments,functions, regions Individual badges aggregated in teams/organizations: Lean, Green,ISO, Top Employer, Safe Workplace, etc. Badges to demonstrate regulatory compliance (Health & Safety)3: Transfer Badge collections: sequencing, stacking/laddering, clustering Badges from multiple sources curated in badge passports &channeled to recognition goals Badges in eportfolios enhanced with commentary, reflection2: Learning Badges with transparent embedded skills outcomes1: Reaction Visual appeal, engagement, activity completion 38. Benefits of Open Badgesfor Training and Professional Development Visually efficient and appealing Fun, confidence building, motivating to earn Individual pathways, multiple sources/types of learning Modular, stackable, flexible, diverse, portable, shareable Personal goal setting, achievement for self-directed learning Blendable: multiple sources can be combined through individualbadge passports & ePortfolios Progress in incomplete programs can still be recognized andrecombined Transparent, trustable, meaningful Alignment to frameworks, requirements Criteria, evidence, issue/expiry date Ongoing connection to issuer Issuer is validated and branded by the badges it issues 39. Open Badges & Sector OrganizationsMeeting the skills needs of employers Accredit internal training and education Leadership, front line Recognize/broker external training & ed Promote & recognize informal learning Knowledge transfer, performance support Social learning (communities of practice) Experiential learning (e.g. placements, exchanges) Self-directed learning (e.g. reading, reflection, missions) Provide skills passports for career mobility Brand the sector organization as a skills channel Direct delivery, brokering, synthesis 40. Badge Solution: Open Badge FactoryCloud-based badge management & 41. Features and Currently: Centralized cloud service with Open API: manage badges in oneplace, issue in many (LMS, HR, etc.) Controlled access for organizations Controlled roles within organizations Creator, Issuer, Administrator Detailed reports Badge applications (requests) Milestone badges (meta-badges) Coming soon: Multi-lingual badges Badge Passport (c. October) Private/public badges, badge collections, mobile display 42. Open Badge FactoryCentralized Detailed Reports 43. Open Badge FactoryBadge Applications (request forms) 44. Open Badge FactoryMilestone Badges (metabadges) 45. Open Badge FactoryGetting Started Free in 2014 Subscription model starting in2015 Basic 250, Premium 600,Enterprise 1500 Badge Passport as additional option Request account at More info at Getting Started: Open Badge Factory 46. Badges curated in ePortfolioswith other evidence & reflectionFOR Learning OF Learningfocused on process focused on productsupports learning demonstrates learningprivate workshop public shop windowa learning environment a showcase of learningachievementslearning activities learning outcomesformative assessment summative assessmentlower stakes higher stakes 47. Badge showcase: savvyfolio.netAffordable multi-institution ePortfolioProfessional Body Workplace TrainerCollegeEmployer Industry Sector BodyUniversityAdult Learning CentreEmployability Agency 48. Open Badges: filling the Skills GapHard currency in a new skills 49. Presentation and