open badges: a new way to recognise skills and achievements

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A short presentation of two halves - the first by Doug Belshaw (Mozilla Foundation) and the second by Tim Riches (DigitalMe). Presented at the World Design Forum, Eindhoven, 19 October 2012.


  • 1.LearningDesire Engines@triches

2. Habits ofLearning@triches 3. Via professor Mike Sharples @triches 4. Via professor Mike Sharples@triches 5. Via professor Mike Sharples @triches 6. @triches 7. How do we designeducation todevelop thebehaviours thatmatter? @triches 8. Content Behaviours 9. b=matDr. B. J. Fogg Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab 10. Learning desireengineNir Eyal: Desire Engines 11. Learning desire engineTriggerActionInvestment RewardNir Eyal Desire Engine 12. Badges are a visualrepresentation ofrewards Nir Eyal Desire Engines 13. Open Badge Project: 14. S2R: UKs youth sports reporting channel 15. S2R changes young peoples lives through sports reporting.Encourages aspiration, teamwork, resilience and creativity. Givesreporters a legacy of life and job skills, confidence, motivation,friends and fun! 16. ActivitiesLocal reportingReporters have interviewed hundreds of interesting people andcreated over 10,000 reports and blogs 17. Challenging national events.. 18. 19. OverviewYoung people can obtain S2R Medals in3 sets:Journalist, Producer & CoachEn route to gaining Medals students willgather Achievements for theircontribution to the S2R community 20. CommunityAchievementsNot pushed out to OpenBadge Infrastructure andmain value is withincommunityGranular markers ofactivity 21. MedalsQualitative assessment ofskills by peers/leaders3 sets Journalist, Coach &Producer3 levels in each set: Bronze,Silver & Gold@triches 22. Unlocking value for the learner throughbadge display Employment Differentiation Social status@triches 23. Coding, science missions, ecologicalprojects. @triches 24. Education iswhat surviveswhen what hasbeen learnthas beenforgottenB.F.