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7/10/2011. Online Support Resources Update. Sanjay Lala. Agenda. Mission/ goals Updates from last Global Support Summit Team changes Content search changes CRM Migration project Rationale for change Goals Demo Next steps Questions. Mission. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Online Support Resources UpdateSanjay Lala7/10/2011Esri International User Conference | San Diego, CAGlobal Support Summit 2011|AgendaMission/ goalsUpdates from last Global Support SummitTeam changesContent search changesCRM Migration projectRationale for changeGoals DemoNext stepsQuestions

Esri Confidential - Not for Redistribution2Mission

Using Web technologiesto supportEsris customers and to help in creating a globally consistent support experienceEsri Confidential - Not for Redistribution3High Level GoalsSet up Integrated, Enterprise level systems for Support interaction management. Implement Knowledge Centric SupportImprove content development, processing and delivery capabilitiesMove towards a globally consistent Online Support experience for our users

Major Projects: 2010-2011My Support ChatSupport Content Migration Events/ Appointments siteWiki enhancementsJapanese WikiSearch changesEsri Confidential - Not for Redistribution

Highlights from GS-EPC 2011Investments made in:Dedicated resources for Content, Projects & CRMQuality and usability of the support siteEnterprise systems to support future growth - Salesforce.comTools to reduce ATRSome items we are working on,:Search improvementsCRM MigrationNurturing the support user community Promises we kept:My Support: email-based integration with CRM systemsContent migration from Resource center to SupportBeta community site

Recent additions to the OSR teamRichard Alden: Documentation LeadVin ThomasProject LeadKirsten AlvarezWeb Content EditorJoseph MayfieldTechnical Writer

Esri Confidential - Not for RedistributionSupport site changes: ContentContent Migration from RCs to SupportFocus on content generation and deliveryStreamlined processes for content generation Proactive tech editingUsing search logs for content Ideas

Esri Confidential - Not for RedistributionSearch changesAdvanced search options:Popular links/ Key matchesMeta tagsSERP changesFilters on left hand Nav.Meta descriptions as a chevronSearch FAQsSupport search Integration for home-pageUser recommended search ranksBookmarks enhancementsSynonyms for search

Esri Confidential - Not for Redistribution

There is a document tagged as 9.3.1. desktop, windows 7, error document. 9CRM UpdatesRationale for changeAgeing Support CRMDependence on Citrix for remote sites~5 year old version in use: StaticMaintenance issues due to Technology limitationsLimited flexibility that impacts Analysts workflows, Offsite support performance & Hosted support servicesLimited localization abilityLimited reporting capabilitiesMultiple integration points for sales & support functions

Esri Confidential - Not for Redistribution11Reducing complexityEsri Confidential - Not for RedistributionCTI (Genesys)SAPNimbus(Pivotal)SSRSMy SupportWebformAvaya Phone TrunkChat


CustomerAnalyst/ RedlandsAnalyst/ RemoteKBWMSUsed by remote usersAttachmentsKB (CMS)Coldfusion Framework

COMPLEX?12Knowledge managementBug Management/ Hotfix Workflows/ CollaborationIncidentManagementWorkflows

Persona driven accessto functionality



MobileSF Service cloudMultiple ways to accessEsri Confidential - Not for Redistribution13Persona DrivenDifferent views for different users Profile driven access to data

Casual User

BrowseSearchView forumsView IdeasView knowledge contentCreate BugsView beta homepagePremium Authorized

Maintenance Paying User +Get priority routingCreate premium incidentsEscalate incidents to premiumTAL centric workflows

Logged-in User

Casual User +Edit/ contribute to forumsEdit/ contribute to sitesParticipate in some betasComment on/ rate Articles

Maintenance Paying User

Logged in User +Create new incidentsChat with analystsInteract with your incidentsInteract with your bugsInteract with sys profilesRun Incident reports

ID Contact

Maintenance Paying User +Search all bugsAdditional info on incidentsAdditional fields on Incident formsID centric workflows

Esri Confidential - Not for Redistribution

14Knowledge Centered SupportIntegrate creation and maintenance of knowledge into the problem solving processEvolve content based on demand and usageReward learning, collaboration, sharing and improvementCritical Components of KCS:KB integrated with CRMSearch (Kube like)Content workflows Training Challenges Need for a global KBTranslation and Localization

Implementation of KCS will allow us to unify support knowledge & help support our global customer base thru the IDsFeature RichEsri Confidential - Not for RedistributionPortalDashboardWorkflowsReportsKnowledgeCollaborationLocalizationFlexiblity

IdeasWorkspacesBenefitsIntegrated Platform with several new-age featuresCloud based system eliminates the need for CitrixGrowing - enhancements every quarter/ AppsFlexible workflows: easily customizable16 languages available for localization out of the box. Supports vendor driven localization thru a translation workbenchRobust reporting (With field level access control.)Unified - 360O view of the customerEsri Confidential - Not for RedistributionTiering process for DistributorsTier -1Group LeadTier -2EscalationTier -1Group LeadTier -2EscalationTech assistWebformThe incident is cloned to create a parent child relationship - any changes made to the child are visible to the parentDemoCustomer viewSystem Profile maintenanceIncident creation - profile based inputsNotes additionAttachmentsProfile managementAnalyst viewCases, commentsTo-do listEmailingTransferChatterHosted support - Incident generation

Esri Confidential - Not for RedistributionTo-do list for the next yearFocus on Infrastructure augmentationFocus on content deliveryStructure/ MetadataSearch optimizationLocalizationEnabling Value added servicesPartnership opportunities for IDsContent generationLocalization & DeliveryInfrastructure for community development

Esri Confidential - Not for Redistribution

20QuestionsEsri Confidential - Not for Redistribution

ProjectEsri Confidential - Not for RedistributionProject Approach

Collect process and feature requirements in a Requirements MatrixDevelop workflow diagrams and detailed business requirementsCreate prototypes to validate workflows in Salesforce

Provide necessary information to the IS team to build the solution


TrainDeploy23Requirement GatheringIterative requirement gathering Step -1 : As is process documentationStep 2: SIPOC (Requirement matrix development)Step 3: Prototyping

Draft timelines for CRM ImplementationSl. No.MilestoneApr-11May-11Jun-11Jul-11Aug-11Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11Dec-11Jan-12Feb-12Mar-12Apr-121SIPOC/ BRD initial review complete******2Preliminary technical design document for SF workflows******3Mock ups for SF workflows/ reviews with Ops/ Business/ Other stakeholders***************4Technical Design - Object Model************Integrations*********Data Migration plan*********5Development of Workflows/ Reports/ Sites on Salesforce******************6Development on CTI/ SAP Side******************7Testing / Training development *********************8Training*********9Data migration and validation******10Cut Over******Assumptions/ Notes1This is a preliminary/ High level plan only for the purpose of initial discussions. Effort estimation and scheduling TBD to follow these timelines2Does not include Globalization considerations3Assumes coverage based on the current SIPOC/ BRD, which is still evolving and is based on the current understanding of SF technology Background/ RationaleCurrent StateFuture StateAgeing Support CRMIntegrated Platform with several new-age featuresChatterCommunity tools - Ideas, AnswersCustomer portal Self service enabledUser persona driven experienceIntegrated KnowledgebaseDependence on Citrix for remote sitesCloud based system eliminates the need for Citrix~5 year old version in use: StaticGrowing - enhancements every quarter.Tons of free/ paid apps that can be leveragedMaintenance issues due to Technology limitationsLimited flexibility that impacts Analysts workflows, Offsite support performance & Hosted support servicesFlexible workflows: easily customizableLimited localization ability16 languages available for localization out of the box. Supports vendor driven localization thru a translation workbenchLimited reporting capabilitiesRobust reporting (With field level access control.)Need different integrated apps for sales & supportUnified -360O view of the customer26To summarizeCommitted to enabling a globally consistent support experienceFocus on Infrastructure, process & contentTeams in place to support.Need IDs assistance in Content generation and delivery