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Forest Trail Academy


  • The Talk of the TrailsForest Trail Academy's one and only student newspaper!


  • Student Spotlight: Aurora Abraham Ice skating has been around for thousands of years. It has overcome diversity, politics, and countless injuries. Yet there still is a common product since the beginning of it all; passion. Aurora Abrahamis the perfect example. Aurora is always on the go and constantly training. Forest Trail Academy has allowed her to be able to skate on higher levels. Maybe even the greatest luxury of FTA is having the aid of taking her school with her - no matter where she is. Aurora and her family were kind enough to answer a few questions about FTA and Aurora. How old were you when you started ice skating?Aurora-I was 3 years old when I started figure skating.What pre-competition rituals do you have?Aurora-My pre-competition rituals consist of eating steak and mash potatoes and getting to bed early.What is your favorite thing about competing?Aurora-My favorite thing about competing is when the music starts because it makes me feel confident.Do you have good luck skates or outfits?Aurora- No, I do not have any good luck things. I just go out and skate as best as I can.In your opinion - What is the greatest challenge of ice skating?Aurora-Currently, my greatest challenge is trying to land my double axel.If you could be any ice skater, past or present who would you choose to be?Aurora-If I could be a famous ice skater, I would want to be Sasha Cohen or Yuna Kim.Being enrolled in Forest Trail Academy is wonderful, what is your favorite thing about the school?Aurora-My favorite thing about Forest Trail Academy is doing the science labs.What is your best subject?Aurora-My best subject in Forest Trail Academy is Math.How do you fit school into your busy schedule?Aurora-I do my school on the weekends and weekday mornings and evenings. It is hard to do school on the weekend because I like to relax on the weekends but, its worth it.*By: Brianna Lucciano

  • Aurora Abraham ContinuedMr. and Mrs. Abraham-Did you always know Aurora would be an ice skater?Cheri (Aurora's mom) I did not know she would be an ice skater, but I did know she would be involved in athletics. As a 3-5 year old, Aurora participated in soccer, ballet, gymnastics and ice skating. She loved the cold and hated to sweat... and that is how ice skating began and continued.Dennis (Auroras father) No.What made you choose FTA?Cheri-I chose this school because of the ability to truly have a "virtual" school, with as much on line "School" as possible. This has proven to be very beneficial for Aurora, and has allowed her to pursue figure skating at a higher level.Dennis-It fit our needs for virtual.Does Aurora have a specific school schedule that she has to stick to?Cheri-Yes and no! I try to have a specific schedule for the week, goals, but we do have to make adjustments based upon the assignment "needs" and more so during the competition weeks. Forest Trail Academy affords us the ability to work with Aurora on school at unscheduled times, and allows us to take her school with us where ever we go!DennisHer mother handles most of her scheduling!Did Aurora get into ice skating independently, or were either one of you involved in skating?Cheri-I had always loved to see figure skating, and I figure skated for 1 year (for the first time) when in college. Then, when Aurora was 3, I took her to the "Learn to Skate program, at the ice rink in our area and that was how figure skating started!DennisHer mom put her on the ice when she was 3 and she hasnt stopped since. I skated a little at public rinks in Michigan like every other kid. I did skate at public skating sessions in Rockledge with Aurora until I couldnt keep up with her.Do you get nervous watching Aurora skate?Cheri-I would have to say "a little bit," as she has grown and now skates at a higher level. When I watch Aurora skate in competitions, I think positive and really focus on her in my own "internal & mental" way.DennisSometimes its hard for me to watch at competitions as she goes into a really tough jump.As you can see, ice skating takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Maybe even someday we will say that we have our ownSasha CohenorYuna Kimamongst us. Aurora Abraham is on the fast track for success and Forest Trail Academy will be with her every step of the way!


  • Student SpotlightBy: Zach R.My name is Zachary (Zach) R. and I am a senior at Forest Trail Academy. I attended Forest Trail Academy (FTA)because I wasn't doing too well in public school and FTA looked promising. Knowing that this school cares about mine and many other students education is a great thing to know, and being able to have the teacher support available at almost any hour I need them. They are so flexible, due to me having a job and when I need help, they are willing to work around my work and family time. Currently, I am only involved in Newspaper Club because I'm so busy with work and school, but I do enjoy it! FTA has prepared me mentally and physically for college and later for my career. The study skills that I have learned, and the knowledge I have gained from these courses. My experience with FTA is being able to work at my own pace, and the inspiration I have received by doing home-school. Also, I am able to go on chat and have one-on-one time with the teachers and you know they care about how you are doing, and of course meeting new students! Being able to associate with people your age and your level is a bonus :) Thanks FTA for your time and being a great school! *By: Brianna LuccianoWhen students look at high school, most want a place that will enrich their lives, expand their knowledge, and help at succeeding their life goals. Forest Trail Academy has exceeded all of the above.Since I first started with Forest Trail Academy, my capacity of knowledge has gone past what I personally thought I was capable of. I am in the charter group of the National Honor Society at Forest Trail Academy and current NHS President. I am also involved in Cooking Club, Beauty Club, and I am Editor of the Newspaper. I chose Forest Trail Academy because I was in another online school and it was a really strange program. Their program may be suited for someone else but not me. Forest Trail Academy was an obvious choice. The reviews, ratings, and certifications FTA had exceeded every other on-line program. My favorite thing about Forest Trail Academy is without a doubt our teachers. The teachers at FTA don't 'sugar-coat' your work; if they find a problem they tell you and if they think you did a good job they express their feelings of your work and style. The teachers are also so nice. They truly care how the lessons relay to the student and also care for the hard work that students put into assignments. FTA has prepared me for college and my career path by giving me opportunities including AP classes, NHS, and different activities or clubs that FTA has. My experience with FTA has been nothing but stellar. FTA is a wonderful, enriching, and challenging school. Students who are enrolled at FTA are truly lucky to be in such an amazing place.By: Michele U.My name is Michele and I'm a Senior in high school at Forest Trail Academy. Manyhigh schools these days aren't as fully credited and great as Forest Trail. I chose ForestTrail because of the reviews it had, and it seemed to be a great school. FTA is definitelychallenging, and being able to have teachers on hand is amazing. At the moment, I am inthe following clubs: NHS, Beauty Club, Newspaper Club and Cooking Club. NHS is such anamazing group. The people involved are such great people and I couldn't be happierthat I was accepted to be in it :).FTA has prepared me for my future for college more than I expected. I didn't know I wasthis capable of doing this kind of work until I came to this school. College seems like itwill be easier now because I know what I'm doing. FTA has definitely been a blessing. Continued on page 5.

  • Con. from page 4. I feel as though my life has changed coming to FTA; I truly can see myself doing the career that I want. Being able to have the privilege of getting to know each and every one of the teachers and multiple students is such an enriching experience. Seeing as I'm a senior - it is my last year at FTA, it's so sad! I was enrolled at FTA my sophomore through senior year (10th-12th grade). I was able to do two grades in one year here and I've learned much more about my school that I didn't think I would ever know about. From my own personal experience I would recommend FTA as the best online high school I've ever been to. Lastly, I appreciate all the teachers and admins hard work and effort they have put into making this school a better way of learning education for each student.

    *Clubs and OrganizationsBy: Michele U. and Brianna L. Current National Honor Society members(2012)The National Honor Society (NHS) is a group of highly regarded young adults who have aspirations and knowledge far beyond their years. Forest Trail Academys NHS group is nothing less than stellar.In the short time the Forest Trail Academy National Honor Society has had to create projects and set forth goals, they have already succeeded in doing great things. So far the NHS has created Christmas cards for recovering soldiers at a VA hospital, and sponsored an Ethiopian child named Beza. Also, Micheles family, owns a clinic in the Philippines, the NHS group is putting packages together for the clinic. Speaking on behalf ofthe FTA NHS, our group is a place where students are able to tell their feelings and express how they want to help their community and others in need. Our NHS is a group of creative, bright, comical, and talented students. The students are unselfish; we want what is best for everyone, not just ourselves. We truly believe that we can make an impact on the world; wh