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  • High Tech Lead GenerationTips & Tools for SuccessJessie BeaudoinFounder / CEO,

  • Lead Generation

  • Fish Where the Fish Are94% buyers & sellers search online (NAR)

    Search = GoogleSocial Media = FacebookWebsites = Online Portals

  • Lead GenerationGoal is to create inquiries to get face to face meetings and the opportunity to build trust & rapport.

    + Meetings > + Sales > + Income

    1 - 15% are realistic lead conversion rates

    Track & measure everything while building system.

  • Understand the Digital Journey94% buyers & sellers search online

    65% view homes found online (showings)

    33% found Realtor used to buy home

  • Lead Generation IdeasThink like a buyer or seller.

    What information are they looking for?

    Listen for buyer & seller frustrations

  • Keys to Lead Gen Success

    Advertise solution to problems to generate inquiries.

    Instantly respond to inquiries.

    Understand its a numbers game.

    Follow up, nurture, retarget forever.

  • Technology Tools

  • Start with the WantPeople dont want to buy a quarter-inch drill.

    They want a quarter-inch hole.

    Theodore Levitt Harvard Marketing Professor

  • Want the TruthConsumers dont want a REALTOR.They want to buy or sell a home.

    REALTORS dont want more technology.You want more sales.

  • TechexpectationsSet realistic expectations of your tech tools. Easier, Faster, Cheaper & Scalable

    but they are not silver bullets.

    You still need to do the required work.

  • Talk Technology

  • Talk Technology

    Rotary to Smartphones.

    You still talk.

  • Writing Technology

  • Writing Technology

    Pen to Digital.

    You still write.

  • Home Search Technology

  • Home Search Technology

    MLS Books to Apps.

    You still search homes.

  • Lead Gen Lifecycle Create Ads / Offers

    Capture & Respond to Inquiries

    Follow Up & Nurture Leads

  • Lead Gen Tools

  • Ad ToolsCreate beautiful ads & easily capture leads.

    Canva.comLeadpages.netFacebook Ads - Lead Pages & Canvas

  • Canva.comFree, Simple, PowerfulGraphic Design Software

    Create all your ad imagesand digital or printmarketing pieces.

  • important mobile ad platform

    Learn how to use all adformats, especially leadPages & click-to-call.

    Use Custom Audiences toretarget your leads

  • Leadpages.netSimple landing pageservice to capture leads.

    Create specific pages withhighly targeted offers.

    Build email marketing list.

  • Lead Inquiry ToolsTools that instantly respond to leads.

  • CallAction.coLead engagement &automation platform

    Capture, responds & tracksleads from calls, emailsand text messages.

    Instant lead intelligence thatintegrates with over 127 tech tools.

  • GetRileyNow.comHuman powered textMessaging service.

    Engages leads 24 hrs aday via text message usinga mobile app.

  • Drip.coSales funnel emailMarketing automationplatform.

    Easily build custom emailworkflows to respond toleads captured from landingpages or forms.

  • Lead Nurturing ToolsFollow up & nurture your leads.

  • Handwrytten.comHandwritten cards withgift cards options printed &delivered automatically.

    Zapier integration allows usewith CRMs & automationtools allowing for long term drip marketing.

  • Automate.ioMulti-step marketingautomation platform makes itmore powerful than Zapier orIFTTT.

    Integrates directly with majorCRMs and other softwaremaking long termmarketing campaignspossible.

  • ActiveCampaign.comPowerful MarketingAutomation CRM Platform.

    Simple drag & dropworkflow design usingkanban board based CRM

  • Shiny Objects

  • S.O.S. Shiny Object Syndrome

    Dont get distracted by technology.

    Focus on the task you want to accomplish when buying / using tech tools.

    You must take the time to learn how to correctly use your technology tools.

  • Where to Start?What does the consumer really want?Where will they go to find it?How will they inquire?Why would they contact you?Use tools to solve the wants quicklyBe ominpresent in their life Avoid S.O.S.

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