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Paychex offers the best online payroll services for any business seeking to outsource their payroll reports and services to an outside vendor. All services related to payroll are included when you join Paychex including local payroll, online payroll, payroll journals, paycheck statements, payroll tax liabilities, and much more. Paychex is the leader of online payroll services in 2013 simply because they cater to all businesses ranging in all shapes and sizes. Annual payroll tax returns are disbursed on a yearly basis and all earnings statements are properly recorded in Paychex's database. All of your 2013 online payroll services are taken care of when you sign up for one of Paychex's many affordable packages that best suits your business. If you’re a business owner spending most of your time filling out accounting documents, than Paychex is your number one solution to get the best online payroll services for 2013. Go to to learn more!


  • 1. Box and Lines are FPOMore Than a Half MillionBusinesses Trust Paychex.
  • 2. Honored and Respected for Nearly 40 Years n Top 125 Training Organizations Training magazine n Americas Most Admired Companies Fortune magazine n Worlds Most Ethical Companies Ethisphere Institute n Recognized by the IRS for exceptional Electronic Federal Tax Payment System participation and transmission.2
  • 3. Why Outsource? Why Paychex?nAccuracy. n Highly trained employees.n Time savings. n Personalized customer service.n Peace of mind. n Compliance assistance with payroll and human resource matters. n Preferred payroll and retirement services provider for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Every year more than 8,000,000 penalties are assessed because of late or incorrect federal and state payroll tax payments. 3
  • 4. How It Works Every pay period: You communicate your payroll hours and changes, and Paychex processes your payroll. Each deposit period: Paychex automatically deposits all payroll tax liabilities on your behalf. On a quarterly basis: Paychex prepares and files all of your federal, state, and local payroll tax returns. Once a year: Paychex prepares and files all of your annual payroll tax returns, including your W-2s. Always available: Labor compliance poster kit and HR & Benefits EssentialsSM Web site.4
  • 5. Who Youll BeWorking withThroughout our relationship, clients always have a dedicated contact. Sales Representative New-Client Specialist Sales Representative Payroll Specialist Coordinates inter- Assigned Delivers and reviews Dedicated single action between specialist responsible first payroll in person; point of contact the client and for client onboarding makes follow-up visits handling all payroll Paychex personnel. and YTD balancing. at 30/90 days. and tax needs. Heres who and what we are: Heres what we are not: n A one-to-one relationship. n A call center. n Service focused. n Data processor. n Customized to meet your needs. n One size fits all. 5
  • 6. Easy-to-Understand Payroll Reports6
  • 7. Timesheet Helps you organize and update your payroll information for easy reporting. Paychex Sample Payroll Pray, Ashley Wks Worked 4 11.2500/Hour 80 Regular Items displayed (D) Garnishment: $25.00 $50.00 ID: 1 / Soc Sec #: xxx-xx-8194 Bi-weekly Sick Birth 08/24/67 Hire 08/17/08 are customizable. Vacation Single 0/OH: Single 0 (SUI:OH) YTD Hours Used: Sick 0.00/Vac 0.00 YTD Wages & Tips 1,842.19 Webster, Catherine Wks Worked 4 800.00/Pay period Pay Salary (D) 401K EE: 6.00% $111.00 ID: 3 / Soc Sec#: xxx-xx-1820 Bi-weekly Net Pay DD Sick (E) 401K ER: 3.00% $55.50 Birth 05/25/42 Hire 08/17/08 Vacation Single 0/OH: Single 0 (SUI:OH) YTD Hours Used: Sick 0.00/Vac 0.00 YTD Wages & Tips 1,850.00 Shultz, Andrew Wks Worked 40 15.0000/Hour 80 Regular (D) 401K EE: 6.00% $1,440.00 ID: 2 / Soc Sec#: xxx-xx-8991 Bi-weekly Net Pay DD Sick (E) 401K ER: 3.00% $720.00 Birth 10/02/69 Hire 12/09/07 Vacation (D) Garnishment: $40.00 $800.00 Single 0/OH: Single 0 (SUI:OH) YTD Hours Used: Sick 8.00/Vac 88.00 YTD hours for sick YTD Wages & Tips 24,000.00 and vacation time. Next Payroll Appointment Branch Information Day: 10/06/10 Phone: (216) 292-1800 Time: 3:30 PM EST Fax: (216) 292-5922 Specialist: Craig Specialist at ext. 3278 Next scheduled payroll call. 7
  • 8. Paycheck and Earnings Statement Provides full pay details, including current payroll and year-to-date information. PAYCHEX SAMPLE PAYROLL 0900-4089 211 WASHINGTON AVENUE 200 Production ANYCITY ST 12345 09/25/2010 102 Available 24/7 through Employee Access Online. ANDREW SHULTZ 736 STEEL AVENUE Total Net Direct Deposit(s) ANYCITY ST 12345 **$818.47 VOID THIS IS NOT A CHECK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DOLLARS **NON-NEGOTIABLE** PERSONAL AND CHECK INFORMATION EARNINGS DESCRIPTION HOURS RATE THIS PERIOD ($) YTD HOURS YTD ($) Andrew Shultz 736 Steel Avenue Regular 64.00 15.0000 960.00 1464.00 21960.00 Anycity, ST 12345 Holiday 8.00 15.0000 120.00 40.00 600.00 Sick 8.00 120.00 Soc Sec