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  • Ongoing Support: Whatever it Takes?

    Rick KaneCEO, Disability Employment Australia




    Concurrent Session2:15pm - 3:00pm in Promenade 1 & 2

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    Introduction and rationale

    Views from professionals delivering employment


    Views on Ongoing Support in the DES model and

    performance framework

    Future policy considerations

    Questions and answers

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    Ongoing Support differentiates DES from other

    employment programmes

    Highly valued by all stakeholders, including


    NDEF provides opportunity to re-shape OGS policy

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    @TruckerSlimWhat do employers think?

    Forum participants were enthusiastic about DES support continuing after

    12 months of employment as they felt it was important to keep monitoring

    the employees progress. They also commended the use of Ongoing

    Support Assessments saying it was encouraging to see how an employee

    had improved over time all said they were extremely happy with their

    DES provider regarding long term support.

    Employer perspectives on recruiting

    people with disability and the role of

    Disability Employment Services

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    @TruckerSlimWho is it for?

    Disability Services Act (1986)

    The target group for the purposes of this Part consists of persons with a disability that:

    1. is attributable to an intellectual, psychiatric, sensory or physical impairment or a combination of such impairments;

    2. is permanent or likely to be permanent; and results in:i. a substantially reduced capacity of the person for communication,

    learning or mobility; and

    ii. the need for ongoing support services.

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    @TruckerSlimDES Model

    Provides access to time-unlimited support

    Limits to support in one job, rather than support to

    stay attached to the labour market

    Independent assessment

    Paid retrospectively within pre-determined limits

    rather than support needed

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    @TruckerSlimHow does it work?

    Adjustments made from 2010 to 2013 performance framework

    Reduced risk of utilisation Time in ongoing support variable

    Break in employment introduced

    Independent gateway via OSA

    MOS and HOS automatically trigger 52WSI

    No overlap with 52WSI 6 months provision before being in scope

    Countdown measure starting at 100%

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    @TruckerSlimWhat have we seen?

    Substantial increase of DES-ESS participants over time

    There has not been a comparable increase in

    participants in employment with Ongoing Support

    Introduction of Ongoing Support Assessments in

    2010 2011 contributed to this

    DES-ESS is servicing a broader client base

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    @TruckerSlimReturns to services

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    @TruckerSlimOur views

    Sustained employment is based on developing confidence and capability to align with reasonable job match

    Ongoing support for worker improves job outcome; employer relationship

    Greater emphasis on long-term support builds relationships between Provider and person with disability, increasing stability, leading to real economic and social independence

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    @TruckerSlimOur views

    Current contract (and performance framework)

    settings focus is frequency of interventions rather

    than testing success of the support strategy


    Effort is constructed around contract evidence

    collection points rather than direct employment

    assistance decisions

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    @TruckerSlimOur views

    Best practice OGS is the pathway to achieve long-

    term engagement with labour market

    Skills development, employment confidence,

    network development, career progression and

    monitoring employment conditions all require

    ongoing support

    Ongoing support is about co-production between

    person with disability, employer and DES provider

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    @TruckerSlimOur views

    Ongoing Support is a feature

    Sustained employment is the objective

    Support (and research) OGS strategies that build

    pathways to achieve independence

    Does the Performance Framework (Stars) enhance

    or adversely impact on OGS?

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    On-the-job support to assist to establish people in the job and

    additional ongoing support to maintain that job in the longer

    term a key defining aspect of the program

    ACE response to Review of Disability Employment Services 2008

    How do we maintain OGS as a key defining aspect of disability



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