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Download ONE DAY - B2B Marketing Magazinemrkto.  B2B...• The 7 golden rules for ... • How to create content that can change your customers ... • The model for B2B content marketing

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  • Youll learn:

    How to balance inbound and outbound How to use offline channels effectively How to drive rapid growth with fusion marketing How to double your sales and quarter your cost with digital The 7 golden rules for effective multichannel marketing How to experiment with new channels, platforms and technologies How to create, deliver, manage and develop effective multi-channel campaigns

    4. MULTICHANNEL marketing

    Youll learn:

    How to use buyer personas effectively How to prepare for the attendee experience of the future How to use analytics to refine your comms and produce better campaigns Why authenticity is critical to success and how to be real How to create content that can change your customers mindsets How to build relationships with person-to-person marketing

    5. INSIGHT

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    7. LEADERS stream

    8. TECHNOLOGY showcaseand

    For Chiefs, Heads and Directors of Marketing and current subscribers

    to the B2B Leaders programme

    Youll learn:

    How to enhance B2B engagement through B2C-style messaging How to use emotion to win the hearts and minds of your prospects How to beat the industry leader with a pioneer engagement programme How to increase sales conversions using new technologies How to use key customer touchpoints to convert, retain and upsell How to support the buyer's journey with content and marketing technology Why real-time marketing is a waste of time

    6. Customer ENGAGEMENT

    Youll learn:

    The model for B2B content marketing that works* How to transform your marketing to drive innovation** How to harness the power of customer advocacy How to use social media to sell yourself and your business What's the point of marketing? New Marketing research from B2B Marketing and why it matters How new data and technology are transforming B2B marketing*** How to further your career What next? (for our younger attendees)****


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    Youll learn:

    How to create stand-out content How to get the best mileage out of your content How to use customer stories to build brand trust Why your companys future depends on authenticity How to create content that delivers long-term value Whats coming next for personalised content? What we can learn from the history of content marketing

    3. CONTENT marketing

    Youll learn:

    How to generate leads with social media***** How to use paid social to get results How nail influencer marketing How to target exclusive prospects using social media How to use social media to increase cross-sell, upsell and retention How to enable your employees to use social media to benefit your business How to empower your sales team with content and social skills to increase sales

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    2. SOCIAL MEDIA marketing

    Joe Pulizzi Godfather of

    content marketing

    Carlos Hidalgo Most influential in B2B

    North America 2015

    Dr. Charles Stryker Data innovator of the year


    Katy Howell Top 5 social media marketing

    expert The Drum


    Shane Redding Educator of the year


    What you can


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    22nd June 2016 The Business Design Centre London



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