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  • February 2017

    Nazarene Missions International

    Renee Kindle, District President

    5 N. Dallas

    Princeton, IL 61356

    News from the President



    On the MoveWhat Is Your Next Move?

    ConventionMarch 18th Registration 8:30am

    Pekin First Dr. Bob Broadbooks, Speaker

    USA/Canada Regional Director

    NMI - Mis

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    NMI Coun


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    r time.

    SDMI & NMI - Children on

    Mission Presenter: Anna Kindle

    Add some zip to your chil-

    drens mission program.

    Practical ideas for creating

    mission events that will ex-

    cite your children and give

    them a heart for missions.

    NMI - Missions Presenter: Renee Kindle, District

    NMI President Who, What, Where, When and

    How of Deputation. Also Mis-

    sions celebrations and remem-

    brances. This session is for all

    NMI Presidents, NMI Councils,

    NMI delegates and anyone inter-

    ested in learning more about our

    NMI, NYI, SDMI - Five Strategic Priorities for Achieving The Mission

    Presenter: Dr. Bob Broadbooks, Regional Director, USA/Canada Church of the Naza-rene Dr. Broadbooks will be leading our pastors and lay leaders through the five strategic pri-orities of the USA/Canada Region. Dr. Broadbooks has led local churches, districts, and now a continent into great progress to-ward achieving the great commission. Hear-ing this Christlike disciple share his heart will encourage yours. This workshop is available for all delegates and convention attendees.

  • Canton Eastside

    Church of the Nazarene Excited to work with Pastor Dennis Owens and

    the people of Eastside. Looking to making a

    Kingdom difference in Canton

    June 4th11th, 2017





    Much more

    Cost: $75 per family Includes meals and fun day.

    Families are responsible for transportation and

    housing. Housing optionsCamping, Hotel, in

    Church or Homes.

    Send Application and Fee

    to: Renee Kindle

    5 N. Dallas

    Princeton, IL 61356

    Tabithas Hands Compassionate Ministry Center

    Princeton, IL

    Tabithas Hands ministers to families in crisis in

    Bureau County. It is recognized by

    Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.

    June 11th18th, 2017

    Moving furniture


    Building shelves


    checking, repair and


    Cost: $75 per family Includes meals and fun day.

    Families are responsible for transportation and

    housing. Housing optionsCamping, Hotel, in

    Church or Homes.

    Send Application and Fee

    to: Renee Kindle

    5 N. Dallas

    Princeton, IL 61356

    Work and Witness 2017

  • February 26-March 4

    The Nazarene World Week of Prayer is an annual event occurring during the week that includes the World Day of Prayer (the first Friday in March). During this week Naz-arenes dedicate themselves to interceding for our church and our world.

    They say it takes a village to raise a child and I say it takes a district to raise up leaders. NWIL is

    blessed with a large group of teens who have answered Gods call to BE, DO and GO. Some are called

    into the mission field as missionaries, doctors, nurses and engineers, while others will fill the demands of

    the senior pastor and just as many want to lead in children and youth ministries. We are seeing music min-

    isters and those being called to meet the needs brought on by social injustices. Our youth are rise up and

    answering Gods call.

    Ed Robinson said, To be called to ministry is to join with God in Gods saving acts in the world. It is

    to find out what God is doing and join in the effort. NWIL teens are aware of the world around them and

    they are answering the call to be servant leaders, desire[ing] to care for others and meet their needs

    above his or her own welfare. (Dillman)

    NWIL family will you help us raise up generations after generations of young people who will serve

    the Lord? Will you committee to praying for these young people? Will you stand in the gap for them while

    they learn what it is to be discipled and then to become a discipler? Will you take the time, effort and re-

    sources to help them fulfill the call? They need our prayers and support more than ever.

    NWIL auxiliaries want to be a resource of prayer and support as well. Would you help us by making

    sure we are aware of children and teens in your local church who have expressed a call into ministry so

    that we can provide them with tools and guidance as they fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28) and

    the Great Compassion (Matthew 25).

    Nazarene World

    Week of Prayer

    This past summer at Kids Camp we learned about the Persecuted Church, games from around the world and about how some-times missionaries have to go without things they like. On the Persecuted Church day we played a game where the kids had to avoid government officials to get to a church. The second day we learned about how people in other countries have different types of activi-ties and we played Cricket. On the last day we learned that being a missionary isnt just going to live somewhere else, seeing cool things and learning fun games. We learned that a lot of times being a missionary can be uncomfortable, going without things that are easy to get in the United States and how sometimes our missionaries get homesick. That day we wrapped gifts and made scrap-books for a few of our missionaries in Paupa New Guinea. At Convention this year our kids will learn about what they can do to be a mission-ary from right here in the United States. Also there will be a workshop that will give some ideas for your childrens mission lessons at your home church. This next year at camp we will have a very special missionary experi-ence that your kids will not want to miss.

    Children and Missions

    Ministry Call