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  1. 1. Older Drivers: How AgingAffects DrivingHow Aging Affects DrivingAs people get older, their driving patternschange. Retirement, different schedules,and new activities affect when and wherethey drive. Most older adults drive safelybecause they have a lot of experiencebehind the wheel. But when they areinvolved in crashes, they are often hurt moreseriously than younger drivers. Age-relateddeclines in vision, hearing, and otherabilities, as well as certain health conditionsand medications, can affect driving skills.Changes in Driving HabitsWhen people retire, they no longer drive towork. With more leisure time, they may startnew activities, visit friends and family moreoften, or take more vacations. Like drivers ofany age, they use their vehicles to goshopping, do errands, and visit the doctor.Driving is an important part of stayingindependent.Most people 70 and older have driverslicenses. They tend to drive fewer miles thanyounger drivers. But, they are also keepingtheir licenses longer and driving more milesthan in the past, often favoring local roadsover highways. As the overall populationages, there will be more older drivers on theroad.NIH Senior HealthA Complex TaskDriving is a complicated task. It requires peopleto see and hear clearly; pay close attention toother cars, traffic signs and signals, andpedestrians; and react quickly to events. Driversmust be able to accurately judge distances andspeeds and monitor movement on both sides aswell in front of them.Its common for people to have declines invisual, thinking, or physical abilities as they getolder. As a result, older drivers are more likelythan younger ones to have trouble in certainsituations, including making left turns, changinglanes, and navigating through intersections.Common MistakesCommon mistakes of older drivers includefailing to yield the right of wayfailing to stay in lanemisjudging the time or distance needed to turnin front of trafficfailing to stop completely at a stop signspeeding or driving too slowly. Portable Multi-Station for Body Weight Training Dip Rack with Weight Assistance Adjustable Height Cardio Step withSafety Hand Rails Horizontal/Suspension Row Bar Ab Roller Plyometric Platform Incline/Decline Push Up Station Slant Board and Stretching Station Massage Stick Foam Roller Training Manual & DVD IncludedSTABLITYMOBILITYBALANCEFLEXIBILTYENDURANCEMechanicsArticle by
  2. 2. Older Drivers and CrashesDriving errors can lead to traffic accidents,injuries, and death. The risk of crashes riseswith age, especially after age 75. Studies showthat older drivers are more, and less, likely to beinvolved in certain types of crashes than otherdrivers. Older drivers are less likely to beinvolved in crashes related to alcohol use,speeding, and driving at night. But they aremore likely to get into crashesat intersections (usually in the vehicle that is struck)in which the front of one vehicle hits the side ofanother vehiclewhere the older driver is merging and the othervehicle is traveling faster or is in the older driversblind spotCrashes Down Among Older DriversFortunately, the rate of crashes among adults65 and over has decreased in recent years.Research suggests that this decline is due to anumber of factors, including older adults betterhealth, safer cars, and safer roads. In addition,older drivers ability to police themselves like not driving at night and stricter state lawsfor renewal of drivers licenses may help.Most traffic deaths of older drivers occur duringthe daytime, on weekdays, and involve othervehicles. Older adults are more susceptible todeath or serious injury in a crash if they arephysically frail, but the good news is that olderpeople are more likely to survive crashes thanin the past.The PhysioStep LXT gives you an easy andeffective low impact total body workout. Itcombines a stable and stress freerecumbent sitting position,with the natural feeling ofwalking. The innovativeLinear Stepping Motionis incredibly smoothand easy on your joints.The unit has a large,oversized ultra comfortableswivel seat that adjusts easily and fully rotatesmaking this unit easily accessible for people withlow mobility.Chris.Beckman@WilkinsSolutions.comAn active adult lifestyle is not definedas just activities that are outdoor andrecreational. Sure, it includes socialclubs and other structuredevents, but it also includesbeing healthy and fit. That is whythe FitOne X3 is perfect to ensurethe body stays active and inshape to allow for the outdoorrecreational times that everyadult deserves.The X3 is the perfect productfor promoting functional fitnessfor the active adult because it emphasizesthe three main elements critical to the active adult:1) Cardio, 2) Balance and coordination, and 3)Strength.


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