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Old Habs Magazine 1992 1993


  • Foreword to the Old Boys' NotesAs President of the Association, it is a real pleasure to write thisforeword to our magazine in its new and improved format. The old Boys'Notes have served us well through 181 editions and I know that thevhave proved an invaluable way of keeping in touch for OId Boys andfriends of the School throughout the world. Our aim now is to takeadvantage of changes._in printing technology to produce a better designedpublication, which will contain more news andbe easier to read. ThJnew editor, Simon Gelber, has taken on a major task. I know that he willwelcome contributions, comment and criticism so that he can make themagazine as contemporary and interesting as possible. our thanks ared_ue to Stephen Cronbach for his many years in producing the Old BoysNotes and for the firm foundation he has provided for his successor.

    The Association continues to enjoy an excellent relationship with theschool and we are grateful for the support which we receive from theGovernors; I(eith Dawson, the Headmaster; and Douglas yeabsley, theSchool Support Director. We are currentlv discussing with the Schoolhowthe relationship can be maintained ahd strength"ened by newfunding proposals, which will give all boys leaving school theopportunity of life membership of the Association and, at the same time,provide us with long term financial stability.

    we are delighted to see that the School continues to flourish, not onlyacademically but also illh. fields of arts, sport and community service.The schoo.l.qlay, 'Jwe]fth Night' gave us acting of the very highest classand the Middle School play, 'Teechers', showed that actors oI equalquality are coming up through the school.

    The latest phase of the school building programme was the completionof the Bourne Building l_?st year and ifwas a great honour to representthe Association at the official opening on 15th october by Her itoyalHighness The Princess Margar-et, Countess of Snowdon. Many Old Boyshave contributed to the cost of this major improvement to the school 'and those who have not yet been able io seeihe result are urged to findan opportunity to do so.

    Although many of us completed our education at westbere Road, beforethe school moved to Elstree, it is the school as a continuing communitywhich we hold dear and friendships made within that comriunity whichwe will maintain through the Old Haberdashers'Association.

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    Old Boys'Notes 1992/93,Number 182President: P.|. EGAN Esq. Vice-President: M.l. BOVINGTON Esq.

    Honorary Secretary:

    Honorary Treasurer:

    Honorary Registrar:

    Editor of Old Boys'Notes:

    C.J. ROBINSON Esq.Fernley, 1 Spencer Walk, Rickmansworth,Herts. WD5 4EETelephone: 0923-7 7 6426

    T.H.E. FIELD Esq.76 Field End Road, Pinner, Middlesex. HA5 2QGTelephone: 081-868 7675

    W.R. TANNER Esq.8 Hollywood Court, Elstree, Herts.WD6 3HUTelephone: 081-207 2509

    S.H. GELBER Esq.4 Woodside Cottages, Fortis Green,London. N2 gHETelephone: 081-444 8690

    Croxdale Road, Boreham Wood,Herts.WD6 4PYTelephone: 081-955 1987

    Club House:

    EditorialThis year sees the ninetieth anniversary of the School moving toHampstead and, remarkably, it is also now over thirty years since thesecond move in the century to Elstree. It is fitting, therefore, to reflect onsome of the occasions and personalities that have occurred during thisperiod, and at the same time emphasise the continuing and growingrelationship with the School which remains fundamental to ourexistence.

    Thanks are due to I(eith Cheyney and I(eith Dawson who have been sohelpful in providing the extracts from the first edition of Skylark and theold photographs of the School and the Staff. The Headmaster has alsocontributed an article illustrating the direction in which the School ismoving in its development.

    The format of the Old Boys' Notes with its wider range of articles,features and reports hopefully will be a more complete reflection of theactivities of the Old Haberdashers' Association. Similarly, the up-to-datemembers' list that forms the final section of the magazine should providea useful addition to the information available to members.

    Should you have any comments or articles that you may wish tocontribute for inclusion in next year's edition, please send them to theeditor, who is keen to include as wide a variety of different features aspossible.

    Finally a word of thanks to all those who have contributed to this year'smagazine, but especially to Nobbly Tanner who provides so muchdetailed information on all the year's activities and without whom thisjob would be so much more difficult.

  • BirthsBETTERIDGE:On 7th November 1992, to ULRII(E, wife of, Charles E. Betteridge(1965-75 Dec), a daughter, Lisa Ann.GUNTON:On 19th fuly 1991, to CHARLOTTE, wife of fohn N. Gunton (I963-7q,a son, David Charles.

    IONES:On 19th November 1992, to IANE, wife of Michael G. fones (1968-79Dec), a son, Sam.LIDINGTON:On 4th June 1993, to HELEN wife of David R. Lidington (1968-74 Dec),a son, Christopher David Parry.

    MARSH:On 28th February 1993, to SHEILAGH, wife of Adrian R. T. Marsh(I977-82), a daughter, Melissa.PRICE:On72th September 1992,to KATIE, wife of Drlames M. price (1970-77Dec), a son, Samuel fames.MarriagesALEXANDER / DUNN:On23rdApril 1995, at Minneapolis St. Paul Courthouse, Minnisota,Timothy Alexander to Miss Amy Dunn. There will be a service ofblessing, during the summer, at which his father A.J.S.(Tony) Alexander(7956-62) and a few O.H. friends hope to be present.BURROWS/IRELAND:On 23rd August 1992 at St.Margaret of Antioch Church, inAlderton, Gloucestershire. Jeremy C.Burrows (1980-85) to Miss RuthElizabeth Ireland.

    FILER / BERNSTEIN:On 13th September 1992, at St.lohn's Wood Synagogue, paul A. Filer\l?64 7t Dec), to Miss Wendy Bernstein. Michael L. Filer (1967-78) andMichael S. Bronstein (7964-75 Dec),werejoint best men. Others inattendance were Stephen M. Iseman (1964-75 Dec), Simon D.A. Friend(7967 -7 B Dec) , Lawrence W. Jacobs (1967 -7 B Dec) , lonathan R.Harradine and Robert R. Iseman (1.992).FRIEND / WOOLF:On 20th December 1992, at Hampstead Synagogue, Simon D.A. Friend(1967-78 Dec) to Miss Suzanne Woolf. Amongst the guests wereAnthony Beare (1974-78 Dec), Simon J. Collins (1961-78),Michael S. Bronstein (1964-75 Dec) andAdam C. Marks (t967-78).GOULD / BLEEHENOn 9th May 1993, at the Great Synagogue, Sheffield, Dr. LawrenceN. Gould (1969-80) to Miss Isobel Bleehen. AIso present were thebride's father, Prof. Stanley Bleehen (1945-52) and her uncle, prof.Norman Bleehen (1941-48).


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    GRIFFITHS / AMPHLETT:On 17th luly 7992, at Christchurch, Radlett, David B. Griffiths (1973-84)to Miss Zoe Emma Amphlett. Andrew J. Griffiths (1974-85) and Mark R.Griffiths (1976-87) were joint best-men. Andrew Charles (1974-81) andSimon Gresswell (1979-86) were ushers, while Chris Davis and I(athleenMargaret Lemare (no school dates for these ladies from the sisterschool!) and Richard W.Wright (1956-61) were, naturally, in attendance.With David being shackled, the following members of the O.H.R.F.C.were able to be up in support - Douglas I.Yeabsley ('64-)fohn C.F.Blundell(1972-83) John R. Prest (1974-85) Stephen f. Downer, RobertMcClymont and Andrew f. Parker.

    PREST / DAVIES:On l9th |une 1993, at St. Nicholas Church, Harpenden, |ohn R. Prest(1974-85) to Miss Liz Davies, Andrew ]. Griffiths (1974-85) was bestman. The guests included Richard Bate (1974-85), fohn C.F. Blundell(I972-83), Andrew Charles (I974-87), James N.S. Crawford (1978-85),David B. Griffiths (1973-84) and Paul A. Lyons (1977-85).

    Diamond Wedding AnniversaryMarjorie and Doug S. BAI{ER (1920-25)-Celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary on 12th August 1993.

    Golden Wedding AnniversariesBetty & Godfrey T. BAKER (1929-35) -Celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in April 1993.

    Freda & Geoffrey J. HERSEY (1927-33) -Celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on 24th March 1,993.

    Old Haberdashers' AssociationBenevolent FundFor nearly a century the Benevolent Fund has been providing financialassistance to Old Haberdashers or their dependents. Donald Wells, theHonorary Secretary of the Fund, should be advised, in confidence, of thename and address of any person for whom assistance is required.

    Honorary Secretary: D.W. WELLS9 Church Crescent, Whetstone, London N20 OJRTelephone: 081-568 1144

    The School ShopIt is apparently not generally known that O.H.A., O.H.R.F.C. andO.H.C.C. ties are now obtainable at the School Shop. There are alsoavailable a few O.H.A. centenary ties and sweaters.

    Enquiries to: The School Shop, The Haberdashers'Aske's School,Butterflv Lane. Elstree. Herts WD6 7AF

    Doug Baker 1931

  • DeathsNeville APPLETON (7916-25),17th August t992.Dennis E. BAILEY (7933-39),24th September 1992.Cecil A. BIRCH (19\8-23),9th September 1992.E.A. Ray CHAPMAN (1935-59) about mid 1992.Michael I.B. CLOOTE (1940-48), 30th May 199J.W. Terry A. COX (1936-44),15th November 1992.Frederic C. DAVIES (7927-37),25thluly 1992.Ivor W. DAVIES (1922-33),17th February 199J.Alfred J.R. GENTLE (792I-27),73thMay 1992.Peter H. JACI(MAN (7923-29),26th October 1992.George B. IAMIESON (1916-26),27th September 1992.Donald c. MURDOCH (1908-16), 9th April 1995.W.A.V. (Tony) ODONI (7933-40),14th October 1992.Norman G.M. STARES (1944-49), about September 1992.D. Ronald STEELE (1928-55), 29th