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    OLA Calendar of Events 2016 Last Updated: February 2016

    Meeting Notes:

    Meetings are held @ OLA office, 2 Toronto Street, 3rd Floor, Toronto unless otherwise indicated; we have a secondary location at the Novotel for meeting space.

    Event and Program venues will be posted on OLAs website. Unless otherwise indicated, all on-site board and council meetings are to be held from 9:30 4:00

    pm. o OPLA Council Meetings are 10:00am 4:30pm o All catering will be provided for each meeting. If you have any dietary restrictions or

    allergies, please contact Rachelle DesRochers, Administrative Assistant, OLA The OLA President is ex-officio on all OLA committees and has a standing invitation to attend any

    meeting/event. The OLA President attends all Super Conference planning meetings.

    Meeting Schedule: January: 26: The Partnership Meeting 27-30 OLA Super Conference 2016 February: 10: SC16 Wrap Up Meeting 18: Finance Committee Teleconference 24: OCULA Council 25: OLITA Council and OPLA, OLA Board Dinner and Orientation, 5:30 8:00 pm 26: OLA Board of Directors 27: OLBA and OSLA Council TBD: ABO-Franco Council Teleconference March: 22: SC17 Planning Meeting April: 8: RA Committee Meeting 27: SC17 Planning Meeting 29: OCULA Spring Conference May: TBD: OLA Map Cataloguing Workshop TBD: OCULA Spring Dinner 13: Festival of Trees, London 17-19: Festival of Trees, Toronto 24: Audit/Finance Committee Meeting (Teleconference) 24: Community Led Think Tank 27: Festival of Trees, Sault Ste. Marie 27: Mentoring Committee Meeting 31: OLA Board meeting to approve audit (Teleconference)

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    June 3: SC17 Planning Meeting 6: OCULA Council 8: OPLA Council 9: OLA Board 10: OLA AGM/OLITA Digital Odyssey 11: OLBA and OSLA Council 15: OLITA Council Teleconference 17: RA Committee Meeting TBD: TBD: ABO-F Teleconference July 7-8: Annual Institute on the Library as Place August: 19: Marketing Think Tank TBD: 16-17 OR 23-24: Partnership Retreat September: 14: OCULA Council Teleconference/Skype 21: SC17 Planning Meeting 22: OLITA and OPLA Council 23: OLA Board Meeting 23: RA Committee Meeting 24: OLBA and OSLA Council TBD: ABO-F Teleconference October: 15: Forest of Reading Lists Announced 21: RA in a Day 18-24: Ontario Public Library Week November: 1: Deadline for awards 4: Child and Youth Services Expo 9: SC17 Planning Meeting 15: Deadline for Council and Board nominations 18: OCULA Council, RA Committee Meeting 21: OLITA Teleconference 24: OPLA Council 25: OLA Board 26: OLBA and OSLA Council TBD: ABO-F Council Teleconference TBD: Library Day at Queens Park Orientation TBD: Library Day at Queens Park December: 2: OLA Copyright Users Group, Copyright Workshop