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  • 1. Okay, Ive DownloadedDrupal; Now What?DrupalCamp Chicago June 26, 2010 Presenter: Brandon Morrisond.o. username: Brandonian

2. Smart People In The World 100%0%YouEveryone Else 3. CCK/FieldsAllows for additional information to be stored withsite content. Drupal 6: CCK module Drupal 7: Fields in coreSource: davidnaylor.co.uk 4. Views Creates lists of content. 5. Backup & MigrateDrupal database backups made easy.Source: www.islandbreath.org 6. DemoTime! 7. Modules WeCovered Today CCK Image APIViewsImageCache Date APIViews CycleCalendar EmField/Media FileFieldTwitter ImageFieldFeedsSource: www.simpsoncrazy.com 8. Further Resourceshttp://www.lullabot.com/podcasts/lullabot-podcast-80- top-40-drupal-modules-revisitedhttp://drupaldojo.com/ 9. Contact Email: brandon@djcase.comTwitter: @fillerwriter IRC: BrandonianDrupal.org Username:BrandonianSource: Dyslexic-Ferret.deviantart.com