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<p>Contact: Tami Inkley Phone 314-608-8455 Fax 314-220-6017</p> <p>Shooting Victim: Matthew Pellegrini</p> <p>Press ReleaseShooter @ Point Blank Range Pleads Manslaughter; Claims Victim Asked to be Shot Is it an involuntary action to kill someone at point blank range? MO Thinks So First Hearing March 1st</p> <p>Introduction: As the mother of shooting victim Matthew Pellegrini, I am compelled to appeal to the community at large, via the press, popular media, advocacy organizations, as well as to all local, state, and federal governing agencies regarding the senseless killing of my 18 year old son.</p> <p>Objective: To question the validity and or impede the progress of the plea bargain being offered by The State of MO vs. Kevin Beindorff, in regards to the proper implementation of judicial use of ethical rationale for retributive justice.</p> <p>See Complaint: KEY POINT: Should there be a question of whether or not an 18 year old victim asked to be shot? Does supposed compliance excuse such decisive action?</p> <p>KEY POINT: Prosecution charged 2 Degree Murder &amp; Armed Criminal Action, Trial by Jury. Grand jury returned Involuntary Manslaughter. Why plead at seven years when this could, and should have gone to trial, when there is nothing involuntary about shooting and killing a friend at point blank range?</p> <p>nd</p> <p>KEY POINT: Prosecuting Attorneys office / State of MO, did not (to our knowledge) obtain a Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation on perpetrator, nor did they solicit victims family for interview, prior to offering Mr. Beindorff a soft plea bargain.</p> <p>KEY POINT: Mr. Beindorffs gun was fully loaded &amp; not registered. KEY POINT: Mr. Beindorff has a pre-existing criminal record including probation for a suspended charge of driving while intoxicated, &amp; marijuana possession.</p> <p>Matthew Pellegrini Press Release: Available for Immediate Release 2/27/13</p> <p>KEY POINT: Mr. Biendorffs toxicology reports obtained &amp; considered? KEY POINT: One witness. A convicted felon, was a friend of Mr. Beindorffs, that the victim had only met that day, and claims to have been too intoxicated to report on what happened.</p> <p>KEY POINT: Prosecuting Attorneys office informed victims family that the witness and perpetrator disposed of the shell casings, and openly debated throwing his body in the river instead of taking him to the ER.</p> <p>KEY POINT: Case originally received international media attention. The public was openly supportive of the victim.</p> <p>KEY POINT: selflessness.</p> <p>Victim was an organ donor and assisted at least four people with his</p> <p>IMPRESSION: Missouri is often dubbed The State to Watch, and sets precedents for other states. Such a soft sentence in the current climate is morally, judiciously, &amp; nationally irresponsible. Fiscally, as well. St. Louis has maintained its ominous position at the top of the USAs Most Dangerous Cities to Live In list for a reason. This has created a backlash of new corporations no longer bringing their influx of jobs into our local economy, as well as many corporations having bailed out on Missouri altogether. Currently, St. Louis has many needed city revitalization projects underway, which will be for nothing if we dont protect the people who live there. At least ten percent of city residents and even more businesses leave yearly. Now is the time for Missouri to finally take a stand and hold those who indiscriminately kill others accountable. Perhaps this will help bring down our impressive crime rate and restore the local economy. Such soft sentences certainly wont provide good faith to those considering Missouri for their corporate relocations, nor maintaining them. Not requiring a psychiatric evaluation for those charged with Murder and Armed Criminal Action is unconscionable. Gun control is an issue of epic proportions, and the story of my son allows for valuable insight as to why. If this plea is accepted, Mr. Beindorff could be on the streets of Anywhere, USA in seven years, quite possibly mentally unstable with an unregistered gun and an unrepentant heart. If this is okay with everyone, lets just hope he doesnt befriend your child next. With his defense, Mr. Beindorff has inadvertently proclaimed himself the St. Louis Kevorkian. Please take a stand for Matthew, a non-suicidal young man just starting his life, the State of Missouri, and the State of the Nation. Guns do not belong in the hands of people who abuse drugs, have criminal records, or are otherwise proven mentally unstable. Rational gun control along with proper justice served, thats all we ask to protect The People of the United States of America.</p>