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Oculus, an app


  • 1. COMS 6998 project presentation-Ajay Siva Santosh()-Dimitris Paidarakis()-Prateek Sinha(ps2791)-Zissis Konstas()

2. } Introduction} Application flow} APIs used} Features} Application Optimization} Future Scope} Demo 3. } Users get a real time view of places aroundthem or any other place of their interest.} Check out the latest pictures around you orquery for places you like.} Check out which place is trending aroundyou. 4. } Google Places API} Google Geocoding API} Instagram API} The Twitter REST API (was later decided not to be used in theapplication)} Facebook authentication SDK} Parse Database} Reachability 5. } Search what is happening around you!} Look which place is trending around you.} Check out what is going on, on your favoriteplace.} Check out various images around you. 6. } We do not ping the APIs continuously, to get the latestdata.} Doing so would result in memory, battery and networkdrainage.} Thus we leave it to our users to refresh the application toget the latest data.} Asynchronous image loading.} Asynchronous API calls} Used Apple maps instead of Google maps to achievegreater efficiency. 7. } Discovering the best place to go now based onreal time crowd sourced data.} Develop a community of like minded users whoare interested in rating a place.} Users of the app who are currently in a venue canrate it on different interesting characteristics.} On demand real time venue characteristics ,provided by the users present there. 8. } Now we will begin the demo of ourapplication.