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PSU PRSSA's October 2011 newsletter. Brought to you by the Communications Committee!


<ul><li><p>October 2011 Issue</p><p>1</p><p>Whats Inside?Contact Information:</p><p>Website:http://pennstateprssa.wee-bly.com/</p><p>#CommComm Blog:http://psuprssa.wordpress.com/</p><p>Twitter:: @PennStatePRSSA</p><p>Facebook: The Penn State Chapter of PRSSA</p><p>Benefits of Being a PRSSA Member... 2</p><p>First General Meeting Summary...2-3</p><p>How to Get Involved in PR as a Freshman....3</p><p>What is PR?...4</p><p>Different Fields of PR...4-5</p><p>Incorporating PR into Your Daily Life...5</p><p>Interesting PR Blogs...6</p><p>Beneficial Non-Comm Class for PR Students...6-7</p><p>Professor Spotlight...7</p><p>Alumni Spotlight...8</p><p>PR Professional Profile...8-9</p><p>EMI Music Internship...9</p><p>PRSSA Executive Board Spotlight...10</p><p>National Conference 2011...10-11</p><p>Social Media Workshop...11</p><p>Homecoming: PR Makes it Possible...12</p><p>Interviewing Tips...13</p></li><li><p>Benefits of Being a PRSSA Memberby Brittany Walsh</p><p>The Public Relations Society of America is the worlds largest public relations professional organization. Penn States PRSSA chapter was established in 1997 to help students, no matter what major, to expand experience and knowledge in the public relations and communications field. </p><p>Being a part of such a renowned and recognizable organization like PRSSA can have many benefits for students. Allison Lilly (senior- public relations), National Liaison of PRSSA this year said, PRSSA is nationally affiliated and brings better opportunities on a national level. Lilly went on to say that PRSSA is great for all the networking opportunities he or she may receive.</p><p>Being an active member, you get so many opportu-nities to know different people and industries that you can network with, Lilly said. She proudly went on to say that Penn States PRSSA chapter is ranked the top largest chapters and is very highly regarded. </p><p>Another very important benefit that PRSSA pro-vides is the scholarship and awards that students may receive. Although Allison Lilly never received a scholarship, she did though talk about her rewarding and professional opportunities she has had being a PRSSA member so far.</p><p>Lilly last summer attended the PRSSA national con-ference and was in charge of organizing community service, where all chapters collected ink cartridges and old cell phones. She also had the opportunity to lead the CW network campaign, by promoting the CW networks Vampire Diaries. It was a very reward-ing experience, Lilly said.</p><p>Aside from the internship opportunities, Lilly stressed how important PRSSA is for teaching and learning about the importance of ethics. PRSSA allows mem-bers to learn about ethics and how to act in the pub-lic relation world, she states. Having such knowledge is essential to expand your skills in any communica</p><p>How to Get Involved in PR as a Freshman by Jacqueline Till</p><p>The decisions in college unravel continuously: once you seem to make one decision you barely have time to congratulate yourself before an-other one is presented.</p><p>For freshmen in PRSSA, you probably already decided to pursue PR as your major- but now what? PRSSA and Penn State offer various ways to not only learn more about public relations, but also gain experience in the industry. Through PRSSA, you can attend the workshops upperclassmen offer- ranging from sessions about social media to software. Or, by just at-tending your committees meetings, you can learn from your peers and participate in your committees respective duties.</p><p> The Communications department at Penn State is also prepared to assist you. By going to Carn-egie and setting up a meeting with the faculty, they can help you begin your search for intern-ships. Although you can look at the internship site online, its a great idea to meet in person to discuss what type of internship appeals to you. Even if youre not ready to get an internship, learn to prepare a resume just in case an unex-pected opportunity inspires you to apply for an internship. Consequently, these meetings and opportunities can help you choose which area of PR you want to find a career in. Even if youre unaware of your options, you can always meet with an advisor or professor to help reveal your options. </p><p>You can also stay connected in the PR world through Facebook and Twitter. Capitalize your social media experiences by following PR related twitter accounts just by searching PR in the search box. As long as youre passionate, enthusiastic, and proactive about public rela-tions, you can find ways to expand your knowl-edge and involvement all around you- even as a freshman!</p><p>2 3</p><p>Krakoff Speaks about Crisis Management at General Meetingby Catherine Valdez</p><p>Penn States chapter of PRSSA held their second general meeting of the school year October 4th at West halls commons. </p><p>The meeting started with simple house clean-ing, from future workshop topics to collecting dues, and ended with a very insightful presen-tation on crisis management by Jeff Krakoff, a PRSA member and the director of brand marketing practice at Burson-Marsteller, a world-renowned PR firm.</p><p>Krakoffs career is composed of 25 years in Public Relations and marketing communica-tion field, 14 of those years he spent running his own PR firm. He was inducted into the PRSA Renaissance Hall of Fame earlier this year. </p><p>Krakoffs presentation detailed the inner workings of what a crisis is, and how to pre-pare and react to them gave the audience a crisp image of whats in store for the ones that plan to be future crisis management consul-tants. Krakoffs presentation ended on the importance of communicating facts openly during a crisis. </p><p>If you create this [information] vacuum, </p><p>Check out the NEW PSU PRSSA website!http://pennstateprssa.weebly.com/</p><p>tion or public relations field. </p><p>Whether it is an internship, award, or scholar-ship, PRSSA has many benefits of being an active member. So many connections through the networking world in PRSSA will give any student an opportunity to increase the proper knowledge and skill for either the communi-cation or public relation field of study. </p><p>somethings going to fill it; whether its media or rumors. Krakoff said when speaking about com-panies that ignorantly shut out the public during a crisis. </p><p>Though crisis management is an essential part of Public Relations, it has its downsides, said Krakoff. On top of emotionally draining long hours, he ex-plained that no matter how many years you study crisis management; experience is the best teacher when it comes to the field. </p><p>He went on to say that getting good grades is not enough anymore. Students that aspire to be work in Public Relations should start thinking about what area they are most interested in, whether it be crisis management or nonprofit. He empha-sized the importance of not only having intern-ships, also having diversity within them such as interning at agency firms and in-house corpora-tions alike. </p><p>After the PRSSAs second general meeting and lec-ture by Jeff Krakoff, the members of PRSSA were left with a clearer perception on one of the most important parts of Public Relations. </p></li><li><p>4 5</p><p>What is Public Relations? by Vireta Arthur</p><p>When you were a child and turned on the television and a woman interrupted your daily cartoons with a press release, did you automatically think of the term public relations? Im willing to bet that most of you just turned the channel. A few, however, got their first peak of an intended career path.</p><p>The term public relations refers to an organization, company or individual who works to promote goodwill and positive publicity between a company and the general public. A person who works in this field is called a Public Relations Specialist. Public Relations Specialists keep the public informed on behalf of their client.</p><p>Public Relations Specialist use communication as a tool when representing a client. Specialists write speeches, use social media sites, speak to the press and respond to questions. A specialist must also be able to communicate clearly in person and over the phone.In order to know how to best reach the public, a person working in the field of public relations must know current news as well as pop culture. This will help a public relations specialist know how to best present information to the general public in a positive way.</p><p>A Public Relation Specialist also has to deal with unforeseen challenges and crisis. Knowing how to deal with these crises and presenting them to the public in a way that reflects positively on a com-pany is essential to anyone working in the field of public relations.</p><p>Though there is a general definition of public relations, it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For someone who has never heard of the term public relations it can be just that, a word. However for someone who has worked in the field of public relations it can take on a different meaning. So take a second to think about what PR really means to you!</p><p>Fields of PRby Ed Wons</p><p>A career in public relations gives a unique opportunity to combine your work life with something that you love. If your interests include anything from fashion to sports, here are a few areas of public rela-tions that you can get into to.</p><p>Sports: Were you the kind of kid that loved sports, and still do today? Working in sports public relations lets you make a career out of your biggest interest. Employers can be professional teams or even uni-versities. Job responsibilities include writing press releases, generating public interest and communi-cating with the media.</p><p>Fashion: Are you constantly looking for the latest fashion trends? Consider a career in the world of fashion public relations. While there are perks to the job, it takes a lot of hard work and doesnt always include the glitz and glamour that you see in reality television shows. Much of the work day includes getting publicity for your company, communicating with stylists and editors and setting up events like photo shoots and interviews.</p><p>Government: If you cant get enough politics, a career in public affairs might be for you. The options in this area are vast, from working for a political campaign to becoming a lobbyist. Public relations in government isnt as different from working in a private firm as you might think, it all comes down to creating a favorable public image of the client.</p><p>Entertainment: Do you dream of being in the entertainment business? Do you love movies, mu-sic, or celebrities? Try a career in entertainment public relations. Like other areas of public relations, the work day includes long hours and a fast-paced work environment. Some of the most important aspects of this field include knowledge of the media, building strong relationships, and putting your client first.</p><p>These are just a few areas to get involved with in public relations, others include education, travel, and health care. With hard work, a career in public relations can take you anywhere you want to go.</p><p>Incorporating PR Into Your Daily Life: Its Easier Than You Might Thinkby Jenny Johnson</p><p>Now more than ever, people rely on social media as a means of communicating with friends, family, the media, celebrities and various other publics. Social media has two front runners in the industry, which are Facebook and Twitter. These two communication outlets compete to connect members with their surrounding community faster. </p><p>Recently, Facebook shifted their efforts from recruit more friends, to, connect with your favorite business or public figure. In the past, tools such as the friend finder were used to encourage members to connect with old friends, new friends and long lost family. Now Facebook permits businesses and basically anyone who wants to have their own unique page to promote what they stand for and what they do. Believe it or not, this is a public relations technique. People may not realize it because we use Facebook and Twitter so often and casually, however having a Facebook page or Twitter account that revolves around a club, or-ganization, business, special cause, etcetera, is a means of public relations, specifically networking.</p><p>Follow us on Twitter, something we continue to hear more often, usually placed at the end of an advertisement or announcement. It is a way to pursue more information on your desired person; if you click and follow a page you will undoubtedly continue to receive information every time that person or company updates, or tweets. Tweet us your thoughts at, another common phrase that is used to encourage users to interact and network with fellow Tweeters. </p><p>Note; it is important to stay on top of your social networking sites and monitor your status updates and tweets. News travels faster than ever today. It only takes one inappropriate or controversial comment getting in the hands of the wrong person to ruin your reputation and credibility. Tweet and update cautiously. </p></li><li><p>6 7</p><p>Interesting PR Blogs You Should Be Readingby Alyssa Matangos</p><p>Blogs. We all know what they are, and in todays society there are blogs all over the internet. Many blogs focus on a variety of topics while others are more specialized. For example, PR Blogs; I had no idea they existed. I never thought to google those two terms together and see what popped up. So, since I have, here are my three favorite PR Blogs to check out and read when you have some free time. </p><p>PR in Pink is my favorite PR blog. PR in Pink was founded by Krista, an alumni relations and com-munications employee at a medical school. In this blog you will find posts about social media, PR, journalism, and communications as well as some healthcare issues. She even has a great post called Shades of Gray: Ethics in Public Relations. This blog is also great because of the segment A Little Birdy Told Me, that is posted weekly. These posts are shared from others who read the blog and write about interesting articles or topics via Twitter.</p><p>My second favorite blog is PR in Your Pajamas. This blog was founded by Elena Verlee, who was named one of 20 Women for Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter by Forbes magazine. She also is the founder of a successful PR agency called Cross Border Communications. Her blog was created to help people get heard, to talk about how they want to change the world, and to most importantly, help others see how PR and Social Media can help grow a business. There is even a great post called Five Ways Newsletters Up Your PR Game, which is wonderful to read especially if you are in the PRSSA Communications commit-tee since we write the articles that make up the PRSSA newsletter each month.</p><p>PR at Sunrise is my last-but-not-least favorite blog. PR at Sunrise was founded by Andrew Worob, a digital communications manager at a leading public relations agency in NYC. Worob </p><p>Under the Radar: Non-Comm Classes Beneficial to PR Majorsby Amanda Landi </p><p>As public relations majors, the prefix COMM has undoubtedly become all too familiar when look-ing into scheduling. However, in addition to all the communication credits necessary to gradu-ate, PR majors also need a wide variety of non-comm general education and elective courses. Here are some courses advisors an...</p></li></ul>