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    Jean Miriam Riggs, July 2010, wasdirector of dietary services at hospitalsin Chicago, IL, West Virginia, and







    DfoisbMPevAspLAS. Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000,Chicago, IL 60606; journal@eatright.org; 312/899-4829; or fax,

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    e ADA Center for Professional De-opment offers a PubMed tutorialrth 1 hour of Level 1 CPE credit.is Web-based learning programll show you how to search PubMed,

    National Library of Medicinernal literature search system.bMed comprises more than 19 mil-n citations for biomedical literaturem MEDLINE, life science journals,d online books. Citations may in-de links to full-text content frombMed Central and publisher Webes. This e-learning self-study in-des Web links to the PubMed page,

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    DA CALENDAR010 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoovember 6-9, 2010;oston, MA

    011 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoeptember 24-27, 2011;an Diego, CAe assocUCATIONAL EVENTS

    diometabolic Health Congress

    tober 20-23, 2010, Sheraton Hotel,ston, MA. The 2010 Cardiometa-lic Health Congress (CMHC) is athering of more than 1,500 of thearpest minds in dyslipidemia, typediabetes, hypertension, obesity,

    ronic kidney disease, and insulinistance, as they join world-re-

    wned clinicians, academics, andstigious professional societies tolore, debate, and translate the lat-clinical data into practical and ef-

    tive strategies to improve patienttcomes. CMHC is a comprehensivedical education meeting that pro-es clinicians with the tools and treat-nt strategies to diagnose cardiometa-ic risk and treat appropriately touce CVD. For more information, visitp://www.cardiometabolichealth.org.

    erican Institute for Cancer Researchnual Research Conference

    tober 21-22, 2010, Capital Hilton Ho-, Washington, DC. Each year theerican Institute for Cancer ResearchCR) welcomes dietitians, clinical in-stigators, epidemiologists, basicentists, and other health profes-nals interested in discussing theest research on food, nutrition, andysical activity as they relate to can-

    prevention, treatment, and sur-al. This years conference will beld at the Capital Hilton Hotel inshington, DC. There will be a

    mber of networking opportunities,luding RD roundtables and a

    ster session. CPEU and CME cred-are pending. For more informationase visit www.aicr.org/conference,ail research@aicr.org, or call 202/328-4.


    ituaryiationPEOPLE & EVENTSscience degree in foods and nutritionm Iowa State University in 1939.e later earned a Masters degree intitutional Management from Iowate. Riggs served as director of theool lunch program for Highlandrk, IL, before returning to Iowate to a teaching position. Riggs lefta State to become director of Food

    rvice and associate director of Hous-for Kansas State University for 22rs before retiring and returning toes. In 1981, the National Associa-

    n of College and University Foodrvice recognized Riggs for her out-nding contributions by awardingr their highest honor, the Theo-e W. Minah Distinguished Service

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    1572 October 2010 Volume 110 Number 10ard. Riggs was a lifetime member ofAmerican Dietetic Association andember of the National Associationollege and University Food Service.

    merican Dietetic Association Board ofirectors 2010-2011Update

    ancy M. Lewis, PhD, RD,ADA, LMNT, Lincoln, NE,OD Director

    ancy Lewis is a professor in the De-artment of Nutrition and Health Sci-nces at the University of Nebraska

    Lincoln. Prior to this she was anssistant professor in the Departmentf Foods and Nutrition at Kansastate University and a post-doctoralesearch associate in the Departmentf Nutrition at the University of Wis-onsin. Lewis joins the Board havinglready served the ADA as a membernd vice-chair of the Nutrition Carerocess/Standardized Languageommittee, a member of the Evi-ence-Based Practice Committee andhair of the Health Services Researchask Force. Lewis has also served ashair of the Nutrition Education Re-earch Interest Section of the Ameri-an Society of Nutrition Sciences, asell as chair of the Division of Nutri-on, Health and Food Managementt the American Association of Fam-y and Consumer Sciences. She haseen honored with the ADA Serviceward in 1999 and 2000; First Au-or Published Paper Award, Re-

    earch DPG in 1989; Mead Johnsonward for Dietetic Interns in 1968; asell as the University of Nebraskasistinguished Teaching Award.RATUMthe article Low-Density Lipopro-n Receptor-Related Protein 5 Poly-rphisms Are Associated with Boneneral Density in Greek Postmeno-usal Women: An Interaction withlcium Intake by Stathopoulou andleagues that appeared in the July10 Journal (pp 1078-1083), the cre-ntials listed for author Maria G.thopoulou are incorrect. The cor-t credential for Stathopoulou isD, rather than MSc, RD, as pub-hed.

    i: 10.1016/j.jada.2010.08.033