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Comprehensive Golf Course Description and Reviews for Oakmont Country Club located in Glendale, California.


<ul><li><p>Oakmont Country Club Golf Course and Pine Valley Golf Course </p><p>Hopefully you have heard of both of these golf </p><p>courses. Pine Valley, Pine Valley, New Jersey has </p><p>the distinction of being #1 on Golf Digests list of </p><p>Americas 100 Greatest Golf Courses. Oakmont </p><p>Country Club is listed as #5. </p><p>Oakmont opened for play in 1904 while Pine Valley </p><p>is a relatively newcomer having first opened for play </p><p>in 1918. </p><p>Pine Valley is often described as a course with 18 </p><p>perfect and memorable holes. </p><p>Oakmont Country Club has hosted more combined USGA and PGA championships than any other </p><p>course in the U.S., including eight United States Opens, five U.S. Amateurs, three PGA Championships, </p><p>and two U.S. Women's Open. </p><p>Oakmont remains one of the most difficult </p><p>course in North America, with 210 deep </p><p>bunkers (personified by the Church Pews), hard </p><p>and slick greens that slope away from the </p><p>player, and tight fairways requiring the utmost </p><p>precision. </p><p>So, which of the brilliantly talented and now </p><p>famous architects of the day designed these </p><p>most revered of golf courses. Pine Valleys architect was George Crump and Oakmonts was Henry </p><p>Fownes. Bet you cant name any other course that either designed. Thats because these two are one hit </p><p>wonders. Each design was their respective first and only course design. </p><p>www.GolfCourseRanking.com provides course descriptions, course architects are identified, and architect </p><p>biographies are available. All of this is just gravy on the potatoes. The real meat of this golf resource is </p><p>the using public provided golf course reviews. If you love golf, youre in for a treat </p><p>The site also offers an on line Golf Tee Times booking engine,Golf Rules Quizzes, and Weekly Golf </p><p>Videos. </p><p>If you love golf, and want to know more about the courses youve played or plan to play, check out </p><p>www.GolfCourseRanking.com </p></li></ul>


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