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<ul><li><p>April 2010 | 1</p><p>THEHOLIDAYSAREHERE!LET THE WINING BEGINPage 11</p><p>THE AWARD-WINNING PUBLICATION OF THE OAKLAND METROPOLITAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE |</p><p>Oakland Business Review</p><p>www.oaklandchamber.com | VOL XXXVIII NO. 12 Dec. 2011 / Jan. 2012</p><p>East Bay Women in BusinessNicole Taylor to speakPage 22</p><p>The annual Americas Childrens Holiday Paradeattracted 100,000 spectators. See page 3.</p><p>&gt; Engage more deeplywith Oakland schools,says Superintendent Smith</p><p>&gt; Mayor meets with Chamberto strengthen partnership</p><p>Mayor Jean Quan met with theChamber of Commerce Boardof Directors recently toenhance the critical city-business partnership forOakland.</p><p>We have faced incrediblechallenges over the last 11months, said the Mayor, yetas Mayor my commitment toOakland and its economic vi-tality is unwavering. Its timenow for us to come togetherand focus on the important is-sues we care about creatingjobs, attracting and supportingbusinesses and delivering themajor economic developmentprojects on our horizon.</p><p>The Mayor covered a number of topics, from the city budget andpublic safety to education and promoting business and internationaltrade.</p><p>The Mayor told the Chamber Board that the budget while difficultafter years of declining revenue was more transparent and better setup with reserves than had been true in the past. She appreciated theconcessions made by labor groups, and was confident that the loss ofthe parcel tax (Measure I) would not imperil city services.</p><p>Mayor Quan indicated that she expects to continue to streamlinecity services to make the most out of city resources, and expressed con-fidence in her new management team, City Administrator Deanna San-tana and Assistant City Administrators Scott Johnson and FredBlackwell, all three of whom have been with the city for just 3-4months. This is the best executive team weve had in a decade, shesaid.</p><p>The Mayor also spoke on a variety of other subjects:On crime The Mayor added 25 police officers last month and will</p><p>assign them outside local middle schools. She also spoke highly of se-curity cameras in Oakland neighborhoods and hopes to put up more.Security cameras are working in some very tough neighborhoods, shesaid. She also said that some 80 percent of Oakland police officers liveoutside the city. Id like to hire some home-grown kids, she said, andadded, There will be more police walking the streets next year.</p><p>On education Shes created an education cabinet hosted at MillsCollege to focus on pre-school children and programs to keep olderkids in school. It will give children in this city a second chance, sheadded.</p><p>On business Shes already met with some of Oaklands top CEOsand plans to meet with more. Shes also creating a Positively Oaklandcampaign to help jointly market the city, and insists that if residentspurchased 25 percent more from local stores, that would raise an addi-tional $10 million in sales tax. We need to work together to change theimage of the city, she said.</p><p>On Occupy Oakland The encampment, she insisted, was openedby young people and was overtaken by anarchists and homeless.Now, she said, the citys much more unified.</p><p>On the Port of Oakland If the Port could double exports, shesaid, some 5,000 jobs would be created. </p><p>Theres no quickfix to the problemswith Oaklandschools, saysOakland UnifiedSchool DistrictSuperintendent Dr.Tony Smith. Werein for the longhaul, he says.</p><p>Smith, whospoke at a recentChamber of Com-merce Power Break-fast, does have a wish list for three years from now thatevery h grader is ready for high school, that Oaklandstudents have the highest quality teachers day in and dayout, and that the District has narrowed the gap between thegrades of African American and Hispanic students and therest of the student population.</p><p>No one can do everything, said Smith, but everyonecan do something. As a result, the superintendent askedall businesspeople to engage more deeply with the schooldistrict.</p><p>&gt; New JuniorCEOs created</p><p>The Oakland Metropolitan Chamberof Commerce and Oakland UnifiedSchool District have collaborated tocreate the Junior CommunityEntrepreneurs of Oakland (JuniorCEOs) to encourage OUSD highschool students in the process ofcommunity/civic engagement andbusiness development.</p><p>The program, Junior CEOs, willdevelop youth leadership and youthvoice, and will engage students inthoughtful discourse and action toimprove relationships between youthand business. This will in turnpositively affect OUSD studentopportunities as the district worksto build full-service communityschools.</p><p>The mission of the Junior CEOsprogram is to support and encourageOakland youth with entrepreneurialskills to develop business enterprisesand participate in complementarycivic processes.</p><p>Student program goals include: Learning about building</p><p>development zoning, licenses, fire,police and community development</p><p> Working collaboratively andconnecting to their communitieswith the support of their families,community partners, schools andcivic organizations.</p><p> Understanding city of Oaklandlegislative processes</p><p> Developing critical 21st centuryleadership skills (public speaking,civic engagement, collaboration)while conducting action researchand creating a peer support network</p><p> Building supportive mentorrelationships as they plan for highschool graduation and post-secondary success</p><p>Students will participate in aseries of monthly after-school work-shops at the Chamber of Commerce.The workshops will alternateentrepreneurial training and civicleadership exploration. Uponcompletion of the first year program,students will have the option toreturn in their 11th and 12th grade yearsto the Junior CEOs as peer mentorsto new 10th grade members or aspaid or unpaid interns with Chambermembers.</p><p>Junior CEOs is a greatopportunity to create connectionsbetween youth and businessthroughout the city of Oakland. Thefocus upon Linked Learningopportunities allows young peopleto grow and learn through hands-onexperiences in real-life settings. Formore information contact the OUSDCollege and Career Readiness Officeat (510) 273-2360.</p><p>Home for the holidaysA holiday gift from Wells FargoPage 19</p><p> The Chambers recent Board ofDirectors meeting featured visitsby Mayor Quan as well as theheads of various ethnic chambersof commerce in the city. Picturedleft to right are John Nelson, theMetro Chambers chairman of theboard; Wil Hardee, president andchief executive officer of theOakland African-AmericanChamber; Mayor Quan; MetroChamber President Joe Haraburda;Carl Chan, president of theOakland Chinatown Chamber ofCommerce Foundation; and JoseDuenas, president and chiefexecutive officer of the HispanicChamber of Commerce AlamedaCounty.&gt; 100,000 enjoy</p><p>12th annual paradeSome 100,000 spectators filled the streets of downtownOakland on Dec. 3 to witness a great holiday tradition the 12thannual Americas Childrens Holiday Parade.</p><p>The traditional holiday event, sponsored again by Comcast,saw records being broken. The parade not only contained some100 units on the streets of downtown Oakland, but it also had arecord number of marching bands (22), including twointernational bands a rocking band from Jamaica (picturedbelow) and another from Guatemala. This is the only holidayparade in the country that features bands from outside theUnited States.</p><p>For more information and pictures from the parade, seepage 3. </p><p> continued on page 22</p><p>CHAMBER MEMBERRESTAURANTSGuide to fine and fun diningPage 14</p></li><li><p>| OBR Oakland Business Review | www.oaklandchamber.com2</p><p>ParadeSponsors</p><p>Title Sponsor</p><p>Santas Helper</p><p>Toyland Sponsor</p><p>Childrens Delight</p><p>Friends of the Parade</p></li><li><p>December 2011 / January 2012 | 3</p><p>&gt; 12th annual HolidayParade will be seenaround the worldThroughout the country, in parts of Canada, and in</p><p>areas overseas, millions will enjoy the sites and sounds of</p><p>family fun in Oakland this holiday season. The 12th</p><p>annual Comcast Americas Childrens Holiday Parade,</p><p>which was held earlier this month, will be telecast</p><p>around the world, thanks to PBS stations nationwide</p><p>and by the American Forces Network in 175 different</p><p>countries.</p><p>This year the parade set records, with more than</p><p>100 units on the streets of downtown Oakland, more</p><p>childrens characters (42) than ever before, a record</p><p>number of balloons (14), and a record number of</p><p>marching bands (22), including two international bands</p><p> from Jamaica and Guatemala. This is the only holiday</p><p>parade in the country that features bands from outside</p><p>the United States.</p><p>Other highlights included live performances by</p><p>Mr. Steve, the star of PBS KIDS, by recording artist</p><p>Comcast Americas Childrens Holiday Parade12th annual</p><p>Celeste Kellogg, and by The Honeybee Trio, three young</p><p>women who specialize in hits from the 1930s and 40s. There</p><p>were also childrens characters Cat in the Hat, the Berenstain</p><p>Bears, Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts</p><p>gang, the Tap Dancing Christmas Trees, and of course Santa</p><p>himself.</p><p>For the last number of years more than 100,000 people</p><p>have lined the streets in downtown Oakland to see the</p><p>beautiful floats, enormous balloons and marching bands.</p><p>The parade is one of only three Christmas parades in</p><p>America to be broadcast nationally. This year it will be picked</p><p>up by PBS throughout the country and in parts of Canada,</p><p>Puerto Rico and Guam, as well as by stations throughout</p><p>California. It will also be broadcast to 175 countries via the</p><p>American Forces Network and broadcast locally by KTVU</p><p>Channel 2 and KQED in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area,</p><p>by KICU in San Jose, and by Comcast and Peralta TV.</p><p>The parade was founded and is managed by the Oakland</p><p>Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.</p><p>The Comcast Americas Childrens Holiday Parade is also a</p><p>holiday championship for the marching band circuit, sanc-</p><p>tioned by the Northern California Band Association. </p><p>&gt; Catch the paradefrom the comfortof your homeThe 12th annual Comcast AmericasChildrens Holiday Parade was a grandsuccess on Dec. 3, attracting some100,000 people to the streets ofdowntown Oakland.</p><p>But if you missed the parade inperson, you can view it on KTVUChannel 2 at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec.17 and then again on Christmas Day at2 p.m. Or, check KICU Channel 36 at 2p.m. on Dec. 18 and at noon onChristmas Day.</p><p>You can also view it on Peralta TV(channel 28 in Oakland, Piedmont andEmeryville and channel 27 in Berkeleyand Alameda) at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 15,1:30 p.m. on Dec. 20, 1 a.m. on Dec. 21,1:30 p.m. on Dec. 24, 1 a.m. and 11:30am. on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 1:30p.m. on Dec. 29, and 1 a.m. on Dec. 30.</p><p>For more information, visitwww.oaklandholidayparade.com orcall the Chamber at (510) 874-4800. </p></li><li><p>| OBR Oakland Business Review | www.oaklandchamber.com4</p><p>Names in the news</p><p> Bringing a combined total of nearly four</p><p>decades experience in land use and environmen-</p><p>tal law, Patricia Curtin and Todd Williams join</p><p>Wendel, Rosen, Black &amp; Dean LLP as partners.Curtin will lead the firms Land Use practice.</p><p>Formerly principals with Walnut Creeks Morgan</p><p>Miller Blair, Curtin and Williams represent both</p><p>private and public sector clients throughout the</p><p>state and contribute to the breadth and depth of</p><p>Wendel Rosens core practice areas.</p><p> TenKaiser Permanente northern Californiahospitals have been named 2011 Leapfrog Top</p><p>Hospitals, an honor that rewards medical centers</p><p>for outstanding success in such areas as using</p><p>electronic health records to reduce medication</p><p>and other errors, lowering infection rates,</p><p>maintaining appropriate physician and nursing</p><p>staffing, and other measures of safety and</p><p>efficiency. Eight Kaiser Permanente hospitals in</p><p>southern California also received the honor,</p><p>which means that 18 of this years 65 Top Hospitals in the U.S. are Kaiser</p><p>Permanente facilities in California.</p><p> The Port of Oakland has hired Marily Moraas assistant director of aviation for Oakland</p><p>International Airport. She is responsible for the</p><p>day-to-day operations of the airport with direct</p><p>responsibility for the airside, landside, security,</p><p>administration, and facilities departments. Prior</p><p>to her appointment, Mora was the executive vice</p><p>president and chief operations officer of the</p><p>Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority for the past 12</p><p>years.</p><p> The Oakland office of the international design and architecture firm</p><p>Perkins Eastman is expanding with the addition of three professionals.New hires include Trish Callo, senior associate; Sayo Kawamura, interior</p><p>designer; and Carolyn Dowd, marketing manager. In addition, Heather</p><p>Kilday has been promoted to senior associate.</p><p> TheOakland Builders Alliance (OBA)has appointed civic leader Mark McClure as</p><p>president of the Board. Born and raised in</p><p>Oakland, McClure brings a long history in public</p><p>service and nonprofit experience to the OBA.</p><p>His past appointments include a member of the</p><p>Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors,</p><p>chairman of the Oakland Planning Commission,</p><p>commissioner for the Port of Oakland and</p><p>president of The Crucible. He currently serves as</p><p>Board member of the Oakland Zoo.</p><p> Capture Technologies is working to install 19 new surveillancecameras and one NVR at the Pacific Renaissance Plaza in the Chinatown</p><p>district of downtown Oakland. Previous to this new solution, the plaza</p><p>only carried analog cameras, which were leaving some areas vulnerable</p><p>to crime. Due to a high rate of unreported crime in the area, the Oakland</p><p>Police Department encouraged businesses to upgrade their systems.</p><p>By providing them with the security solution they need, Capture</p><p>Technologies has helped shed some light on uncovered areas, while</p><p>providing service that is only a few minutes away.</p><p> Biotech Partners has been selected as a finalist in AshokaChangemakers Partnering for Excellence: Innovations in Science,</p><p>Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (STEM) competition, in</p><p>partnership with Carnegie Corporation of New York and The Opportunity</p><p>Equation. Biotech Partners is one of only ten organizations and programs</p><p>selected from 265 applications received from around the country,</p><p>including Alaska and Hawaii.</p><p> TheOakland Unified School Districts Peralta Elementary School hasbeen named a 2010-2011 National Blue Ribbon School, one of the highest</p><p>honors available in K-12 education. The school is one of two in Alameda</p><p>County, one of four in the Bay Area, and one of just 21 in the state of</p><p>California to earn this recognition. The program recognizes schools that</p><p>are national models of excellence, as demonstrated by superior overall</p><p>achievement. </p><p>Patricia Curtin</p><p>Todd Williams</p><p>Marily Mora</p><p>Mark McClure</p></li><li><p>December 2011 / January 2012 | 5</p><p>Good news from the Chamber</p><p>Working for your success</p><p>From the President | Joe Haraburda</p><p>Let us be vigilant What is at stake? As observers of the Oakland Chamberknow, we have been against the unlawful occupying of both city and privateproperty. We will continue to openly support business and the strength itbrings to a community! Our focus must remain steadfast to stand up forbusinesses in every part of Oakland and to bring new businesses to our city.Jobs are a key factor to improved public safety and a good quality of life.</p><p>Let us be vigilant and speak out as many of yo...</p></li></ul>