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Creative work is effective work





Why is most advertising


Highly creative but ineffective work is extremely rare, but very noticeable because it wins awards.

Whats less noticeable, but without any doubt of far

greater cost to the business community is the amount of uncreative advertising that creates little return on its investment. Were bombarded with it everyday of

our lives. Its the advertising weve grown so capable of tuning out of that we dont even notice

anymore. The 2,998 ads you cant recall from the last 24 hours. Clients of our industry spend billions of

dollars on them each year.

Call me crazy, but shouldnt that be the problem were working to solve?

James Hurman

Im going to be stupid enough to attempt to try and

answer that question

Make strategy more useful

1. Make better problems

Raise awareness

Make our brand more likeable

Sell more

If you had to choose, would you rather be interesting or right?Q:

Malcolm Gladwell, GQ Magazine

If I were President of the United States, I would rather be right than interesting. If I were a CEO of a company, I would rather be right than interesting. But I am a journalist what journalist would rather be right than interesting?


Malcolm Gladwell, GQ Magazine

If you are interesting, interesting things

wil happen

Convince 999 out of a 1000 people they

could never be a Police Officer

Remind milk drinkers of the anxiety and

disappointment that comes when milk isnt

available at crucial moments

Make any sandwich more exciting

2. Be in the service of people

Build bridges

3. Be a bit less visible

Remove friction

Elegant solutions trump elegant things

4. Break the tyranny of messaging

Stop communicating a product and start making communication products

Solve the business problem, dont just

make an ad

5. Change the way we work

Big ideas arent so big anymore

From suck to non-suck


Build a culture of experimentation

not planning

Communications R&D

Eradicate the pointless quest for


The show doesnt go on because its ready; it goes on

because its 1130Lorne Michaels

Stop working dumb

Be rewarded for good behavior

Embrace change

If you dont like change, youre going to like

irrelevance even lessGen. Eric Shinseki