nutrition: supplements. what are supplements?  break into groups and write down on paper, what...

Download Nutrition: Supplements. What are supplements?  Break into groups and write down on paper, what you think supplements are.  Get 3 minutes

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  • Nutrition: Supplements
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  • What are supplements? Break into groups and write down on paper, what you think supplements are. Get 3 minutes
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  • What are supplements? Supplements are something added to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole. There are 2 different kinds of supplements, what are they?
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  • 2 types of supplements Dietary Supplements- intended to supply nutrients that are missing or not consumed in sufficient quantity in a persons diet. Sport supplements- intended to increase the performance of an athlete.
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  • Why am I talking about supplements? How many of you students have sometime in your life taken a sport supplement to help increase your athletic performance. If so, why did you feel the need to take these supplements?
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  • Sport Supplements are becoming increasingly popular Supplements are becoming more and more popular Many athletes, even kids are taking these supplements to enhance their performance Today I am going to provide an overview of these sport supplements and explain some of the consequences of using these.
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  • There are 6 main sports supplements what are they? Nitric Oxide Protein Creatine Pro hormones Amino Acids Multivitamins
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  • Nitric Oxide Is a colorless gas formed from nitrogen and oxygen. It serves as a signaling molecule in humans and in animals. It causes dilation of the blood vessels. Many athletes use this in most energy drinks before a workout to get their heart pounding and blood flowing Your muscles get a continuous rush of blood flowing through them. Your muscles become rock hard, and remain that way throughout the day. A lot of athletes use this because they like the pump after a workout.
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  • Nitric Oxide continued With nitric oxide youll start seeing the results fast. The fact that nitric oxide increases blood flow should make it of interest to people wanting to build muscle. This increased blood flow will serve to deliver more nutrients to the muscles, thus making muscles become larger when subject to stress.
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  • Nitric Oxide side effects Most nitric oxide side affects contain the amino acid arginine. Dosing with too much arginine can cause diarrhea, weakness and nausea. Other dangerous symptoms associated with nitric oxide, are irratibility, nervousness, anxiety, vomitting, increased heart rate.
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  • CreatineWhat is it? Creatine is an amino acid that is in meat and fish. It is produced by the body in the liver and kidneys and converted in the muscles to creatine phosphate to resupply them with their source of energy. Intense exercise depletes muscles of creatine. By taking creatine as a supplement you can increase the supply to the muscles. Athletes who are participating in short-term burst of energy workouts or sports high levels of creatine are needed.
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  • What does it do?.... -provides additional energy for muscles. -volumization of your muscles Buffer lactic acid build up Enhances protein synthesis Most popular supplement among teenagers
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  • The side effects of Creatine? There have been reports of minor side effects from creatine such as cramping and upset stomach. Drinking extra water may control these side effects. Taking 40 or more grams of creatine in a day may cause kidney or liver damage.
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  • Prohormones They are considered the closet thing to real steroids. Are illegal The use of prohormones has become increasingly popular among bodybuilders, since the effects can be similar to those achieved through the use of synthetic anabolic steroids.
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  • Prohormoneswhat do they do? They are precursors to actual hormones. This means that when you use them, they are converted into powerful hormones specifically testosterone which is the base compound for many actions in a males body. This includes protein sythesis that supports growth for all tissues including muscle. First pro hormone was andro
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  • Prohormones..the consequences More muscle mass Deepen voice Increased acne More body hair Prostate enlargement Male baldness Increased estrogen levels Retention of water
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  • Amino Acidsthe building blocks Are considered the building blocks of the body. They are actually the molecular units that comprise proteins. These are proteins are various compositions of 20 specific naturally occurring amino acids.
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  • Amino acidswhat do they do? Their important functions are: The formation of antibodies to fight invading bacteria and viruses, construction of nucleoproteins, build up of cells and repair of tissues, transportation of oxygen in the entire body, and participation in muscle activity. There are no negative consequences of using amino acids.
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  • Protein..very important to building muscle Protein supplements are made up of amino acids, that are the fundamental building blocks of muscle. Your body needs fat and carbohydrates to function. You cant build muscle withouth protein. There should be a high amount of protein included into your diet if you are an athlete or body builder.
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  • Protein4 different kinds of protein.. Whey protein- its very good for post-workouts because thats when your body needs protein the most, and whey digests quickly. Egg protein- egg digests at a medium pace (1.5- 3 hours) so you can use egg products anytime to supply a substained release of aminos to your body. Soy protein- soy comes from plants. Its not effective in absorption like whey or egg protein. Many vegetarians use this type of protein. Casein protein- is digested very slowly (2-7) hours. Many use this before bed that is the longest time your body goes with out protein.
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  • Proteinits side effects? Too much protein causes harm to the kidneys. Body wont use all of the protein. Over dosing on protein, may put too much weight on If not working out while taking protein, body may develop more fat
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  • Multivitamins These are organic substances necessary in very small amounts to control a variety of processes within living cells. Humans require 13 essential vitamins. Four are fat soluble ( A, D, E and K). Nine are water soluble ( C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B-6, B-12, folate, biotin and panothetic acid.
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  • Benefits of vitamins Help chemical reactions take place Unleash the energy stored in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats Produce red blood cells Serve as antioxidants Overdosing on a vitamin can lead to Toxicity (overdose of fat-soluble)
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  • Why do people take supplements? Get into your groups and develop a list of possible reasons. 3 minutes
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  • Why do people take supplements? Peer pressure Physician recommended Recommended by family members/ peers Improve athletic performance Gain an edge over competition Healthy/good for you Want to supplement diet Lack nutrients
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  • Dangers of sport supplements Many believe all natural, means always safe Warnings arent required for dietary supplements Supplements defined as a food, not a drug, exempting them from any or all federal scrutiny.
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  • Who uses supplements? Athletes (high school, college, pro) Bodybuilders (many of them abuse these supplements) The average person
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  • What are some pros and cons of using supplements? Get back into your groups and come up with a list, listing the pros and cons of using these supplements. -5 minutes aloud
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  • Pros Increase muscle mass Increase weight Increase popularity Self- esteem has increased Increased athletic performance
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  • Cons Expensive Warnings arent required for dietary supplements Havent been studied a lot Negative side effects
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  • Tips for dealing with athletic pressure and competition Get back into groups and list some possible ways to deal with athletic pressure and competition and how to not to waste your money on expensive and dangerous supplements, but instead trying to get better game. 5 minutes aloud
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  • Ways to deal with pressure.. Make down time a priority- get plenty of sleep. Try to RELAX- taking a few minutes to relax can be helpful Chow down on good eat- get a better diet, and keep your body weight in a healthy range and your performance at its best. Avoid harmful substances- you can kiss your team good bye if you get caught doing these. These also inhibit your performance. Train harder and smarter- improve your conditioning and strength on your own without supplements.
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  • After this do some of you feel towards supplements? Would you continue to use these, why or why not? Do you think these supplements have helped you out and your athletic performance on the field.


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