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NUTRILITENutrilite is a brand of mineral, vitamin, and dietary supplements created in 1934 by Dr. Carl F. Rehnborg. Nutrilite products are currently manufactured by Access Business Group, a subsidiary of Alticor whose products are sold via the Amway and Amway Global Corporations worldwide. The Nutrilite brand is known as Nutriway in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand . Amway is a direct selling company and manufacturer that use network marketing to sell a variety of products, primarily in the health, beauty, and home care markets. Amway was founded in 1959by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. Amway conducts business through a number of affiliated companies in more than hundred countries and territories around the world. Optimal Health: The Heart of the NUTRILITE Brand

NUTRILITE is the world's leading* brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements. The NUTRILITE brand offers you and your family a complete range of supplements and other products designed to address the nutritional needs of anyone at any life stage. Optimal health is at the heart of the NUTRILITE brand. For a p ersonalized approach to your good health, choose the best dietary, lifestyle,rest and relaxation habits for you then select supplementation products to support your healthy life. * Based on 2006 sales.


NUTRILITE products offer the best of both nature and science:y

Nutrilite plant concentrates are made from the finest natural ingredients grown according to sustainable farming principles, reflecting our commitment to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the surrounding communities.

Jagdish Athya (+919713467345)y

They are the direct result of extensive research and laboratory analysis, ensuring high-quality nutrient and ingredient combinations, based on proven scientific evidence.

The products listed include some of our most popular nutritional supplements, which may help you achieve better balance in your nutrition.

Distribution and marketingNutrilite's vitamin and mineral products are distributed exclusively by Amway Global affiliates known as Amway Business Owner (ABO) in India, Independent Business Owners (IBO) in North America and Amway IBOs in more than 90 other countries and territories. Amway, Quixtar, and Access Business Group, are subsidiaries of Alticor. Nutrilite claims to be the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms, although Nutrilite states that their products may sometimes have ingredients from plants grown not at their own farms. However, these farms are held to the same quality standards as Nutrilite's own farms. Nutrilite farming techniques include soil solarization, an integrated pest management system and utilize sustainable agricultural production systems. Nutrilite's organic farms are located in Brazil, Mexico and The United Sta tes (California & Washington State).Many Nutrilite products sold in other countries are also manufactured locally, for example in India.

HistoryOne Man, Carl F. Rehnborg

Prior to 1934, there were no known multivitamin/multimineral supplements. People found it difficult to know if they were getting enough nutrients in their daily diets. Then, Carl Rehnborg, founder of the NUTRILITE brand, created his first nutrition product and became a pioneer in the history of nutrition.His Dream

While living in China in the early 1920s, Carl Rehnborg noticed, amid unforgettable malnutrition and disease, an important connection between the foods people ate and their overall health.

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In farming communities, where fresh fruits and vegetables were plentiful, people were much healthier overall. In the cities, where diets included far more sugar, salt, and fat, Carl noted that there were many more instances of critical diseases, such as scurvy and beriberi.

During political unrest in Shanghai, Carl was isolated in a protected enclave. There, he conceived the idea of using nutritional elements missing from the typical diet as a way to improve overall health.y



Carl supplemented his meager diet with soups from what was available: local herbs, grasses, and vegetables, along with rusty nails (for iron), and lime stone and ground-up animal bones (for calcium). He shared his broth with a few friends, although the flavor was far from palatable. Months later, Carl and his friends who ate the nutrient-rich broth emerged from their enclave much healthier than those who had eaten only army rations.

Returning to the United States, Carl set up a small laboratory on California's Balboa Island, where, over the next six years, he conducted experiments using different plant varieties.y


He developed a way to dry these plants while still preserving their important nutrients. He created a formulation of alfalfa, watercress, and parsley, which became the basis of his first product.

Ultimately, Carl Rehnborg created the first multivitamin/multimineral supplement sold in North America.

Jagdish Athya (+919713467345)

Our Legacy

Since 1934, when the first NUTRILITE product was introduced, the company has become a leader in nutrition researc h, development, and innovation. Today, under the leadership of Carl's son, Dr. Sam Rehnborg, the next generation of scientists, researchers, and technicians is preserving the rich Nutrilite heritage by continuing to produce high quality, innovative supplements. Because they are made from whole plant concentrates, many NUTRILITE supplements contain a wide array of phytonutrients. Throughout his life, Carl Rehnborg believed this was the optimum way to achieve good nutrition the way nature intended.

Manufacturing operations in Buena Park, California, and Guangzhou, China, produce up to 10 billion NUTRILITE tablets, capsules and softgel capsules annually.A New Opportunity

Carl began selling his new supplement person to person, friend to friend, through word-of-mouth referrals. When some of these early customers began referring new customers to Carl, he suggested they sell the product themselves, rewarding them with discounts on their purchases. Just as Carl had created the first multivitamin/multimineral supplement sold in North America, he also pioneered an early multi -level marketing system and a revolutionary new business model still in use today. The two people who guided the NUTRILITE brand to its present-day business success story were Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. Rich and Jay had been distributing NUTRILITE products for 10 years before they founded Amway in 1959, so they were dedicated to the quality of the products and committed to the integrity of the brand.

Jagdish Athya (+919713467345)

Today, the NUTRILITE brand is sold exclusively by Amway Independent Business Owners worldwide. Carl Rehnborg's innovative work was the start of a multi-billion dollar company.Nutrilite - Uncommon Standards and Quality

Carl Rehnborg's high principles of quality and value have helped s hape the NUTRILITE brand. Nutrilite farming practices There are over 6,400 acres of NUTRILITE farmland, where plants are grown and harvested in accordance with nature using sustainable, chemical-free methods. Unique Nutrilite processing techniques NUTRILITE plants are dehydrated and processed within hours of harvest, using special methods and state-of-the-art equipment to capture nature's valuable nutrients. Measurable Nutrilite quality Good Manufacturing Practices and a team of quality-assurance experts ensure high quality standards for the NUTRILITE brand so that the supplements produced each month meet precise specifications for quality, potency, size, weight, and hardness. Leading-edge nutrition science The search for new concentrates and better formulations remains a constant quest for scientists and researchers of the NUTRILITE brand. Their innovative work remains the driving force that keeps NUTRILITE products at the forefront of the nutrition industry. "Just-in-time" freshness Instead of storing our products for months in warehouses, they are carefully packaged and shipped soon after production, to maintain freshness. No other supplements are grown, harvested, processed, and shipped in this way. The NUTRILITE advantage extends from seed to finished product.

Jagdish Athya (+919713467345)

ManufacturingNutrilite - We Never Compromise on Quality At the NUTRILITE manufacturing facility, our standards of quality in manufacturing are as much a part of our company culture as our natural farming practices. Clean rooms and well-cared-for equipment are one measure of excellence; another is the level of expertise demonstrated by Nutrilite staff throughout the manufacturing process.y




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Plants are harvested at their nutritional peak and transported as quickly as possible to our dehydration facility. The concentration process uses specialized equipment in a state-of-theart facility to dehydrate, mill, and extract nature's richest nutrients from the plants creating the world's finest nutritional concentrates. Each batch of concentrate powder is tested to ensure it is free of contaminants and of proper potency. Computer-controlled scales measure the exact weight and amount of each concentrate powder. The various powders are then blended into a single, uniform mixture. The powder blend is compressed into tablets, coated with a special solution for easier swallowing, and inspected closely for cracks or chips. Finished tablets are sealed in specially-designed containers to maintain freshness.

Quality Experts for the NUTRILITE brand Perform Over 15,000 Tests a Month on Ou