Nurturing Your Spiritual Journey Robert C. Atchley, Ph.D

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  • Nurturing Your Spiritual JourneyRobert C. Atchley, Ph.D.

  • We are spiritual beings.

  • We are on a Spiritual Journey.

  • To appreciate the spiritual journey, we must be conscious of it.

  • What is our responsibility toward the spiritual journey?

  • Conscious journeys involve preparations, provisions, and traveling companions.

  • Preparation is ongoing and cumulative.

  • Provisions are materials we keep close by on the spiritual journey books, tapes, images, materials involved in spiritual practices.

  • Pointing fingers are important.

  • Motivation comes from the fulfilling nature of the spiritual journey.

  • People who have spiritual experiences usually want to have more.

  • Motivation also comes from an growing experience of deeper meaning.

  • Our experience of meaning comes from sense, significance, and purpose.

  • Spirituality is a region of ones inner life.

  • Spirituality is a capacity to see the spiritual dimensions of what we experience.

  • Spiritual Capacity develops through experience.

  • Spiritual Experiences have particular Qualities.

  • Three Types of AwarenessPresent-Moment

    Transcending the Personal Self

    Openness to the Sacred

  • Qualities of Spiritual ExperienceWonderPlayfulnessCompassionHumorClarityOpennessAlivenessExpansivenessMysteryBeautyStillnessWell-beingSilenceEnergyAppreciationGroundedness

  • Wonder

  • Stillness

  • Majesty

  • Playfulness

  • Peace

  • Mystery

  • Beauty

  • What other qualities would you put on your list?

  • Spiritual Journeys are stories that summarize how we became the spiritual beings we are today.

  • Spiritual intentions express our spiritual sense of direction.

  • Spiritual intentions are not fixed, but instead are adaptable and responsive to what we learn from experience.

  • The curriculum for the spiritual journey is shaped by enduring questions.

  • Enduring QuestionsWhat is my spiritual nature?What makes an experience spiritual?How does spirituality manifest in my world?What do I think about my spiritual journey?Do I want spirituality to be a central factor in my life decisions?

  • What other questions would you add to your list?

  • Spiritual Growth happens both gradually and in spurts.

  • Growth CyclesAwakening InterestInquiryEndeavorIntegrationIntention

  • Striving for spiritual growth is a double-edged sword.

  • How do we maintain motivation without creating expectations?

  • Growing Spiritually is hard. It usually involves commitment, discipline, and coping with discomfort.

  • Spiritual Practices focus attention toward spiritual experience and toward spiritual capacity.

  • Be patient and loving toward your imperfection.

  • Spiritual Community nurtures spiritual capacity, experience, and expression.

  • Spiritual Community provides honest, loving, and constructive feedback.

  • Spiritual Friendship creates Spiritual Intimacy.

  • Spiritual education and other programs provide stimulation, respite, and motivation.

  • The Spiritual Journey has no destination.

  • The Spiritual Journey encourages letting go and opening up.

  • Yet spiritual journeys require strength and a sense of purpose.

  • Spiritual Journeys are usually done with traveling companions.

  • When we clearly see, we are drawn to BE LOVE and to SERVE.


  • For electronic copies of handouts, email me.

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