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  • Nursing Information Workshop

    Evergreen Valley College

    Used with permission from R. Baiardo

    Adrienne Burns, Nursing Program Coordinator

    Updated Spring 2018 2/15/18

  • Introduction

    Workshop format:

    Nursing as a career

    Requirements, preparation, application, and selection process.

    First semester experience

  • Key Elements to Be a Nurse

    RN Scope of Practice

    Ability to Focus and Detail oriented



    Problem Solving abilities

    Communication skills

    Ability to process information

  • Being a Nurse: The Good News

    High mobility

    High salary growth

    Fulfilling work

    Nursing growing occupation (16.9% job growth) in US (Dept of Labor)

    Estimated national RN shortage:2022: 297,400 (UCSF Forecast, 2015)

    California Average age: 48.7 years old

    45% of current RNs are over age 50

  • The Bad News

    National shortage of RN instructors

    Impacted programs

    Limited hospital clinical spaces Most significant: instruction must take place in hospital

    Prerequisite science courses fill quickly Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology

    From Gilroy to Redwood City

  • Background Checks

    Our current policy states the following:Overview: Students are responsible for costs associated with the criminal background check and

    drug screen. Students must further agree that all results are available to the nursing program and

    the clinical sites associated with the program. The program is responsible for ensuring that

    students comply with individual hospital policy regarding disclosure of results. Should a clinical

    agency refuse to place a student based on the outcome of either the background check or drug

    screen, the program has no responsibility for arranging an alternative clinical placement.

    Criminal Background Check:

    Upon acceptance in the nursing program, students must clear a criminal background check.

    Failure to complete this process will result in dismissal from the program. If the background check

    indicates criminal behavior, the student may be dismissed from the program.

  • Paths to Becoming a RN

    Associate Degree (ADN) EVC More programs available

    Lower cost

    Bachelors Degree (BSN) Added curriculum in research, leadership and community

    Same: license exam


    pay as BSN graduate

  • Recent EVC Application Trends

    More spaces than qualified applicants: 2003 = 284/52 qualified for 70 spaces

    More qualified than spaces available: FA13/SP14 = 568/453 qualified for 80 spaces

    FA14/SP15 = 656/541 qualified for 80 spaces

    FA15/SP16 = 536/369 qualified for 80 spaces

    FA16/SP17 = 574/350 qualified for 80 spaces

    FA17/SP18 = 501/320 qualified for 80 spaces

  • About EVCs RN Program

  • Accreditation

    California Board

    of Registered

    Nursing (BRN)

    Accredited by Accreditation Commission for Education

    in Nursing (ACEN)*

    *Majority of BSN are Nationally accredited, but less than a third of

    ADN programs

  • NCLEX Pass Rate

    Social Security Requirement: The Board of

    Registered Nursing is enforcing the Social

    Security Number requirement at the point of

    application for the RN licensing exam (NCLEX).

  • Where to Begin

    Complete an Evergreen application

    Review this presentation or attend workshop

    Make a Counseling appointment

    Purpose: educational plan

    Bring transcripts from other colleges

    Bring copy of last page of this presentation

    Continue to check the website for updates

  • Students with a Bachelors Degree

    SB 1393: students who have earned a Baccalaureate or higher

    degree from an accredited college are only required to complete

    the coursework required for the registered nursing program,

    including prerequisites and nursing coursework.

    These students are not required to complete any other courses

    to meet graduation requirements for the associate degree .

    However, to apply for licensure through the CA Board of

    Registered Nursing (BRN), EVC nursing program graduates are

    required to complete 3.0 units of each of the following courses or

    equivalent courses: General Psychology (Psych 001), Oral (verbal) communications (COMS 010, 020, 035, 040, 045) and Societal/Cultural Pattern (ETH

    010, 011, 030, 035, 040, 042, SOC 010, 011, SSCI 020, 050, ANTH 063).

  • San Jose State University and Evergreen Valley College

    Internal Bridge Program

    EVC has an internal ADN to BSN Program at EVC

    EVC is the only nursing school who has this agreement with


    You can concurrently take SJSU BSN Nursing Coursework at

    EVC while in our ADN Program

    Courses are every other Saturday and held at EVC

    You can start this program in your 3rd semester at EVC

    The cost savings for our students is approximately $2400.00 in

    SJSU Tuition

    Once you graduate EVC and take NCLEX you will continue

    your BSN Program at SJSU

  • Application

    Next application period:October 1st through October 31st

    Start Date: Fall 2019 or Spring 2020

    How to apply? Application available on-line at Nursing website October 1 to October


    Complete application: All college & HS* transcripts, documents (some documents can be

    uploaded with application) submitted to Nursing Department

    *if you have completed 30 units of college credit, the HS transcript is not required

  • Eligibility Criteria

    High School Graduation or Equivalent

    Human Anatomy* (min 4 semester units)

    Human Physiology* (min 4 semester units)

    General Microbiology* (min 4 semester units)

    English 001A*

    Cumulative GPA = 2.5 or higher & Science GPA = 2.0 or higher

    *Note: The Board of Registered Nursing is enforcing the Social Security Number requirement at the point of application for the RN licensing exam (NCLEX).

    *Note: The Nursing Department does not accept international coursework for prerequisite classes.

    *With grade of C or better

  • Multicritera Application

    Effective 10/1/18, EVC Nursing we will be utilizing the

    Multi Criteria selection process.

    To be eligible, applicants must have completion of

    Biology Pre-requisites-Anatomy, Microbiology

    and Physiology (with unit equivalent listed above

    for lecture/lab), with an OVERALL GPA of 2.5 or

    above, and completion of English 1A with a C or


    Multicriteria is a point system application process.

  • Multicritera

    Admission Criteria Points Point Distribution

    Academic degrees from regionally

    accredited program

    Maximum 5 points BS/BA or higher = 5 points


    AA degree from originally accredited

    colleges = 2 points

    Recent work or volunteer experience with

    direct human patient care within the past

    5 years. Must have verification from

    human resources or employer verifying

    the number of hours worked and job title.

    All information must be submitted by the

    student along with the application.

    Maximum 15 points Licensed LVN, Paramedic, EMT,

    Respiratory Therapists; documented

    medical military experience, (all with

    work experience 1000 hours) = 15



    CNA/HHA Certification ,

    Phlebotomist, Hospital unit based

    clerical or telemetry staff, Health

    care related Therapists, such as

    Physical or Occupational therapists,

    Medical Assistant (all with work

    experience > 1000 hours) = 8 points

    Physical Therapy Aide, Medical

    Scribe, Dental Hygienist, Radiology,

    CV = 5 points

    Volunteer Activities ( 200 hours) =

    1 point

  • MulticriteraAdmission Criteria Points Point Distribution

    GPA relevant course work Biology Pre-

    requisites: Anatomy, Physiology and

    Microbiology are lecture and lab courses only.

    No discussion group classes are included


    30 points

    Biology Prerequisites Anatomy, Microbiology,

    and Physiology GPA must be or 2.5

    4.0 30 points

    3.6 - 3.9 25 points

    3.3 - 3.5 20 points

    3.0 - 3.2 15 points

    2.5 - 2.9 5 points

    Completion of relevant course work for

    Evergreen Valley College Nursing Program

    Maximum 22 points Pharmacology 5 points, Pathophysiology 5 points, all other courses 3 points per course for each course

    completed: Psychology, Abnormal Psychology,

    Communications (oral), and a course that fulfils AA

    Math requirement.

    Students with Bachelors degree will receive 3

    points for Math requirement. They are exempt

    from GE math requirement.

    Students may earn points for courses

    completed at other accredited schools

    approved to be equivalent through Petition for

    Course Substitution/Equivalency. Petitions must

    be approved prior to applying and must be on

    file with Admission/Records and Counseling.

    Courses in progress will not be used to

    determine points.

  • MulticriteraAdmission Criteria Points Point Distribution

    Life Experience include:


    Low Family Income